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Rose Thorn
North American boxart
Developer J-Games
Publisher J-Games
Platform J-STORM
Genre Fighter
Apocalyptic RPG
Release NA 2015,
JPN 2015,
PAL 2015
Modes Single Player
Ratings ESRB: M for Mature

PEGI: 18
GRB: 15+
BBFC: 18

Media Optical Disc

Rose Thorn (Japanese: 悪魔の弾丸 Demon's Bullet) is an apocalyptic RPG-fighting title, and a spin-off of the Rose Warriors game series. Rose Thorn takes place in a pocket timeline of the New Earth universe, where the events of the first title unfolded differently, and Dialga and Palkia unleashed a deadly plague that mutated the New Universe. Chronologically, the game takes place simultaneously with Rose Warriors: Vengeance and Bullet Warriors, though does so in an alternate timeline.

Rose Thorn is dedicated to the memory of Monty Oum, the creator of RWBY, who died on February 1, 2015.


Komaru Naegi wakes up one day within the restored city of Mezameru. She wanders through the city where the Rose Warriors reside and help to restore before finding a dark tunnel. Curious, Komaru decides to investigate the tunnel and walks into it.

When she exits the tunnel, she finds herself in Mezameru once more, but this time back when it was destroyed and decrepit. She turns around to return but finds that an invisible forcefield blocks entrance from one side.


Rose Thorn is an open-world combat fighter with puzzle elements. In the game, players travel around a large map where they must complete objectives. In order to do this, players must use combat and puzzle-solving skills.


Playable CharactersEdit

The Trainer and Janine both appeared as minor NPC's in the original Rose Warriors, alongside the female version of Robin. Both Janine and Trainer, as well as the male Robin, appear as three of the major, playable protagonists in Rose Thorn, alongside Komaru Naegi and Takashi Komuro, who make their first appearances within the Rose Warriors series.

Image Character Series Description
Komaru Danganronpa
Ah! I-I'm Komaru Naegi.
Komaru Naegi comes from the "prime" version of New Earth, and travelled to the alternate version via a strange tunnel. Komaru's main weapon is a megaphone gun, carried with her ever since the Ultimate Despair incident.
Trainer Wii Fit
At least we're all getting exercise.

The unnamed Trainer was once a teacher of various yoga and fitness techniques. Her techniques have since aided her in keeping her alive, as has her ability to create orbs of golden energy to defeat the threats that plague her world.

Robin Fire Emblem
Perhaps this could be of some use.

A tactician who comes from the magical country of Ylisse. He holds magical tomes, which he uses to fire spells.

Janine Pokémon
I guess it's time! I need to improve!
Takashi Highschool of the Dead
What are the chances of me being thrown into two apocalypses?

Boss CharactersEdit

Image Character Series Description
Madoka Madoka Magica
Duncan Total Drama
Chrom Fire Emblem
Amy Sonic the Hedgehog
Cyborg Teen Titans
Cia Legend of Zelda


  • According to the developers, the five main protagonists went through various changes during development. Mentioned characters were Nagito Komaeda (Danganronpa), Ryotaro Dojima (Persona) and Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles).
  • The logo on the North American boxart features brighter colours than the standalone logo.
  • This is the first Rose Warriors title in which the border images use different colours than the main logo. In this case, the border features a red background, as opposed to a tan one seen in the logo.
  • This is the first Rose Warriors title not to feature Ruby Rose as the main protagonist.
    • It is also the first Rose Warriors not to feature Mario and Toro in any capacity.
    • Both of these points are true once more for Rose Arts. Though in that game Ruby is a major protagonist, the "main protagonist" title ultimately refers to Sinon.


Rose Warriors series
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