Road Trip Adventure 2 is a 2014 Playstation exclusive video game developed by The Apex Team and the second installment to the Road Trip Adventure series. 

Road Trip Adventure 2
A shitty box art
Crappy box art
Developer The Apex Team
Publisher SEGA, Sony Computer Entertainment, Ubisoft
Platform PS3, PS4, Microsoft Windows
Genre Racer, RPG, Adventure, Action, Party
Release 2014


Modes Singleplayer, Split-screen Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer, Hot Seat Multiplayer
Ratings E for Everyone
Media Blu-ray Disc, Digital Download

Like Cars, it takes place in the world of scaled down cars, instead of people and animals.

Road Trip Adventure 2 is a three-way combination of a racing game, a party game, and an RPG game, better known as a "CarPG" game. This is far better than the first Road Trip Adventure game, allowing you to do more than just travel around the world in a scaled down car. It allows you to make racetracks, play online, interract with townspeople (or townscars) and more. 

The game takes place in the year 2002 (on Earth, it is actually 2014), after the events of RTA1.


Development of this game began in 2003 when The Apex Team were working on extremely early concept art for Road Trip Adventure 2. In 2005, they finally went to work when they recieved development kits for the Playstation 3. RTA2 was announced in E3 2006 as a teaser trailer, along with Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 and Motorstorm. No gameplay was shown, but clips of the original RTA1 were presented. The alpha version of RTA2 was released in 2010 under the name "Best Racer Ever", designed exclusively for beta testers. Then finally, in 2014, the game was released for the PS3. They recieved developer kits for the PS4 shortly after the release of that game. They soon began porting it for the PS4. It is expected to be released in Q1 2015.

There was recently an interview with the CEO of The Apex Team. He has confirmed that a Playstation 2 version of RTA2 is under development, but it will not have online multiplayer, DLC, , the verts and overall graphics quality will be lower, and a release date is currently unknown.



At the start of the game, you are asked to specify a name for the currency used in the game, and also display preferences too such as optional motion blur, bloom, and measure units. Money is a large factor in Road Trip Adventure 2. It is used to trade parts and deposit in banks, and to advertise. To win money, you can race, sell parts and advertise.

Initial start upEdit

The first time you start the game, you'll test drive the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z07, an American supercar, around the parodic version of the Spa-Francorchamps international world circuit, and as all 3 laps are complete, you'll start the game as any E-class vehicle.

Opening MovieEdit

As soon as the game loads up, the opening movie will begin with a cinematic intro and also a 4 minute music video of the game (Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi). The movie will not be skippable if the game starts up for the very first time.

The movie fades in with a cinematic view of the RTA2 planet that looks a lot of Earth. The camera zooms into the planet to show a world of cars, with street races, police pursuits, tourism, and two cars parked by each other near a cliff during a sunset. A 2006 Corvette Z06 and an Audi R8 passes by the two cars, almost looking like they are racing each other. They meet up with 6 other vehicles for a race on the coast. As the moon rose up, the race began. After 2 racers were eliminated from the race, the Corvette emerges as the winner. The song suddenly stops and turns into a dark orchestral score when 5 black cars arrive about to hit the Corvette, before the scene ends. The title card shows up after before it fades out.

Main MenuEdit

The main menu will show several game options along with a slideshow background imitating human world history with cars with this menu music (link coming soon).


This will take you directly to the story mode of RTA2.

Road Trip TVEdit

This is where you are able to play cutscenes, trailers, news videos, etc.


This is where you are able to customize and test drive vehicles, even those you haven't bought, and save them for when you actually buy the car, OR publish the design to the RTA Workshop. You can also create, edit, and publish tracks you have made so the whole world can see.

Play SoloEdit

This is where you can play by yourself. You can play on tracks with vehicles you purchased in Adventure mode, OR if you don't have any vehicles, choose the coutesy cars instead. You are able to race with tracks made by yourself or the community, or tracks made by the game. You can choose the laps, the number of opponenets, the difficulty, and time of day and weather. And you can even choose minigames, too.

Play MultiplayerEdit

This is where you are able to play online, locally, or on split screen.

Road Trip Adventure ChroniclesEdit

This will take you to the arcadic counterpart of the game.


This will take you to the options.


There are 10 different locations in the RTA2 world.

Blue HillsEdit

A small town, the start of the player's journey around the world.

Romeo's PassEdit

A very scenic and mountainous region, also a national park. The city is probably named after an Alfa Romeo.

Long BridgeEdit

Known to be the longest and biggest bridge in the world, spanning about 2 miles long.

Castle TownEdit

Another scenic town inspired by Japanese castles.

Adventure HighwayEdit

The biggest highway in the world. This is probably the most frequent place you drive by.

Sand CityEdit

A fairly large city and resort inspired by Las Vegas. It has many tall buildings and scenery.

Great CanyonEdit

A small miner town built in a large gaping canyon.

Candy HillEdit

A trail with oversized candy pieces that were placed around. Probably the weirdest location in the game.

White AcropolisEdit

A snowy town with a high mountain that overshadows it.

Coconut IslandEdit

A very secretive island that cannot be found without water skis that can be found at a shop in an underwater temple. It includes very beautiful scenery with a lot of palm and oak trees that cover it.

Kingdom PalaceEdit

A large medieval city built on floating islands that are miles above the world's surface. Cars can fall off there, returning to Coconut Island.

Machine CityEdit

A dystopic large city with many tall skyscrapers that blanket the sky, overshadowing the miserable city that lies under them.

Downloadable ContentEdit

This section includes DLC that can be bought or downloaded for free from the console's shop.


Tracks that can be downloaded or bought from PSN, XBLA or the WII.U Shop.

Grand Prix package, $4.99Edit

This pack includes 4 tracks based off of real world grand prix circuits.

  1. Silverstone National Circuit, UK
  2. Suzuka Int'l Circuit, JPN
  3. Watkins Glen, USA
  4. Monza Autodrome, ITA

TRON: Legacy package, $0.99Edit

This pack includes 1 track based off of the Tron: Legacy movie.

  1. Tron City Tour

Sonic The Hedgehog package, $4.99Edit

This pack includes 4 tracks based off of the Sonic The Hedgehog video game franchise.

  1. Crisis City Circuit, Sonic The Hedgehog 2006
  2. Seaside Hill Test Track, Sonic Heroes
  3. Rooftop Rush, Sonic Unleashed
  4. Station Square Tour, Sonic Adventure 2

City Streets package, $7.99Edit

This pack includes 8 tracks based off of real cities.

  1. London, UK
  2. Chicago, United States
  3. Tokyo, Japan
  4. Sydney, Australia
  5. Cote D'Azur, Monaco
  6. Paris, France
  7. Dubai, UAE
  8. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Monument package, $7.49Edit

This pack includes 7 rural tracks from real countries.

