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Reversal logo
English logo
Developer J-Games
Publisher J-Games
Platform J-STORM
Genre Puzzle,
Release NA February 7, 2014,
PAL February 6, 2014
Modes 1 Player
Ratings ESRB: E for Everyone


Media Optical Disc

Reversal is an adventure-puzzle downloadable title from J-Games for the J-STORM. The game has the player completing various puzzles to gain the twenty-five Q-Stars needed to rebuild the prophecy and save both the Reverse and the Inverse.


Similar to Fez, the player must complete various challenges before being awarded a Q-Star. Unlike Fez, however, the game is played in a three-dimensional world that acts as a maze, and players may need to utilize puddles to switch them in-between the In- or Re-verses, where they can do something in one to change the other realm and allow them to move on.



Miis are the only characters in the game, and the character that the player controls. The Miis are the only beings capable of travelling between the two realms, and must use this power to collect the Q-Stars.


Swan City is the only location found in the game. It is a bleak world that constantly has rain, allowing for various puddles to be scattered across the city. In addition, the city is a maze, making it hard to navigate.

The Inverse and the Reverse are the two realms found in the game. The Inverse is similar to Earth in this dimension, while the Reverse inverts all colours and, on occasions, has different puzzles that may change something in the Inverse.


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