This article is about the the first game of the series. For the the series, see Rose Warriors (series) and for the the group, see Rose Warriors (group).

Rose Warriors
North American boxart
Developer J-Games
Publisher J-Games
Platform J-STORM
Genre Action-Adventure,
Role-Playing Game
Release NA April 4, 2014,
JPN April 7, 2014,
PAL April 7, 2014
Modes Single Player
Ratings T for Teen
Media Optical Disc

 Unleash the darkness within you.  

Game slogan

Rose Warriors (Japanese: ローズの戦士たち Warriors of the Rose) is the first installment of the Rose Warriors series for the J-STORM. The game features many different characters from different media and universes. The game could be classified as a "Baby Waffle".

With the death of RWBY creator Monty Oum on February 1, 2015, it was announced two days later that Rose Warriors will be re-released in March 2015 under the name Rose Warriors: Memorial.


The story is broken up into three arcs: The Rise of Descent, Organized Chaos and The End Origin.

The Rise of DescentEdit

 Millions of years ago, the universe formed. Within it came solar systems and dimensions. While you live in one dimension, every choice you make creates a new dimension, with a new you. This is called the "Many-worlds interpretation".

Every solar system is different: a different star that different planets orbit around. One system differs from the rest. What humans of Earth know as fiction are reality in this one. The same Earth, where fantasy and magic flow through the air and technology is so far advanced, the inhabitants of the planet could travel to Earth's solar system and back three times in a single day. To the humans of Earth, this could be the perfect world.

Times change, and even technology as sophisticated as theirs must advance. Nothing prepared the inhabitants of the possibility of bringing all dimensions and worlds together, should a malfunction occur.

And that, is what happened.  

The prologue

An explosion occurs in a laboratory off the coast of this alternate Earth's Tokyo, Japan. An explosion wipes out the population of Earth as all worlds and dimensions collide, destroying the fabric of time and space. The guardians, Palkia and Dialga, resolve the situation by forcing every collision to merge each world and dimension, creating a large and dangerous parallel of Earth. Unfortunately, the third guardian, Giratina, creates a copy of this Earth, as well as a new, alternate dimension, where gravity is pointless and the laws of physics are corrupt.

Soon, people from the universes that were destroyed awaken from their comatose states, scattered around the planet. Mario, Ruby Rose and Toro Inoue are the first to wake up, and do so at Fairy World, where they meet Zelda. Zelda, speaking for the creators of the new universe, informs the group that their universes were most likely destroyed as they got teleported to Fairy World. She then goes on to say that perhaps the power of an ancient relic could restore the universes to their original states.

Morcubus, however, overhears their conversation, and sets out on reclaiming all of the pieces before the three others can. He quickly comes up a plan, and finds some supervillains who can help him create the perfect world using this relic.

Organized ChaosEdit

Ruby, Mario and Toro, with the help of many others, end up finally collecting all the pieces needed to recreate the ancient relic: the Triforce. Zelda tells them to recreate the Triforce during sundown in order to get maximum power and send a rift through time and space.

Unfortunately, this causes the Triforce's power to be too great, and it stops time, freezing all people and places who were not in a 50km radius. Morcubus, and a large number of other supervillains, all who followed the group to steal the relic once they piece it together, decide this to be their chance, and stage an ambush to steal the treasure.

Dialga and Palkia, who were awakened as the Triforce was recreated, watch down upon this battle, before descending to their New Earth to kill all those who do not obey their laws of society.

The End OriginEdit

With Palkia and Dialga being awakened, time and space are distorted and merged together. With the new world collapsing in on itself, the Rose Warriors must face off against the universe's gods in order to set things right. But the villains see this as an opportunity. Teaming up once more to defeat the gods, they wish to control them and create their own universes.


Mechanically, the game is very similar to the Kingdom Hearts series, utilising an ever-changing environment as a battle arena. Unlike most RPG's, Rose Warriors does not have players enter a new screen for battles, instead just changing the music to fit the fighting atmosphere.

Similarly, the concept of levelling up in the game comes with the ability to customize characters, changing their stats using special Power Orbs (EXP) that can help - or sometimes hinder - the player.