  1. Hong Kong Mountain Road, China
  2. Osaka, Japan
  3. Death Valley National Park, USA
  4. Tuscany, Italy
  5. Stonehenge, United Kingdom
  6. Nile River, Egypt
  7. Vancouver, Canada

Universe package, $2.99Edit

  1. Crater Pass, Moon
  2. Red Canyon, Mars
  3. Space Walk, ISS

Grand Prix Deluxe package, $6.99Edit

Daytona International Speedway, USAEdit

Difficulty: N/A

Length: Short

Time of Day: Dynamic

Weather: Dynamic

Laps: 10

Theme: Race Track

Terrain: Asphalt

Courtesy Car: 1989 NASCAR Chevrolet 

Brands Hatch, United KingdomEdit

Difficulty: N/A

Length: Short

Time of Day: Dynamic

Weather: Dynamic

Laps: 4

Theme: Race Track

Terrain, Asphalt

Courtesy Car: 2002 Nissan Skyline GTR

Nuburgring National Circuit, GermanyEdit

Difficulty: N/A

Length: Medium

Time of Day: Dynamic

Weather: Dynamic

Laps: 3

Theme: Race Track

Terrain: Asphalt

Courtesy Car: BMW M5

Le Mans Circuit De La Sarthe, FranceEdit

Difficulty: N/A

Time of Day: Dynamic

Length: Very Long

Weather: Dynamic

Laps: 1

Theme: Race Track

Terrain: Asphalt

Courtesy Car: Toyota GT-ONE

Suzuka Circuit, JapanEdit

Difficulty: N/A

Length: Medium

Time of Day: Dynamic

Weather: Dynamic

Laps: 5

Theme: Race Track

Terrain: Asphalt

Courtesy Car: Nissan GTR

Silverstone Int'l Circuit, United KingdomEdit

Difficulty: N/A

Length: Long

Time of Day: Dynamic

Weather: Dynamic

Laps: 3

Theme: Race Track

Terrain: Asphalt

Courtesy Car: Aston Martin DB9

Brno, Czech RepublicEdit

Difficulty: N/A

Length: Medium

Time of Day: Dynamic

Time of Day: Dynamic

Laps: 3

Theme: Race Track

Terrain: Asphalt

Courtesy Car: 1992 Dodge Viper

Original RTA Package, FreeEdit

All tracks from the first RTA brought back in high definition!

Peach Raceway, Peach TownEdit

Difficulty: Peaceful

Length: Short

Laps: 6

Time of Day: Day

Weather: Sunny

Courtesy Car: Audi TT-RS

Fuji Temple Raceway, Fuji CityEdit

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Medium

Laps: 3

Time of Day: Sunset

Weather: Partly Cloudy

Courtesy Car: Honda Oddesey

Night Castle Raceway, SandopolisEdit

Difficulty: Medium

Length: Medium

Laps: 3

Time of Day: Night

Weather: Mostly Cloudy

Courtesy Car: 1988 Chevrolet Corvette C4

Oval Raceway, Mushroom RoadEdit

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Short

Laps: 7

Time of Day: Midday

Weather: Mostly Cloudy

Courtesy Car: Alfa Romeo Brera

River Raceway, Mushroom RoadEdit

Difficulty: Medium

Length: Long

Laps: 3

Time of Day: Sunset

Weather: Mostly Cloudy

Courtesy Car: Aston Martin DB5

Ice Mountain Circuit, White MountainEdit

Difficulty: Hard

Length: Long

Laps: 3

Time of Day: Night

Weather: Aurora Borealis

Courtesy Car: Toyota 4runner

Sun Beach Raceway, Papaya IslandEdit

Difficulty: Hard

Length: Long

Laps: 2

Time of Day: Day

Weather: Sunny

Courtesy Car: Ford Transit Supervan

Tin Raceway, Cloud HillEdit

Difficulty: Hard

Length: Long and symmetrical

Laps: 3

Time of Day: Night

Weather: Cloudy

Endurance RunEdit

Difficulty: Very Hard

Length: Medium

Laps: 10

Time of Day: Dynamic

Weather: Sunny


Cars that can be downloaded or bought from PSN, XBLA, or the WII.U Shop

RTA2 Timesaver, $9.99Edit

This car pack unlocks and buys ALL cars availible in the game, including DLC cars you have bought and downloaded.

Trackmania Vehicle pack, $9.99Edit

This pack includes 9 cars based off of the Trackmania video game franchise.

  1. Island Car
  2. Coast Car
  3. Bay Car
  4. Desert Car
  5. Snow Car
  6. Rally Car
  7. Stadium Car
  8. Canyon Car
  9. Valley Car

​Ferrari Forever, $5.99Edit

This pack includes 6 cars built by Ferrari.

  • '72 Ferrari Dino 246 GT
  • '78 Ferrari BB512
  • '84 Ferrari GTO
  • '87 Ferrari F40
  • '95 Ferrari F50
  • '14 Ferrari LaFerrari

Lamborghini Unchained, $5.99Edit

This pack includes 6 cars built by Lamborghini

  • '66 Lamborghini Miura
  • '74 Lamborghini Countach
  • '81 Lamborghini Jalpa
  • '90 Lamborghini Diablo
  • '12 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
  • '13 Lamborghini Veveno

Porsche Medley, $5.99

  • '73 Porsche 911 Carrera RS
  • '82 Porsche 911 Turbo Slantnose
  • '85 Porsche 959
  • '94 Porsche 994
  • '06 Porsche 997
  • '14 Porsche 918


There are approximately 130 different cars to be shown in the game. The list is too big, so I'll show only 50 vehicles.

Car list
Brand Car Class Status
Ford '64 Mustang E-1 Default
Chevrolet '62 Corvette C2 D-1 Default
Dodge '69 Charger D-1 Default
Nissan '12 Ultima D-1 Default
Volkswagen '65 Beetle E-1 Default
BMW '65 Mini Cooper E-1 Default
Ford '97 Ka E-1 Default
Ford '04 Focus C-2 Unlockable
Chevrolet '74 Corvette C-2 Unlockable
Ford '13 Focus ST C-2 Unlockable
Chevrolet '10 Volt D-2 Unlockable
Tesla '12 Roadster Sport D-2 Unlockable
Toyota '99 Celica D-2 Unlockable
Toyota '12 GT-86 D-2 Unlockable
Mazda '92 Miata D-2 Unlockable
Chevrolet '10 Camaro SS C-3 Unlockable
Ford '72 Mustang C-3 Unlockable
Ford '03 Mustang C-3 Unlockable
Toyota '99 Supra C-3 Unlockable
Nissan '00 Skyline R34 C-3 Unlockable
Nissan '76 Skyline 2000GT D-3 Unlockable
Toyota '75 Celica D-3 Unlockable
Lamborghini '14 Urus Concept Car C-3 Unlockable
Dodge '93 Viper C-3 Unlockable
Dodge '15 Challenger Hellcat B-3 Unlockable
Ferrari '99 F50 B-3 DLC
Ferrari '71 Dino 347 C-4 DLC
Chevrolet '06 Corvette C6 B-4 Unlockable
Nissan '07 GTR B-4 Unlockable
Shelby '69 Cobra 427 C-4 Unlockable
Ford '12 Mustang Boss B-4 Unlockable
Dodge '03 Viper SRT8 B-4


Toyota '14 FT-1 B-4 Unlockable
Mercedes Benz '12 SLS AMG B-4 Unlockable
Lamborghini '10 Gallardo B-4 Unlockable
Aston Martin '12 DB9 Volante C-4 Unlockable
Aston Martin '59 DB5 C-4 Unlockable
Audi '08 R8 B-4 Unlockable
Chevrolet '15 Corvette Stingray Z06 A-4 Unlockable
Ford '05 GT A-5 Unlockable
Ford '69 GT40 C-5 Unlockable
Dodge '13 Viper GTS A-5 Unlockable
Mazda '97 RX-7 C-5 Unlockable
Lamborghini '97 Diablo SV A-5 Unlockable
Aston Martin '14 Vanquish A-5 Unlockable
Salleen '05 S7 A-5 Unlockable

​Game GFXEdit

Game Graphic Effects.

