Raid on Armada Central
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Previous Battle of Los Angeles
Concurrent None
Next Battle of Occupied Washington DC
Conflict War Against the Villain Armada
Date September 15th, 2014
Place San Francisco, California, Armada-Occupied America
Outcome Kyle Reese rescued by Clementine Everett
Armada Central destroyed
The Hero Coalition:
None (rogue Sabotage Mission)
The Villain Armada:
Armada 127th Guard Division
Clementine Everett (rogue) Unknown
2 (Kyle and Clementine) 20,000 Armada Guards
None 120 Armada Guards
The Raid on Armada Central was a conflict in War Of Heroes: Global Warfare, and the penultimate event during the events of the game, before the Battle of Occupied Washington DC and after the Battle of Los Angeles.

The mission was purely instigated by Clementine Everett, defying the orders of Hero Coalition Command in order to rescue Kyle Reese, who she was extremely close to.

The Raid Edit

Infiltration of Armada Central Edit

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