Playable CharactersEdit

There are a total of 54 playable characters in the game, although only three (one playable, two controlled by AI) can be in your party at once. Players can unlock new characters throughout the story, with the only default characters being Ruby Rose, Mario and Toro Inoue. All characters who are unlocked reside in Warehouse 113b.

Image Character Series Description
Ruby RWBY Ruby is a student of Beacon Academy in the country called Vale. She fights monsters and stuff with her friends (and sister) and is training to become a huntress. Like everybody who trains to become a Huntsman/Huntress (well, except Jaune...), she created her own weapon: the Crescent Rose (a High Caliber Sniper Scythe thingy). She also likes cookies. A lot.
Weiss RWBY Weiss is a spoiled little princess, and the daughter of the owner of the Schnee Dust Company. Giving up her life of luxury for a life of fighting monsters, Weiss attends Beacon Academy alongside her friends (and rival) Ruby, Blake and Yang. She uses a Multi Action Dust Rapier (dunno what it is, but it sounds cool) named the Myrtenaster.
Blake RWBY Blake is a mysterious young woman with a largely unknown past. She attends Beacon alongside Ruby, Weiss and Yang and her weapon of choice is a Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe entitled the Gambol Shroud. She is often speculated to have been a member of the White Fang animal protest group, or a former terrorist.
Yang RWBY Yang is Ruby's sister (one, or both, was adopted) and a student of Beacon. Alongside her sister, Weiss and Blake, she fights the Creatures of Grimm. She is shown to be quite the fighter, and is often concerned about her looks - going nuts when a tiny piece of her hair is cut off.
SSB4U3D Mario
Mario Super Mario Mario is a plumber from New York, and the bodyguard of Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario seems to have some magical abilities, being able to breathe in space and throw fireballs he creates out of thin air (you know, just like normal people do).
SSB4U3D Luigi
Luigi Super Mario Luigi is Mario's shadow and a green-clothed, cowardly Ghostbuster (they don't like to talk about him...). Luigi is not much of a lady's man, dating a tomboy princess of the desert (as opposed to Mario, who dates the nice, kind princess of.... well, everything else). Like his brother, he has the magical abilities of breathing in space, creating fireballs out of thin air, and doing ridiculously high jumps. Yeah, he's just a normal guy from Brooklyn.
SSB4U3D Peach
Peach Super Mario Peach is the cute, stubborn princess of the Mushroom Kingdom who has captured the hearts of both her true love, and knight in shining armour, Mario, as well as the big, monstrous turtle Bowser. Unlike other royalty, she likes to play sports, joining in on the racing, baseball, tennis, golf and soccer tournaments alongside her friends (and enemies). She likes the colour pink, and (even though her name is a fruit,) is often associated with hearts and love.
Toro Doko Demo Issyo Toro Inoue, or the Sony Cat, is a cat who wishes to be human. He was adopted by a sushi guy and has the ability to assume any role instantly. He also has a friend named Kuro and yes. Did I mention that he is Sony Japan's mascot? Because he is. He also appeared in that Playstation Smash Bros. ripoff game thing, so go play that, or something.
SSB4U3D Link
Link The Legend of Zelda Link (NOT Zelda) is the Hero of Time, Hero of Wind, Chosen One, Hero of Hyrule....... he's a hero of a magical land named Hyrule and the *unofficial* boyfriend of Princess Zelda. Link wears a skirt *ahem* DRESS and a big pointy, green hat. He also has big, iron boots that he sometimes wears for some reason.
SSB4U3D Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong (Exact definition: "Ass Whiskey"; and full name: Donkey Kong Jr.) is a giant, stubborn, dumb and heroic ape. He has a crush on Candy Kong and has a little nephew named Diddy Kong. Donkey Kong is often shown to be in love with bananas, often risking his life to save his beloved Banana Hoard. While DK is named Donkey Kong, he is, in actuality, Donkey Kong Jr. from the game of the same name, Super Mario Kart and Mario Tennis 64, and the original DK is the cranky, fourth wall-breaking Cranky Kong. He also wears a tie.
Animal Crosser
Boy Animal Crossing The Male Villager (yeah, I couldn't come up with a name for him. Maybe I'll call him Greg for this description, but he'll always be Villager to me)... I mean Greg (wink) is a human being living in a town of anthropomorphic animal villagers and special visitors. He doesn't talk (much), but does know how to emote... with the help of the Axolotl comedian, Dr. Shrunk. Also, Villager goes around picking up lots of stuff while digging and chopping and... well, being boring. Very, very... zzzzzzzzz....