Motion BlurEdit

When a camera goes fast enough, corners on the screen become blurry

Variable factorsEdit

Shutter speed - The amount of blurriness in the corners. 0 - Accumulated blur, 10 - A lot of blur.

Speed sensitivity - At what speed should the blurriness be at full effect? 0.1 - Motion blur at 10 mph, 10, - motion blur at 100 mph

Horizonal DoFEdit

Sights in the distance are very blurry.


Can be changed in the options.

Variable factorsEdit

Opacity - 0 means clear, 1 means obviously visible.


The simulation of the color's sensitivity to the human eye.

Variable factorsEdit

Intensity - The intensity and brightness of bloom. 0 means barely any bloom, and 10 means a lot of bloom. Any further values may result in unstable bloom.

Color saturation - The amount of exagerrated color in bloom. 0 means the bloom is purely white, and 10 means the bloom has brighter colors than the bloomed color itself.


The simulation of the sun's sensitivity to the human eye. When the "eye" is in a darker place with very dark colors, it will appear black, as the eye will adjust to that setting. When the "eye" is exposed to a brighter place, everything will be very bright for some seconds before the eye adjusts to that setting again.

Color Correction/Dynamic ColorsEdit

The simulation of mood and emotion to the human eye.

Variable factorsEdit

Saturation - Set to 0, it means that it's completely black and white. Set it to 1, there is full color. Any further numbers will result in brighter, cartoonish colors.

Sepia - The simulation of aging to the human eye. Set it to 0, there will be no sepia. Set it to 1, there is full sepia.

Gamma - The combination of brightness AND contrast. Set it to -1, there is negative gamma. Set it +1, there is positive gamma.

Game MechanicsEdit

Full Damage systemEdit

When a car is damaged, that usually affects the performance of the vehicle. The science of damage has been simulated into the car.

Tire damage and wearEdit

When a car lands on it's wheels too hard, and from a great height, that can screw up the suspension system, eventually causing that vehicle to lose wheels.

Tires may wear off faster after long hours of driving, or if you drift way too much.

Fuel consumptionEdit

Your car will lose fuel after long hours of driving. Based on what engine your car has, it may waste more fuel faster. It can also consume fuel by injecting nitrous, driving underwater, or exerting too much energy when your tires wear out.

Engine damageEdit

The car will stop functioning properly or explode if the car is hit head on too hard. It may also cause fuel to be consumed faster thanks to oil leaks.

Light damageEdit

The car's head and tail lights will stop working if the car is hit directly towards the lamps too hard, causing the lights to not work anymore.

Funny types of deathEdit

When your car is destroyed after terminal damage, falls out of bounds, or is eliminated from a knock-out race, your car may do these things just for the laugh of it.

1: ExplodeEdit

The car will explode, with bits such as the wheels, engine, seats, etc. that fly everywhere.

2: Get "banned"Edit

The car will immediately disappear, with a text showing "BANNED FOR YEARS", fooling the player into thinking they got banned for eternity.

3: FoodEdit

The car will turn into a large pile of food (bananas, hamburgers, or cupcakes) that will be thrown at the same speed the car was going when it died.

4: Magic?Edit

The car will poof into thin air, leaving nothing but a smoke cloud.

5: RaptureEdit

The car will turn into a transparent ghost with wings that will levitate slowly into the air.

6: Shrink

The car shrinks until nothing else can see it.

7: Dissolve

The car turns completely black as it floats and fades away.

Different Types of Racing StartsEdit

There are multiple ways a race can be started.

Rolling StartEdit

All cars will already be moving at a low speed. By the time they cross the starting line, the race will begin.

False Start Check EnabledEdit

All cars will be free to move by the controller's will. If one was not holding on the brake and instead held on the gas before the race officially begins, they will recieve a penalty.


All cars will be standing with handbrakes automatically held on until the race starts.


Single PlayerEdit

Classic Race - You and 27 other computer-controlled vehicles will race like normally around a track for 1 - 20 laps, based on user decision.

Elimination - The 7 last players to cross the finish line will be eliminated. Try your best not to be eliminated and hold it off for 3 laps to get to the Top 7.

Battle Race - 28 racers race 5 laps around a track, armed with power ups and weapons.

Battle Elimination - A sudden death mode of Battle Race. Once you are out, you stay out.

Endurance Race - Racing with 31 other racers for a set amount of time (5 to 15 minutes). Whoever crosses the finish line first when time runs out will be the winner.

Time Trial - A race against the clock. You must beat a track with a set amount of time to win that race. You have 3 laps to do so.

Hot Lap - A 3 lap race against multiple racers competing for the fastest time around a track.

Overtake - You have 5 laps to overtake as much vehicles as possible. Person with the most overtakes wins.

Demolition Derby - A battle in an arena. You have a set amount of time (3 - 10 minutes) to destroy as many cars as possible.

Checkpoint Race - You have 10 seconds to get to a checkpoint. Passing a checkpoint gives you 5 more seconds. Complete at least 1 lap around a track before time runs out to win.

Duel - A winner-takes-all boss race between 2 vehicles set on an 8 mile point-to-point route. The rival car is also trying to destroy you using powerups. You must cross the finish line first or destroy the rival car to win.

Stunts - A minigame set in an arena with a lot of stunt props. You must get the most points by pulling out stunts from ramps, loops, taking damage, drifting, etc.

Grand Ocean World Rally - A very prestigious endurance race locked on to the hardest difficulty, including full simulated damage and agressive opponents. Instead of there being 28 vehicles, there will be 50, yes, FIFTY opponents competing. The race will span from Blue Hills to the Lost Fjords, which equals to 200 miles of asphalt, dirt, and sand. There will be a checkpoint at each town you pass at. There, you have a chance to rest and change any parts to suit the difficulty of the next sections of the track. The rules are you cannot diliberately hit other vehicles; it's not allowed at all. It will disqualify you from the race, and you'll have to start over from the last checkpoint. The top 7 racers to cross the finish line first will recieve a grand prize.

Road Trip Chronicles - An alternate counterpart to RTA2. This is a gamemode where you drive sports cars made in the 1960s through 7 eras of racing: the '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, 2000s, 2010s, and today. As you progress through those eras, all cars except for your car will change into the cars made in that era, making it more difficult to win 5th or better.


Game that can be played with a friend(s), or in online multiplayer.

RTA Bowling - Just like bowling in real life, but the bowling ball is YOU. Get more points than anyone else in 10 frames to win.

Soccer - Car soccer. There are two teams of 8 people. Work together to get a goal at least a set number of times to win.

Capture The Flag - And by flag, we mean a bomb that is imminent to explode. You must deliver the bomb to the opposing team's base before time runs out or else the bomb will explode!

Survival - Driving on a straight and endless highway while avoiding objects being thrown onto the course, and other cars, too. Every mile equals 100 points. You must get more points than anyone else to win.

