Robotic Nightmare
Robotic Nightmare
Robotic Nightmare's basic appearance
Species Robot
Class Villain
Debut Super Mario Strikers (2005)
Current Status(es) Alive
Affiliation(s) Mushroom Kingdom, Robo-Kritters, soccer
Alias(es) Super Team

The Super Team (singular: Robotic Nightmare) is a group of robots from the Super Mario series, who first appeared in Super Mario Strikers. They are the final opponents in the tournament mode of their debut game, and are the only unlockable team. In the game, the Super Team is the only team where every player can perform a Super Strike. Oddly, they share their Super Strike animation with Waluigi.

While the Super Team only appears in Strikers - with one robot cameoing in the end credits of it's sequel - the robots are often associated with Next Level Games, the developers of both Strikers titles.



  • In the Strikers series, the Super Team's logo is the upper-case letter Omega (Ω).

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