Girl Animal Crossing The Female Villager (yeah, I couldn't come up with a name for her, either. Maybe I'll call her Jane for this description, buts she'll always be Villager to me)... I mean Jane (wink) is a human being living in a town of anthropomorphic animal villagers and special visitors (just like Vil-I mean Greg). Like Greg, she doesn't talk (much), but does know how to emote... with the help of the Axolotl comedian, Dr. Shrunk. Also, Villager goes around picking up lots of stuff while digging and chopping and... well, being boring. Very, very... zzzzzzzzz....
SSB4U3D Olimar
Olimar Pikmin Olimar is a small little man from planet Hococococococococococococotate. Or something like that. He's, like, 2 millimetres tall and wears a big fish bowl on his head to protect him from the oxygen that is poisonous to his body. He has a big nose and no eyes (hey, he's like Brock! :3), and controls a fleet of a rainbow of Pikmin: Red (fire), Blue (water), Yellow (electric), White (poison), Purple (heavy), Pink (flying) and Rock (rock). His name is also the word "Mario" scrambled up, with a random "L" added in, for some reason.
SSB4U3D Kirby
Kirby Kirby Kirby is a pink puffball and saviour of the planet Pop Star. Yep, he's a pop star. He can inhale people and items and stuff and absorb their powers, taking various forms as he does. He is a pink circle with a cute little face and two big dark pink feet.
SSB4U3D Pikachu
Pikachu Pokémon Pikachu is a yellow, electric mouse thing. He uses many electric attacks, such as Thunderbolt, Volt Tackle and Thunder, while fighting other Pokémon. A famous Pikachu is commonly seen beside Ash Ketchum (and Red), the main protagonist of the Pokémon anime series. Also, Pikachu likes ketchup.
Pit Kid Icarus Pit is an angel. Being Palutena's bodyguard is a high honour of Angel Land, and Pit is the best at it, saving her four (or so...) times. He often has to save the angel world from the creatures of darkness, ruled over by the evil Gorgon Medusa. Also, he can not fly for long, or else his wings burn up (like in that story with the kid who flies too close to the sun and burns up. Yeah. Just go read it.). Indeed.
SSB4U3D Samus Aran
Samus Metroid Samus is an intergalactic bounty hunter, and a Chozo-Human hybrid. She is very, very flexible, able to morph into a very small ball and roll around in that form. She wears a big red and orange power suit, but often changes into other, differently coloured ones. She is often seen in her "Zero Suit": a blue, skin-tight jumpsuit that offers her high mobility with no defence.
SSB4U3D Fox McCloud
Fox Star Fox Fox McCloud is the leader of Team Star Fox: an intergalactic fighting team of anthropomorphic animal soldiers. Fox is a fox and likes to shoot people with his (super weak) blaster. His father, James McCloud, has been missing since, like, forever, but does seem to race F-Zero mobiles alongside Captain Falcon.
Dipper Gravity Falls Dipper Pines is serious, calm, collected, and, above all, a mystery-lover. He reads detective novels, and likes to click his pen while doing so (which annoys his sister). He also has this book called "3", that tells him about the secrets and mysteries of Gravity Falls, Oregon. He has a birthmark on his forehead shaped like the Big Dipper, hence his nickname.
Mabel Gravity Falls Mabel is Dipper's insane twin sister. She is totally peppy and enthusiastic and, well, everything Dipper is not. She has a pet pig named Waddles and likes to wear sweaters. Mabel is a millimetre taller than Dipper and is known to be worse than him in everything they do (like croquet). She also has some weird hair thingies on her head. Dunno what those are about, though.
Michael Minecraft / Achievement Hunter Michael "Rage Quit" Jones plays Minecraft like the other Achievement Hunters. When he does, he assumes the blocky form of Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie. He likes to yell, and scream and murder people, while at the same time has a cuddly fur coat. Very fluffy, indeed.
Geoff Minecraft / Achievement Hunter Geoff is the king of Achievement City, and plays as Master Chief from Halo while playing Minecraft. Geoff's job is to make video games, yet he is very bad at his job, and has won the Tower of Pimps the second-least amount of time.
Ray Minecraft / Achievement Hunter Ray lives in a dirt house in the ghetto of Achievement City. Despite his low expectations, Ray is the best of the six at video games, often getting every achievement in every game he plays. When Ray plays Minecraft, he uses the default Steve skin with a tuxedo on.