Drag Race - Race in a straight mile-long road. it can allow up to 4 players.

Infected - There is a cop car that is infected. If the infected cop car wrecks you, you become infected, too! If all players are infected before time runs out, the Survivors will lose, and the Infected will win, and vice versa.

Slalom - Checkpoints are scattered all across the track. Drive through all of them to win.

Racing Line - Driving on the racing line gives you 10 points a second. You have 1 lap to get as many points as possible.


Team Race - A race that includes 4 teams of 7 players. You get points based on your final race position. The better your position, the larger quanity the points are. Your team must have the most points to win.

Grand Prix - Just like Team Race, except that it's free-for-all. There will be a set amount of rounds, and you must get the most points at the end of the final race.

Team Battle - Just like classic battle, except there are 2 teams of 14 players.

Hot Pursuit - 8 racers, 6 police cars. The police must bust all racers before time runs out.


All the race tracks presented in this game here.

Blue Hill National RacewayEdit

An oval shaped race track located in Blue Hills. This is the first race track the user will drive on.

Difficulty: Peaceful

Length: Short

Time of Day: Midday, Sunny

Theme: Race Track

Terrain: Asphalt

Courtesy Car: Audi R8

Blue Hill International RacewayEdit

A longer, more difficult version of Blue Hill National Raceway.

Difficulty: Hard

Length: Long

Time of Day and Weather: Midday, Rainy

Theme: Race Track

Terrain: Asphalt, Dirt

Courtesy Car: Audi R8

Mountain RingEdit

A test track with a public road with traffic set in a mountainous region.

Difficulty: Average

Length: Medium

Time of Day and Weather: Sunrise, partly cloudy

Theme: Mountain

Terrain: Asphalt, Dirt

Courtesy Car: 1994 Dodge Viper

Castle Town National CircuitEdit

A dirt and concrete track built around a mountain with a moat.

Difficulty: Average

Time of Day: Afternoon, Sunny

Length: Medium

Terrain: Dirt, Concrete

Theme: Japan, Forest

Courtesy Car: Shelby Cobra 427

Temple CoastEdit

A dirt track around a beach with some temples you have to drive through.

Difficulty: Hard

Time of Day, Weather: Sunset, Cloudy

Length: Long

Terrain: Dirt

Theme: Jungle, Temple

Courtesy Car: 2003 Ford Focus (Rally version)

Midnight Castle Theme ParkEdit

An abandoned theme park with sharp turns, and a lot of deserted areas and plazas.

Difficulty: Hard

Time of Day, Weather: Midnight, Clear

Length: Sort of long

Terrain: Dirt, Sand, Concrete, Brick

Theme: Theme Park, Desert, City

Courtesy Car: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Lost DesertEdit

A sandy asphalt track set in a monumental desert with many tunnels, and eventually seeing a space center in the distance, and a UFO.

Difficulty: Easy

Time of Day: Midday, T-Storm

Length: Medium

Terrain: Sand, Asphalt, Metal

Theme: Desert, Science Fiction

Courtesy Car: 1960 Corvette C1

Great Canyon MinesEdit

A dirt track set in a large canyon with many miner tunnels and bridges, somewhat leading you into a shield volcano.

Difficulty: Hard

Time of Day: Day, Foggy

Length: Long

Terrain: Wood, Dirt, Metal

Theme: Canyon, Mine, Volcano

Courtesy Car: Ford Powerstroke

Volcano RacewayEdit

A dynamically changing dirt track built inside a volcano with some parts that you can fall off of, and a manufacturing facility you have to drive through.

Difficulty: Very Hard

Time of Day: N/A

Length: Medium

Terrain: Dirt, Asphalt, Metal

Theme: Volcano, Science Fiction

Courtesy Car: Toyota 4runner

Candy Island International CircuitEdit

A grand prix-like race track with all sorts of oversized candy placed around the track.

Difficulty: Easy

Time of Day: Sunrise, Sunny

Length: Medium

Terrain: Asphalt, sand

Theme: Odd, Racetrack

Courtesy Car: Ford Mustang GT

Thee Old TrenchEdit

A track with a route that requires you to drive through a village on cobblestone roads into a misty bog with murky mud and dirt.

Difficulty: Slightly Hard

Time of Day: Noontime

Weather: Dynamic

Length: Medium

Terrain: Cobblestone, Dirt, Mud

Theme: Medieval, village, mountain, forest

Courtesy Car: Morgan Aero 8 Supersports

Tinfoil FactoryEdit

A long track with many shortcuts and alternate paths with some hazards inside a manufactuering plant, on a large floating island.

Difficulty: Hard

Time of Day: Night

Weather: Clear

Length: Long

Terrain: Asphalt, metal, dirt

Theme: Industrial, Science Fiction

Courtesy Car: Nissan GTR '09

Endurance RunEdit

A long Le Mans-inspired race track enclosed with a public road leading to many hairpin turn slopes. Unlike any other stage, this lasts 10 laps, with a dynamic day/night setting.

Difficulty: Extreme

Time of Day: Dynamic

Weather: Dynamic

Length: Very Long

Terrain: Asphalt, sand, snow

Theme: Racetrack, Alphine, Beach

Courtesy Car: 1966 Ford GT40 Race Car


For the fun of it, races in online multiplayer will be seperated in car classes by their country and perfomance index.

American Classic MuscleEdit

Classic American muscle cars made before 1980 and after 1958.

  • '62 Chevrolet Corvette
  • '70 Ford Mustang 302 Boss
  • '69 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
  • '67 Chevrolet El Camino
  • '69 Dodge Charger
  • '72 Dodge Challenger
  • '64 Ford Mustang
  • '68 Ford Mustang Fastback

American LegendsEdit

American vehicles known for success over the years.

  • '06 Chevrolet Corvette C6
  • '05 Ford GT
  • '66 Ford GT40
  • '67 Shelby Cobra GT500

American Modern MuscleEdit

American modern muscle cars made after 1980.

  • '10 Chevrolet Camaro
  • '10 Dodge Challenger
  • '12 Ford Mustang GT
  • '14 Shelby Cobra GT500 Super Snake
  • '15 Ford Mustang
  • '95 Ford Mustang GT
  • '02 Ford Mustang GT
  • '84 Pontiac Firebird
  • '89 Chevrolet Camaro

American ExoticEdit

Supercars capable of +180 mph that were manufactuered in the US.

  • '06 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6
  • '14 Chevrolet Corvette ZO7
  • '13 Dodge Viper GTS
  • '06 Dodge Viper SRT10
  • '05 Ford GT
  • '11 Lexus LFA
  • '14 Acura NSX Concept Car

Japanese ExoticsEdit

Supercars capable of +180 mph that were manufactuered in Japan.

  • '07 Nissan GTR
  • '14 Toyota FT-1

Japanese ModernEdit

Japanese vehicles made after 1970.

  • '72 Nissan Skyline 2000GT
  • '86 Nissan Fairlady Z
  • '97 Mazda RX-7
  • '99 Nissan Skyline R34
  • '93 Nissan Skyline R33
  • '98 Toyota Supra
  • '99 Mitsubishi Evo
  • '01 Subaru Impreza
  • '99 Honda Civic
  • '93 Honda NSX

Japanese ClassicEdit

Japanese vehicles made before 1969.

