Rise of the Warriors is a flash game, made by Pete Flapjackson, better known as Beefcake, and was released on May 11 2013, the same day of his birth. It is a fighting-adventure game in which you will select in various heroes, as well as you can buy different skins of each heroes, and choose any map and level with different hazards and prizes. 


At the town of Woodville, the cruel king of the ville, King Cruelton demanded all people on the ville to pay their taxes, whether it is money, or food. A young woman child named Cindy, along with her little puppy Justin, are affraid of giving their only photo of her family complete, but the king still get it and throws it to his monster servant. A sad and crying Cindy runs to her foster-home. The people who adopt her, Milea, a woman archer, Jack, a warrior, and Pete, a chef. Cindy asks her foster-parents to attack Cruelton, but Milea, Jack, and Pete didn't reacts. Cindy, asks her foster-parents again. But still, no reactions. Cindy then shows the treausre chest she found at a jungle, carrying gold and food. The three now reacts and are ready for fight, with Jack throws his battleaxe at the poster of Cruelton.


The warrior is your first ever hero that you can use, and you can play him at the tutorial level until the Level 10 boss, where you can unlock the Archer.


The warrior is you first

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