Gavin Minecraft / Achievement Hunter Gavin is a British lad who works at Achievement Hunter, and is the creator of the famed Tower of Pimps. While playing Minecraft, he plays as a Creeper Man (based off of the Creeper enemy from the same game). Despite creating the Tower of Pimps, he has only won it on four occasions (though only held it twice, since he won two team challenges).
Jack Minecraft / Achievement Hunter Jack is "That Guy". You know, the guy who gets picked on? Jack plays Minecraft alongside the other Lads and Gents, and plays as a biker from Trials. He is usually seen as lazy, and often gives up in challenges, preferring to build houses instead of the challenges.
Ryan Minecraft / Achievement Hunter Ryan plays Minecraft alongside the other employees of Rooster Teeth. Like Ray, he uses a customized Steve skin, his wearing Irish garb. He is very smart and is the mathematician of the group. He is the only one of the six who knows anything about Redstone, although Gavin can make TNT Cannons.
Duncan Total Drama Duncan is a punk who competed on a reality show within a reality show entitled Total Drama... four times. He likes music and illegal activities, as he often talks about how we was in prison (and his audition tape is him escaping prison. Go figure.) and how much he hates the show. As of the beginning of the fifth season - the fourth in which Duncan participates - he dates goth girl Gwen.
Gwen Total Drama Loner, goth girl Gwen is a spectacular artist, and the object of affection many of her opponents seek - notably Duncan, her current boyfriend, Trent, her former boyfriend, and Cody, who has a huge, obsessive crush on her. Labelled as the "New Heather" after hooking up with Duncan (don't know why Courtney's mad... she dumped him... on "her terms").
Phineas Phineas and Ferb Probably one of the (two) smartest kids ever, Phineas and his step-brother Ferb live every day of summer to it's fullest, inventing something new and awesome. Phineas is oblivious to other people's feelings - especially those of his friend Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, who has a huge crush on him. Despite this, Phineas likes to help his friends, often dedicating a day's project to one, or all, of them. Phineas also looks like an alien because his face is a triangle. What's up with that, anyway?
Ferb Phineas and Ferb Ferb is a silent genius, and is one of the (two) smartest kids ever. He is Phineas' step-brother, and very rarely speaks. Unlike Phineas, Ferb has a crush on Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, who is several years older than him. Ferb is short for something, although he never says what, and is British. He also doesn't talk much.
Corey Grojband He's the founder, leader, guitarist, and main singer of a garage band, aptly named Grojband. He is trusting, laid back and adaptable, often finding out ways to play gigs even when his evil sister Trina gets them cancelled, or throws a wrench in his plans... or however that saying goes. He works in his band with his best friends Kin, Kon and Laney (the latter of which has a huge crush on him). Indeed.
Laney Grojband Laney is a member of Corey's garage band and the band's manager. She always tries her best to help Corey see his plans come to fruition, although most of the time, things get worse before better. All of the citizens of Peaceville call her a dude, say that she shaves, and applies some male attribute to her. She has a huge crush on Corey, who is oblivious of the fact.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog He's "rolling around at the speed of sound, [he's] got places to go, gotta follow...." something.... (I don't know the words to any Sonic song... *I'm so embarrassed!*) He's blue and runs really, really fast. So fast that Mario runs faster than him. Yep. It's been PROVEN BY SCIENCE! So, Sonic's some ugly, cocky, blue hedgehog who hates everyone, saves the world, and eats chilli dogs. Chilli chilli chilli dogs!
Tails Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic's good buddy and a pilot of a red biplane called the Tornado, "Tails" is a yellow, anthropomorphic fox with two tails which he often uses to propel him around. He was once kidnapped by Eggman, but now fights him alongside Sonic.
Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog Knuckles is a independent, headstrong, serious, gullible and short-tempered Echidna who protects the Master Emerald on Angel Island. He is very dedicated to his job, being the last (good-willed) Echidna, and will do anything to keep it safe.