European ExoticsEdit

Supercars capable of +180 mph that were manufactuered in Europe.

  • '85 Ferrari F40
  • '89 Lamborghini Diablo
  • '01 Lamborghini Murcielago
  • '07 Lamborghini Murcielago GT
  • '06 Aston Martin DB9
  • '08 Audi R8
  • '09 Lamborghini Gallardo
  • '11 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG
  • '10 Porsche Carrera
  • '06 Porsche 911 Carrera GT
  • '85 Porsche 959

European ClassicEdit

European vehicles made before 1980.

European ModernEdit

European vehicles made after 1981.


Quirky and hyperactive supercars capable of +225 mph.

  • McLaren F1 '93
  • Bugatti Veyron 16.4 '06
  • Koenigsegg CCX '06
  • Koenigsegg Agera R '14
  • Hennesey Venom GT '14
  • Aston Martin One-77 '11
  • Gumpert Apollo '12
  • Bugatti Veryon SS '12
  • Bugatti Veyron Vitesse '10

Corvette FamilyEdit

All Corvettes.

  • '58 Chevrolet Corvette C1 Concept
  • '62 Chevrolet Corvette C2
  • '72 Chevrolet Corvette C3
  • '85 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
  • '93 Chevrolet Corvette C4
  • '99 Chevrolet Corvette C5
  • '05 Chevrolet Corvette C6
  • '13 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7 Prototype
  • '14 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7
  • '15 Chevrolet Corvette Z07

Ferrari vs. LamborghiniEdit

Brand vs. Brand competition.

  • '75 Lamborghini Miura
  • '95 Ferrari F50
  • '78 Ferrari GTO
  • '80 Ferrari BB GT6
  • '90 Ferrari F40
  • '91 Lamborghini Diablo
  • '02 Ferrari Enzo
  • '01 Lamborghini Murcielago
  • '05 Ferrari F430
  • '05 Lamborghini Gallardo
  • '06 Ferrari Barchetta
  • '06 Lamborghini Murcielago LP-560
  • '09 Ferrari 458 Italia
  • '08 Lamborghini Reventon
  • '14 Ferrari FF
  • '12 Lamborghini Aventador
  • '78 Lamborghini Countach

Shooting BrakesEdit

Supercars that look like station wagons.

  • Porsche Panamera
  • Ford Mustang Shooting Brake
  • Ferrari FF
  • Audi RS3

Grand PrixEdit

Supercars that were modified or made exclusively for racing should belong here.

  • Mazda Furai
  • Mooncraft SHI-DEN
  • Toyota GT-ONE
  • BMW McLaren F1 GTR
  • Mazda 787B
  • Ford GT40 Gulf
  • Audi R18

Movie StarsEdit

Cars that were featured in popular movies.

  • '85 DeLorean DMC-12
  • '68 Ford Mustang Fastback
  • '65 Aston Martin DB5
  • '09 Aston Martin DBS
  • '78 Ford Gran Torino
  • '68 Volkswagen Beetle
  • '035 Audio RSQ Concept
  • '65 Ford Econoline
  • '66 Chrysler Imperial
  • '77 Pontiac Firebird Espirit
  • '78 Pontiac Trans Am
  • '71 Volkswagen Coyote X
  • '72 Ferrari Daytona
  • '86 Ferrari Testarossa
  • '77 Ferrari 308 GTS
  • '82 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
  • '69 Dodge Charger
  • '86 GMC G-15


These are powerups used in arcade races, battle races, and arena derbies.


A bottle of nitrous that savagely increases your acceleration as well as forcing up your top speed at will. This lasts only 3 seconds, though.


The car drops 3 anti-car mines in which if a car drove over it, the bomb explodes, damaging the victim with great force.


The car will be protected from damage for 30 seconds, but that dosent mean it can't take damage from self-inflicted impacts.


The car fires a beam of electricity at a victim, temporarily paralyzing it for 5 seconds, giving the user the chance to take it out.


The car jumps really high to dodge incoming attacks quickly or to get to places that are difficult to get to.


The car drives by itself with great skill for 10 seconds.


The car will drive on a frictionless trail, driving at top speed and seamlessly avoiding obstacles.


The car fires out a heat-seeking rocket that homes into the nearest opponent. If the opponent does nothing to evade, they will explode as soon as the rocket hits it.

Ice BallEdit

The car shoots out a big ball of ice in a relatively straight line. If a car was hit by it, it would freeze in an ice cube for a couple of seconds, infinitely travelling at the speed it was going when it was hit with no control of handling.


The car will be protected by a coat of chrome foil so shiny that it reflects off anything that hits it back to the sender. If the sender does not do anything to evade, they will be hit.


The car becomes a bomb. They must drive into another car in 10 seconds to explode both the user AND the victim.


The car spawns a space-time rift lasting 5 seconds that teleports the vehicle to the top 3 positions. Other vehicles may also drive through the portal.

Counterfeit Item CapsuleEdit

The car drops a fake item capsule or throws it ahead of them. If an opponent hits it, they will be electrocuted.

The DroneEdit

The car spawns a drone that flies in the air, and (tries to) destroy the first place holder.


"Buttons" that are frequently seen in arcadic game modes that slow the racer down.

Rocket SentryEdit

If a car drives over this button, it fires a rocket from a miniature sentry that homes into the car that drove over it. If the car does nothing to evade, they will explode.

Instant DeathEdit

If a car drives over this button, the car dies immediately, and respawns 4 seconds later.

2x DamageEdit

If a car drives over this button, the car will take 2 times the damage it should regularly take.

Engine FailiureEdit

The car will slow down to 70 mph for 5 seconds.


The car's tires will pop, making it more difficult to control on high-traction terrains, like asphalt. The tires will reinflate after 10 seconds or if the car dies.


If the car drives over this button, the car will suddenly be crushed by a giant rock. If cars drive into this at high speed, they will crash, too.


Shops are scattered around the RTA2 world. Use these shops to buy new parts, paint your cars, add vinyls, etc.


The parts of the vehicle.


The skeleton and skin of the car. Each body comes in a different shape, and can change/improve the speed, handling, acceleration, and braking of the car through aerodynamics, thus also affecting your overal performance grade.

If a body's aerodynamic speed was up to 10 stars, that means it's really rich in speed, making the car go even faster. You must always prefer the highest aerodynamic speed.

If a body's aerodynamic handling was up to 10 stars, that means it is superb in corners and drifting.

If a body's aerodynamic acceleration was up to 10 stars, that means it is able to go up to top speed quickly and with ease.

If a body's aerodynamic braking was 10 stars, it is able to figuratively stop on a dime.


The heart and soul of the car. Based on the size or perfomance of an engine, it can improve a car's speed, acceleration, and power.

Power UsageEdit

How much power will the engine use to run? The engine will waste fuel quickly based on how much power it uses. If a car had huge power usage, it would waste 3 pints of fuel in a minute even at a standstill. A low power usage should always be preferred.

Engine PowerEdit

How much power will the engine carry? If it has a lot of power, that will greatly affect the speed, acceleration, and of course, power in the car. If a car had 880 hp, it should go up to 200 mph with normal transmission.

Types of EnginesEdit

All engines are shown here.

