Road Trip Adventure AX is a 2006 virtual console game part of the Road Trip Adventure series. It is the arcade version of RTA2.


The game requires you to insert 4 coins into the machine, or customized by owner configurations. After pressing the start button, it will immeditaely take you to the menu where you select your track, car, and mood.

Select your race track!Edit

There are only 4 tracks to choose from.


A NASCAR inspired 0-shaped oval track that is about 5 km long. It has 5 laps.


A dirt track in a European Alphine setting that includes large houses, wooden tunnel bridges, farms, and distant mountains. 3.4 km long with 3 laps.


A tropical island dirt/asphalt track. You may think it's another natural racetrack but it does have some industrial areas. There is a lot of shortcuts you can take. Each are longer than others. The whole track is 6 km long, and 2 laps.


A high-tech base on Mars. There are some track sections where you race upside down or on walls with some trapdoors that lead to longer parts of the track. 5 km long, 2 laps.


A hardcore city track. There are track sections that lead to construction sites, marinas, and also a factory. This is the only track that is not a circuit race. It is 10 km long with 1 lap.

Select your vehicle!Edit

There are 7 cars you can choose from.

'99 Volkswagen New BeetleEdit

A compact vehicle for players new to this game or racing in general. It has very easy handling.

'13 Dodge DartEdit

A cross between a sedan and a muscle car. It has slightly good handling.

'01 Nissan SkylineEdit

A Japanese tuner sports car. It is a bit difficult to control compared to the Dodge Dart.

'67 Shelby Cobra 427Edit

A classic supercar with moderately fair handling.

'84 Ferrari TestarossaEdit

Another classic supercar with hard handling.

'66 Ford GT40Edit

A classic racing car with hardcore handling.

'14 Chevrolet Corvette Z07Edit

A modern supercar with the hardest handling.

Select your mood!Edit

These moods are not applied to the "Space" track.

Early MorningEdit

Cold DawnEdit



Early SunsetEdit

Late SunsetEdit



Midnight (HARDCORE)Edit

This makes it harder to see on most tracks. Only good drivers that are confident can use this.

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