Amy Sonic the Hedgehog Amy Rose is an obsessive, aggressive and annoying hedgehog who has one goal in life: to make Sonic love her. To do this, she is willing to fight giant robots, Eggman and other threaths to Mobius using her giant Piko Piko Hammer.
Robin Teen Titans Robin is Batman's sidekick, adopted son and... well, successor (after Batman *spoiler* "dies"... then comes back to life...). Robin has no powers, but is the leader of the Titans. He has a huge crush on Starfire.
Starfire Teen Titans Starfire is a girl from Planet Tamaran... I think. She can not speak proper English, often using words wrong or mispronouncing words.
Raven Teen Titans Raven is a half-human, half-demon hybrid. She is able to use many magic spells with dark elements. She hates many people, but does have a crush on Beast Boy.
Beast Boy Teen Titans Beast Boy was attacked by animals when he was younger, giving him the ability to transform himself into different animals.... I think. I don't know much about Teen Titans. Anyway, he is lazy and child-like, and is best friends with Cyborg.
Cyborg Teen Titans Cyborg is exactly what his name implies: he is a human guy with some robotic body parts. He is, like Beast Boy, quite lazy and childlike, and is a huge fan of pie. His best friend if Beast Boy.
Wreck-It Ralph Wreck-It Ralph Ralph, or Wreck-It Ralph, is the antagonist of the arcade game Fix-It Felix Jr., inside of the movie Wreck-It Ralph, where he is the main protagonist of the film. Ironic, correct? All he wishes is to be liked like a hero, and not treated like a villain.
Nikolai Call of Duty Sergeant Nikolai Belinski is a Russian soldier who fought in the Red Army and a killer of the zombies. In the past, Nikolai has had countless (around nine... plus a girlfriend) other wives, most of which he killed. Nikolai has a lot of respect for his comrade Tank Dempsey, but none for his other teammate Takeo. Before World War I, he was a carpenter.
Tank Call of Duty Corporal Tank Dempsey is an American Marine who fought in the United States Marine Corps and one of the few survivors of the Zombie apocalypse. He is one of the four test subjects Dr. Edward Richtofen experimented on, and one of the three living ones. He has slight anger issues and tends to break the fourth wall.
Takeo Call of Duty Captain Takeo Masaki is a Japanese soldier who fought in the Imperial Japanese Army and a test subject of Group 935. Takeo's brain was wired, so he tends to speak in Japanese proverbs. Before learning of Richtofen's intentions, he respect him greatly.
Danny Monster Buster Club The most athletic member of the team, Danny is a popular kid at school, and an overconfident jock. He has a (not-so secret) crush on his classmate Wendy (who does not return his feelings). He is quite hot-headed, and is a quick thinker.
Cathy Monster Buster Club Cathy is a Rhapsodian girl, and one of the members of the MBC. She is carefree and always excited in learning about Earth customs, and has a lot of extraterrestrial abilities: the stretching of limbs, mind reading, telepathy, flying, superhuman strength, ice breath, glow in the dark, arm drills and (after eating chocolate) fire breath.
Sam Monster Buster Club Sam is one of the two more-responsible members of the MBS, and is the unofficial leader of the team. She is somewhat bossy and a "shoot first, ask questions later" type, but she has very good intentions.
Chris Monster Buster Club The techie of the MBC, Chris is a smart kid and one of the more responsible members of the team. He is the resident expert on the alien technologies, and is able to locate the alien invaders anywhere in Singletown using the highly sophisticated computer.
McGee Lakebottom
McGee Camp Lakebottom McGee is the idiotic "leader" of the three Bottomdwellers. He cares for all of his friends, but focuses more on his needs more.
Gretchen Lakebottom
Gretchen Camp Lakebottom A wild kung-fu fighter. In the past, she and Suzie competed in a beauty pageant, with the latter coming out victorious. Gretchen is wild, and likes to go along with McGee's dumb plans.
Squirt Lakebottom
Squirt Camp Lakebottom A large loveable guy, with a sweet spot for food and animals. He is very caring, and hates losing friends..
Sora Kingdom Hearts An upbeat and somewhat stubborn teenager, Sora is a keyblade wielder and is pure of heart. He cares deeply for his two best friends Riku and Kairi, and will do anything to make sure they are safe.
Jimmy Jimmy Two-Shoes Jimmy is a crazy, happy teenager living in the miserable little city of Miseryville. Jimmy believes he is everyone's best friend, although many (most) Miseryvillians find him completely annoying, like the leader of the city, Lucius Heinous VII.