  • Hybrid Engine: A default engine the car is equipped with. Only has about 90 horsepower with moderate fuel usage.
  • Electric Engine: A silent engine that dosent use fuel, only electricity. It carries 120 horsepower with no fuel usage.
  • Rotary Engine: A small compact circular engine used in some old F1 cars. Has about 220 horsepower with high fuel usage.
  • V4 Engine: A small engine used in old retro cars. Has 150 horsepower with moderate fuel usage.
  • Big Electric Engine: A silent engine but bigger than the older one. It has 180 horsepower with no fuel usage.
  • V8 Engine: A moderate size engine commonly used in modern muscle cars. 290 horsepower with moderate fuel usage.
  • M.A.D.: A large and thirsty engine with very loud and strong noises. Has a lot of RPM. 500 horsepower with very high fuel usage.
  • V10 Engine: A large engine used in medium sized racing vehicles. 450 horsepower with high fuel usage.
  • V12 Engine: A large and burly engine used in faster racing vehicles. 520 horsepower with high fuel usage.
  • V-Twin: A V shaped engine used in motorcycles and lawnmowers. 200 horsepower with low fuel usage.
  • M.A.D. V2: A larger and thirstier successor to the M.A.D. V1. 680 horsepower with extremely high fuel usage.
  • Flux Capacitor: A magically Y shaped device used to create time travel machines. They say if you go over 88 miles per hour, you can see some serious ****. 400 horsepower, low fuel usage.
  • Swedish Dream: A large and powerful engine used in Koenigsegg race cars. 800 horsepower with moderate fuel usage.
  • God's Engine: A large, powerful, extremely expensive but silent engine used in God's angel cars. 1000 horsepower with no fuel usage.
  • Hell's Engine: A large, powerful, burly, and loud engine used in the Devil's cars. 6666 horsepower with low fuel usage.


Tires are among the most important parts of a vehicle. They help the vehicle drive after all. Each tire has different traction on the 5 terrain elements seen in the game: Pavement, dirt, sand, snow, and water.


How much traction do the tires have? If they have low traction, they cause the car to slide everywhere, and if it dosent have Spin Recovery activated, it can lose control easily.

Tire WearEdit

How much time will it take for the tires to completely wear out? If it has 1 star, it will only take 4 minutes for the tires to wear out.

  • Fake Tires: Just old tires-- oh wait, they're not. Low traction, medium tire wear.
  • Wooden Spokes: More durable than fakes. Moderate low traction, low tire wear.
  • Metal Tires: They suffer on the road, but suffice on sand and dirt. They are also immune to spikestrips. Moderately low traction, no tire wear.
  • Real Tires: For real. Moderate traction, moderate tire wear.
  • Sports Tires: Tires commonly used in modern sports cars. Moderately high traction, high tire wear.
  • Hover Wheels: Metal repulsors that keep the car floating in the air with insanely high traction, and no tire wear.
  • Hubless Tires: Tires that don't have hubcaps. They suffice on asphalt, but suffer on sand and dirt. High traction, medium tire wear.
  • Racing Tires: Tires that are insanely high traction. Commonly used for today's race cars. Super high traction, low tire wear.
  • Slick Tires: An alternative to racing tires for use in wet conditions. They suffer on sand and dirt, but are successful on wet roads. High traction, low tire wear.
  • Offroad Tires: Tires with a special tread that grants the car complete control on offroad surfaces, but that dosent mean it likes asphalt. High traction, moderately high tire wear.
  • Rally Tires: All around tires that grant high traction and low tire wear.
  • Caterpillar Wheels: Caterpillar treads used for tanks and other ATVs. High traction, no tire wear.
  • Spiked Wheels: Normal tires with spikey grooves that allow great traction on offroad surfaces, even on ice, but suffer on rocky terrain. High traction, no tire wear.
  • Monster Tires: Huge plastic tires used on monster trucks. High traction, no tire wear.
  • Reinflates: Tires with moderate traction and low tire wear that are immune to spikestrips.
  • God's Tires: Tires used on God's angels. They are purely white and provide insanely high traction and no tire wear.
  • Hell's Tires: Tires used on the Devil's soldiers. They are red and provide insanely high traction and no tire wear.

​Tire AccesoriesEdit

Tire accesories add bling to the tires.

  • Shiny wheels
  • Colorable tires
  • Red line tires
  • White wall tires
  • White worded tires
  • Yellow worded tires
  • Vinyled tires


Transmission pieces allow the car to go faster and raise the top speed.


Just a regular transmission gear block.

Top Speed: 130 mph

Acceleration: 0-60 in 6 seconds


A transmission gear block with 5 gears.Edit

Top Speed: 155 mph

Acceleration: 0-60 in 4 seconds


A transmission gear that would rather improve the handling and acceleration that the speed of the car.

Top Speed: 147 mph

Acceleration: 0-60 in 3 seconds


A transmission piece that allows your car to go faster, but has low acceleration.

Top Speed: 170 mph

Acceleration: 0-60 in 5.6 seconds


Allows your car to go faster with better acceleration.

Top Speed: 185 mph

Acceleration: 0-60 in 3 seconds


Allows your car to go faster with more acceleraion.

Top Speed: 186 mph

Acceleration: 0-60 in 2.5 seconds


Allows your car to go super fast but with mediocre acceleration.

Top Speed: 205 mph

Acceleration: 0-60 in 3.3 seconds


Top Speed: 236 mph

Acceleration: 0-60 in 2.6 seconds


Top Speed: 253 mph

Acceleration: 0-60 in 1.8 seconds


Top Speed: 288 mph

Acceleration: 0-60 in 2 seconds


The "skeleton" of the car. This also determines the speed and accleration and also WEIGHT of the vehicle. The disadvantage, however is that the lighter it is, the more vulnerable it is to T-bone and angled impacts.

DGU stands for Dekagram Units. One whole is approximately 2500 kilograms.Edit


The average thingy you wear every average day.

Weight: 8/10 dGu


The sporty kind of chassis that is a LITTLE TEENSY WEENSY BIT lighter than the last one.

Weight: 7.5/10 dGu


Makes your car about as light as a compact city vehicle.

Weight: 5/10 dGu


This kind of chassis is used in Formula 3 racing.

Weight: 3/10 dGu

Carbon FiberEdit

Light as a feather!

Weight: 1/10 dGu


This chassis is made out of a special ultralight element even lighter than carbon fiber, called Persorium.

Weight: 0.2/10 dGu

'Bronze Medal' ​AchievmentsEdit

First WinEdit

Win your first race.

First BloodEdit

Destroy an opponent.

Notice Me, SenpaiEdit

Win a race in a Japanese vehicle.

Cartistic TalentEdit

Win a race in a European vehicle.

Toy Drag RacerEdit

Win a race in an American vehicle.


Drift for a total of 100 yards.


Purchase something in the shop.


Wreck your own car on purpose.


Drive around for a total of 5 miles.

Spaghetti Hard TopEdit

Purchase a European vehicle.


Purchase an American vehicle.

Senpai Noticed Me!!Edit

The Senpai has noticed you.

Silver Medal AchievmentsEdit

Fabulous ComebackEdit

On the very last seconds on the final lap, go from 1st place, to 2nd place, to 1st place again.

Key DriverEdit

Drive around for a total of 15 miles.

Died For Your SinsEdit

Take down an opponent and yourself simultaneously.

