Rhythm Heaven
(SSB universe)
Rhythm Heaven logo
Rhythm Paradise logo
Developer Nintendo
TNX Music Recordings
Publisher Nintendo
First release Rhythm Heaven (2008)
Console of origin DS

The Rhythm Heaven universe refers to the Rhythm Heaven series in reference to its representation within the Super Smash Bros. series of fighting games. The Rhtyhm Heaven titles are collections of rhythm-based minigames.

In regards to canon titles, the Rhythm Heaven series first received minor representation in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.

Canon ContentEdit

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U Edit

Interestingly, there exists unused data for a Rhythm Heaven icon, suggesting a character from the series was originally planned to appear.

Enemy Edit

Smash Run Sneaky Spirit
Sneaky Spirit The Sneaky Spirit from the White Apparition minigame from Rhythm Heaven appears as an enemy in Smash Run. Similar to their minigame of origin, which had them popping from place to place, the Sneaky Spirits pop in and out of the ground while moving, making them difficult to hit.

Music Edit

Youtube play symbol
Blue Birds
"Blue Birds", the musical track for the minigame of the same name from Rhythm Heaven. The song plays on Miiverse once it has been downloaded.
Youtube play symbol
Monkey Watch
"Monkey Watch", the musical track for the minigame of the same name from Rhythm Heaven Fever. The song plays on Miiverse once it has been downloaded.

Trophies Edit

SSB3D Icon
Sneaky Spirit
Skinny white ghosts that travel with a smirk on their face. They move like they do in Rhythm Heaven, popping up and down in rhythm before trying to run away. If you manage to defeat one, you'll earn a star-shaped stat boost that improves all of your stats. Time your attacks and keep them from escaping.
These white apparitions seem to have permanent smirks on their faces. Much like in the Rhythm Paradise series, they'll pop up rhythmically from a hiding place beneath the floor, then run away to a distant location. If you do manage to defeat one, you'll get a reward for your troubles, so pay attention to the rhythm and strike!
SSB3D Icon
Karate Joe
Has there ever been a cry more manly than the "Uh!" that appears at the start of every Karate Joe stage? It's like he digs deep down inside himself, reveals his spirit with that "Uh!" of power...and then directs that energy into smashing flowerpots, bulbs, and exploding barrels. Karate Joe knows no fear!
Has there ever been a cry more manly than the "Uh!" that appears at the start of every Karate Man stage? Doesn't it sound like it comes from the very bottom of his soul? Or is that just us? ...Anyway! Karate Joe is a pretty cool guy. He punches flowerpots, bulbs, even exploding barrels without the slightest hesitation. Truly, he fears nothing.
SSB3D Icon
The Chorus Kids
There are few games with as many charming characters as the Rhythm Heaven series. Take those groovy Love Lizards, for example. Birds could learn a thing or two from them. And what about the Chorus Kids? They look adorable with their little bowties, but things get odd when they open their mouths...
Chorus Kids
When it comes to the weird and wonderful, the Rhythm Paradise series has got all other games beat. Take those groovy Love Lizards, for example. Birds could learn a thing or two from them. And what about the Chorus Kids? They look adorable with their little bow ties, but things get a bit freakish when they open their mouths...
SSBWiiU Icon
Marshal, Cam, and Miss Ribbon
From the right: Cam, Marshal, and Miss Ribbon. Cam is quiet and looks like a thinker, but his mind is actually a blank slate. Marshal looks cute and can be relied upon. Miss Ribbon looks innocent but is really quite stubborn. Some think these guys are related to the Chorus Kids from the previous Rhythm Heaven.
Matt, Cam & Miss Ribbon
The white one is Matt, the blue one's Cam, and the pink one's Miss Ribbon. Matt looks like a dreamer, but he's pretty down-to-earth. Cam always seems to be deep in thought, but he's really just spacing out. And Miss Ribbon seems innocent and sweet, but is actually pretty stubborn. Are these guys related to the Chorus Kids?
SSBWiiU Icon
Wrestler & Reporter
Live from the Rhythm Arena! When the reporter asks, "Wubbadubbadubba, 'zat true?" the wrestler will answer on the beat. When the reporter is amazed and says, "Whoa, you go, big guy!" the wrestler will flex and pose. Finally, when the other reporters request the wrestler to "pose for the fans!" he will do just that. Wubbadubbadubba, that's cool!
Live from the Rhythm Arena, we bring you a true wrestling phenomenon! Swoon as he displays his outstanding physique! Marvel at his enlightening responses whenever he hears "Wubbadubbadubba, 'zat true?" And when he poses for the fans, we won't blame you if you faint. Whoa, you go, big guy!

Fanon ContentEdit

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