There are a lot of characters you meet that help you with advice, hints or own shops. These people are very important people who will give you any of the three. For a list of every other NPC who says a very vague or pointless phrase, see here.

Image Character Series Description
Tom Nook CF
Tom Nook Animal Crossing Tom Nook is a greedy (and somewhat lazy) shopkeeper, and the owner of the only furniture shop in town. He does not like people that much, but he will sell anyone his wares for a small price. He specializes in making tools.
Egbert Animal Crossing A lazy chicken who opens a bakery selling various pastries which can heal the protagonists. He does not care about the money, so his prices are quite low (although so is the quality of his wares).
Chevre Animal Crossing Chevre is a nice goat who sells various potions and healers to travellers. She is a good friend of Egbert, and will sometimes sell his wares for an amount slightly higher than his.
Cid Final Fantasy Cid is a gifted pilot, and a member of Shinra's former space program. He owns a plane company, and will sell the heroes vehicular transportation, upgrades and other customizable features.
Yuffie Final Fantasy A ninja who helped Cloud, Barret and the others take down Sephiroth, who was trying to destroy the world. She wishes to help the players, but breaks her leg when she first appears, pushing her to the sidelines. She will often give the players items, hints and tasks.
Zelda Legend of Zelda The princess of Hyrule, and a "prophet" of sorts, able to speak to the two creators of the new universe. She holds a deep connection to Link, though how, is unknown.
Happy Mask Salesman The Legend of Zelda A man who sells various masks with magical powers. Where he comes from, and how he obtains these masks is unknown. He rarely stops smiling and, when he does, it is rumoured to be chaotic.
Hero's Shade The Legend of Zelda The spirit of a hero from the past, regretting his decision to travel back in time to stop his heroic quest from ever happening. He roams the world of the living, unable to travel to the afterlife due to the regrets of his past.
Butter MySims The princess of a royal kingdom destroyed when the universes collided. She is very spoiled and will often complain that everything is of low quality. Helping her with various tasks will reward the protagonists with many rare gifts.
Ludvig Call of Duty A German scientist, and the head of a dangerous organization named Group 935. He, alongside his colleague (and former friend) Edward Richtofen, created the zombies as super soldiers for the Nazi army, before he was killed and his brain was placed into a machine named the Maxis Drone. He knows many secrets about the destruction of the universes. How, is unknown.
Juandissimo Fairly Odd Parents Juandissimo Magnifico is the most handsome fairy in Fairy World, and has a big ego he uses to show off his handsomeness. Despite his love of himself, he is willing to go to great lengths to help his ex-girlfriend Wanda, who he attempts to find after the universes collide.
Janine Pokémon A ninja gym leader who travels across the new universe as an ally to the Rose Warriors. She serves as a messenger, telling the Warriors what is happening in other parts of the universe.
Heloise Jimmy Two-Shoes An intelligent and sadistic 15 year-old, Heloise is a child genius who works under Luscious Heinous III for Misery Inc.. She has a big, almost obsessive, crush on her friend Jimmy, and will often help him in his adventures. She creates various weapons for the Rose Warriors, acting as their inventor and weapons specialist.