Old RivalsEdit

Purchase a Mitsubishi Evolution and a Subaru Impreza.


Drive around for 25 miles.

Drift KingEdit

Drift for a total of 500 yards.


Race on any of the classic RTA1 tracks.


Allow anyone to destroy your car three times in a row

Air BornEdit

Get 10 seconds worth of air time.

The ISOEdit

Buy the "TRON: Legacy" track package.

Better Not Stop MeEdit

Buy the "Sonic The Hedgehog" track package.


Buy the "Trackmania" car package.

Record ShattererEdit

Beat Ayrton Senna's world record on the Monza Autodromo racing circuit, which is 1"24'36.

Gold Medal AchievmentsEdit

Three SiblingsEdit

Purchase the 1967 Ford GT40, the 1995 Ford GT90, and the 2006 Ford GT.

Happy Birthday, Sylver!!Edit

Play the game on Sylvester Garnett's birthday, who is the founder of The Apex Team.

Early BirdieEdit

Play the game before 8:00 AM.

Just... One... More... Game...Edit

(Continue) Play(ing) the game after 10:00 PM.

You're Pretty PersistentEdit

Play the game for 5 hours total.

What are you doing in your life?Edit

Play the game for 24 hours total.

1 week wasted.Edit

Play the game for 168 hours, which is 1 week.

One month wasted.Edit

Play the game for a total of 30 Earth days.


Play the game for 365 days total.

Epic SamuraiEdit

Purchase ALL Japanese vehicles.


Drive around for a total of 50 miles.

Rally ArtistEdit

Win 1st place in the rigorous Grand Ocean World Rally.


Because you're special.

Fast but FuriousEdit

Purchase the Nissan Skyline and tune it out.

Great Scott!Edit

Purchase the DMC Delorean.

The Knight of the NightEdit

Purchase the 1982 Pontiac Firebird and paint it black.


Complete the World Race Series.

One in a MillionthEdit

Win a race by a 1 millisecond difference.

All Tied UpEdit

Finish a grand prix race in a case where you have the exact same amount of points as the next opponent.

Thanks for Playing!Edit

Beat the RTA2 game.

Platinum Medal AchievmentsEdit

Ultimate AdventurerEdit

Earn all achievments in the game.

Platinum Medal AchievmentsEdit

World AdventurerEdit

Earn ALL achievments in RTA2.

Ettore BugattiEdit

Purchase the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the Bugatti Veyron Vitesse, and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport.

Bruce McLarenEdit

Purchase all McLaren vehicles.

Enzo FerrariEdit

Purchase all Ferrari vehicles.

Ferrucio LamborghiniEdit

Purchase all Lamborghini vehicles.

Fernidad PorscheEdit

Purchase all Porsche vehicles.

Henry FordEdit

Purchase all Ford vehicles.

Professional ShopperEdit


Agent 007Edit

Purchase the Aston Martin DB5, the Aston Martin DB9, and the Aston Martin DBS.

Classic CollectorEdit

Purchase all cars made before 1979.

Retro Car ExpertEdit

Purchase all cars made after 1980 and before 1994.


Purchase all cars made after 1995 to 2005.


Purchase all cars made after 2006.

At Your ServiceEdit

Become President of the RTA2 world.


At the start of the game, you will be asked to choose a difficulty. Difficulty determines the controlability of vehicles, the agression of opponents, and the gameplay of RTA2.

AI DifficultyEdit


For players that are new to racing games.


For players that young and enjoy racing.


For players that are very confident.


For players who are looking for a challenge.


For players who think they are ready for real life racing.


No damageEdit

The car will take no damage at all, not consume fuel, or be destroyed.

Visual onlyEdit

The car will look like it has taken damage, but does not affect handling


The car will take damage, which affects its performance.


The car will take damage, that simulates real life.


There are some cheats that can aid the player in the game. However, this will disable trophies and you will not be able to earn cash, reputation, or therefore progress through the game until you exit the game session.

Moon GravityEdit

Code: X + X + O + Triangle + Square + R2 + L2

The gravity will change to a lower defintion, simulating physics if you were on the Moon.

Dumb AIEdit

Code: Left + Right + Left + Right + R2 + L2

The AI in the game will crash into walls, go the wrong way, or basically stop driving.


Code: Left + Left + Left + Right + R2 + L2

You will be invincible for 6 minutes.

Unlimited BoostEdit

Code: Left + Right + Left + Left + X + X

You will have unlimited boost.

Micro MachineEdit

Code: X + R2 + R1 + O + Triangle

All cars will shrink to miniscule size for 5 minutes.

Unlock Conceptual ContentEdit

Code: X + X + X + O + R2 + ?

Unlock content that was scrapped before the final release of the game. Note that it is an experimental feature and it may damage the gameplay environment. Modders can also use hacks to retrieve these scrapped game files and upload them to an addon website for people to download.


Electronic PlaylistEdit

Song Artist Year #
Ghosts 'N Stuff (Original Version) Deadmau5 2004 1
Satisfy Nero 2014 2
Me & You Nero 2010 3
Banagarang Skrillex 2011 4
Love Has Gone Netsky 2012 5
Witchcraft Pendulum 2008 6
Feeling So Blue (album vers.) Michael Mind Project 2012 7
Feel It In My Bones Tiesto 2009 8
Red Lights Tiesto 2014 9
Hero Pegboard Nerds 2014 10


Wolfgang Gartner 2011 11
Hero Pegboard Nerds 2014 12
Unison Porter Robinson 2010 13
Cascade Tommy Trash 2012 14
We Can Make The World Stop The Glitch Mob 2011 15
Hello (Dead Battery Remix) Martin Solveig 2010 16
8bit Deadmau5 2005 17
Idealistic Digitalism 2008 18
Crazy Klaypex 2010 19
Crush On You (Knife Party Remix) Nero 2012 20
Centipede Knife Party 2011 21
Strobot (Netsky Remix) Shameboy 2011 22
The Electric Dream (SPRTN Remix) Mord Fustang 2011 23
You & Me Against The World Bassnectar 2011 24
Prelude Savant 2011 25
The Beginning Is Near Savant 2012 26
Rider In Red Savant 2014 27
The Grid (The Crystal Method Remix) Daft Punk 2011 28
Born Too Slow The Crystal Method 2003 29
Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix) Lana Del Ray 2013 30
Lightspeed Kill The Noise 2011 31
Cry For You September 2007 32
Dvno Justice 2007 33
Overtime Cash Cash 2013 34
Castle In The Sky (Tanzamomo Remix) DJ Satomi 2009 35
Pixel Journey Xilent 2013 36
Falling Apart I Xilent 2014 37
All My Love (Xilent Remix) Fuzzy Logik 2013 38

Rock PlaylistEdit

This playlist is really unique since it contains many songs made in the 1980s.

