Developer J-Games
Genre(s) Action-Adventure,
Role-playing game
First Title project

R, stylized as , is a series of action-adventure role-playing games, and a reimagining of the Rose Warriors series. The series takes place in a realm of its own, referred to only as 𝒷𝑜𝓍.

Games Edit

Gameplay Edit

Players create a team of four characters to take into battle on the field. Unlike most role-playing games, battles do not include a transition into another screen; instead, battles take place on the overworld.

Players can run from battles by literally running from battles: a beam of a light runs in a circle in a large radius around the point of the battle's origin, and crossing it for long enough exits the battle.

Characters have a total of four special move slots, activated by holding the right shoulder button and using any of the four main buttons. Characters can also jump by pressing the left shoulder button, and shield/dodge by using the B button.

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