Rock Playlist
Song Artist Year
Seperate Ways Jounrey 1978
2 Nights 2 Remember Crush 40 2010
Savior Rise Against 2008
Pain Three Days Grace 2006
Livin' On A Prayer Bon Jovi 1986
Runaway Bon Jovi 1983
Don't Stop Believin' Journey 1980
The Power Of Love Huey Lewis 1984
I Love Rock 'N Roll Joan Jett 1981
Dance, Dance Fallout Boy 2005
Life Is A Highway Tom Cochrane 1992
Top Of The World All-American Rejects 2005
Hero Skillet 2009
Wrong Side Of Heaven Five Finger Death Punch 2013
Hot Smash Mouth 2003
All Star Smash Mouth 1999
High School Never Ends Bowling For Soup 2006
Maps Maroon 5 2014
Jessie's Girl Rick Springfield ?
I Don't Care Fall Out Boy 2009
Uprising Muse 2009
Year 3000 Jonas Brothers 2007
In The End Linkin Park 2000
Burn It Down Linkin Park 2012
Cyber Christ Pivit 2001
Kryptonite 3 Doors Down 2000
Young Hollywood Undead 2008
Kickstart My Heart Motley Crue 1987
Light 'Em Up Fall Out Boy 2013

Radio PlaylistEdit

The "radio" playlist features songs you might/should hear on your average radio. This playlist is ment to appeal to younger audiences.

Radio Playlist
Title Artist Year
Try Pink 2012
Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5 2010
Boom Clap Charlie XCX 2014
Come Alive Chromeo 2014
Adult Education Hall & Oates 1983
Boys of Summer Don Harley 1984
Windows Down Big Time Rush 2010
Love Never Felt So Good Michael Jackson 1980s
One Last Time Ariana Grande 2014
We Are Done The Maddeon Bros. 2014
Reverse Somekindawonderful 2014
It's My Life No Doubt 1993
I Love It Icona Pop 2012
She Looks So Perfect 5 Seconds of Summer 2014
Love Runs Out OneRepublic 2014
Counting Stars OneRepublic 2013
Stay Awake Ellie Goulding 2013
Burn Ellie Goulding 2014
Rock That Body Black Eyed Peas 2006
Payphone Maroon 5 2012
One More Night Maroon 5 2012
Va Va Voom Nicki Minaj 2012
Banquet Bloc Party 2005
Get Lucky Daft Punk 2013
Roar Katy Perry 2013
Wide Awake Katy Perry 2012
Birthday Katy Perry 2014
Me Without You Tobymac 2012
Good Feeling Flo Rida 2012
Fences Phoenix 2009
1901 Phoenix 2009
Cool Kids Echosmith 2014
One In A Million KDrew 2012
Sunday On The West Side Push Kings 1998
The Minute Push Kings 2001
Good Time Owl City 2012

Start Menu OptionsEdit

The start menu is the menu that opens up when you pause the game.


Here, you can configure the game's settings to your liking.

Graphic EffectsEdit

You can tweak the graphic effects (Like motion blur and framerate limiting) to match your personal taste.


You can change the audio's volume or add subtitles (Effective in certain scenes only).


Color contrast and brightness combined.

Social SettingsEdit

Change the social and matchmaking settings to your liking.

Radio StationEdit

Change the radio station here.


Immediately teleport to places you have discovered.


The entire map of the RTA2 world.


Items you have found go here. You can even check out the Vehicle Encyclopedia to learn about the citizens you have befriended or at least talked to.

Vehicle Encyclopedia - A book that contains information about cars that you have already met.

Stamps - You can earn stamps in the game. All stamps that you have collected go here.

Pictures - All pictures that you have taken in the game will be put here.

RTA OnlineEdit

Selecting this option will take you to the massively multiplayer online server port of RTA2.


Rewards will be given to you if you have played Road Trip Adventure 1 before (Applies only for the European version of the PS4 game). The further you progressed in that game, the more and better rewards you get.


Selecting this option will kick you out the game to the Playstation Network Store/XBLA. The cool part is if you leave the Playstation Network Store/Xbox Live Arcade, it will go back to the game and quickly resume to where you have left off.

Exit SessionEdit

This will end the game session and bring you back to the main menu screen. It ask you if you're sure about the option (Dialogue saying "Do you really wanna leave?). By accepting, it will also ask you if you want to save the game, or save automatically based on your settings.


Rivals are boss characters you have to face at the end of every chapter in the game. There is a total of 10 rivals, each get incresingly difficult based on how far you progress through the game. These bosses can be challenged by the player, or if the bosses challenge the player themselves. By accepting it, it will take you to a point-to-point race based on the rival's style. Winning the boss race will give you a lot of cash and the loser's car body.

(C) Yellow BlurEdit

Yellow Blur (Real name is Keith Hudson) is a yellow Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. He has a cocky attitude and is pretty confident in races. He claims he never lost a race at all.

Difficulty: Easy

Performance Index: 450pi

(C) Tony AugustusEdit

Tony Augustus is a silver Ford F150 Raptor who has a boastful bully-like attitude. He may not seem to be a racer, but can actually handle offroad better than anyone else.

Difficulty: Medium

Performance Index: 600pi

(B) Sebastian FlorenceEdit

Sebastian Florence is a rally world champion haling from Brussels, Belgium. He is a multicolored modified Citroen C4, and is a great all-arounder. There is a British translator that drives next to him since Sebastian only speaks French.

Difficulty: Medium

Performance Index: 800pi

Trivia: Sebastian Florence is inspired by 5 time WRC Champion Sebastien Loeb.

(B) Vitessa GarnettEdit

Vitessa Garnett is a white blue-striped Ford GT who's very friendly but also agressive. She is pretty fast and has great handling, but suffers on offroad.

Difficulty: Hard

Performance Index: 900pi

(A) Cole McLarryEdit

Cole McLarry is a fast-talking hyperactive dark blue McLaren 12C.

Difficulty: Hard

Performance Index: 1260pi

(A) Dr. TakaraEdit

Dr. Yoshi Takara is a Japanese scientist and inventor. He is a silver Lexus LFA with glowing semi-circular wheels that allow him to levitate in the air.

Difficulty: Very Hard

Performance Index: 1600pi

(S) James HunterEdit

James Hunter is a 4-time GT1 World Champion from the United Kingdom. He is very competitive in the racing scene. He is a red converted Aston Martin DB9.

Difficulty: Very Hard

Performance Index: 2000pi

(A) Sven BenzinEdit

Sven Benzin is a red/black Marussia B2 haling from Russia.

Difficulty: Very Hard

Performance Index: 2500pi

(S) Stephane AcceleratoEdit

Stephane Accelerato (Prefers to be called Accelerato) is a beige Euro-American Bugatti Veyron 16.4. He is very competitive and never lost a race in 2005.

Difficulty: Challenging

Perfomance Index: 3500pi

(S) Susan AcceleratoEdit

Susan Accelerato is an orange Salleen S7 who is Stephane's stepsister.

Difficulty: Challenging

Performance Index: 3600pi

(S+) AgorisEdit

Agoris (last name unknown) is a carbon-fiber Koenigsegg Agera R. He is a multi-millionaire who runs a high-quality buisiness ever since 1985.

Difficulty: Challenging

Perfomance Index: 6000pi



Animated BloodEdit

The "Animated Blood" is actually oil leaking from the cars. They call it "blood".

Comic MischiefEdit

A form of humor designed to be suggestive.

Crude HumorEdit

"Bathroom" jokes.

Fantasy ViolenceEdit

Cartoon violence. This is easily distinguishable from real life violence.

Mild LyricsEdit

Song lyrics may contain mild swearing.

Simulated GamblingEdit

Not exactly gambling, but there is only minigame where you bet in-game cash, which is called Roulette.

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