Image Character Series Description
Creatures of Grimm RWBY The creatures of darkness, and the hunters of man. They have no Aura, no protection, for they lack a soul. The Grimm hunted humans since the day of their creation, but the humans fought back, utilising the magical powers of Dust to survive. The Grimm pictured is a Nevermore.
Kupa Mairo
Koopa Troop Super Mario The Koopa Troop is an army of creatures led by Bowser, and, on occasion, Bowser Jr. Most of the members are weak, requiring a simple attack to defeat them. They also look a lot like turtles. The Koopa Troopa is seen pictured.
Ghosts Super Mario King Boo rules over every ghost that haunts the Mushroom Kingdom. Ghosts of every shape, colour, size and smell are members of his ever-growing army, although some, like the Portrait Ghosts, are much less ghostly than the others.
BulbaBots Pokémon / Rose Warriors Evil Bulbasaur replicates created by Dr. Wily after discovering a swarm of Bulbasaur. They are replicates in almost every aspect, and would think the same way normal Bulbasaur do.
Heartless Kingdom Hearts The Heartless are the embodiment of the darkness found within every person's soul. They lack emotion, and their only wish is to gain a heart - thus the name Heartless. The Heartless appear to be able to travel through shadows, and can manifest the power of the dark to teleport them. The Heartless pictured is a Shadow.
Motobug SonicGen
Badniks Sonic the Hedgehog Robots created by Dr. Eggman by roboticizing little animals. He's cruel. They can be destroyed, releasing the small animal held captive inside it's mechanical prison. The Badnik pictured is a ladybug-inspired robot dubbed the Moto Bug.
Ganon's Army The Legend of Zelda Creatures of evil created by dark magic and controlled by the evil warlock Ganon. The creatures, when killed, explode in a fury of purple and black smoke. A Bokoblin is pictured to the left.
Zombies Call of Duty Dead humans reanimated by the supernatural powers of Element 115. Created by Group 935 to be the Nazis' indestructible soldier, they quickly multiplied in force, indirectly destroying the planet.
Weegees Youtube People who have been taken over by Weegee, their heads morphed into that of the evil demon's. They have evil supernatural powers, and can turn other people into Weegees. Some, albeit a rare (very rare; so rare that all playable characters are immune.
Robots Mega Man / Rose Warriors Replicas of Mega Man created by Dr. Wily before the worlds dissolved. They act, sound and think like Mega Man, and will often copy his movements.
Subspace Army Super Smash Bros. Evil beings made from Shadow Bugs harvested from the two-dimensional beings of FlatWorld. They are controlled like puppets by the evil deity Tabuu.
Mobs Minecraft Beings created under the cloak of darkness, and rumoured to be controlled by Lord Herobrine. The beings have no origins, spawning when there is no light to be seen. How? No one knows. Pictured is a Creeper.
Grues Zork Creatures who lurk in the darkness, unable to be seen by those who inhabit the light. They fear light, and will hunt only in darkness. They can not be seen, but their large red eyes can be seen in the darkness. They are invincible, though will flee when light is shined upon them.


Image Character Series Description
Bowser Super Mario He is a big turtle who can spew fire at will. The king of the Koopa Troop, Bowser has a large army of expendable minions that he uses to kidnap Peach and (attempt to) take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Oh yeah, did I mention he has a thing for Peach? Cuz he does.
King Boo - LMDM
King Boo Super Mario The king of all ghosts who roam the world. He has a fierce hatred of Luigi, after he put him, and all of his ghostly minions, into portraits.
Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda The Dark Lord, Ganondorf. He is a powerful warlock able to turn into a giant monstrosity known as Ganon. He is the manifestation of Demise's evil, and is destined to attempt to take over the world, capturing Zelda and plunge the world into darkness.
Dark Link The Legend of Zelda The shadow of the holder of the Triforce of Courage, brought to life by Ganon's evil magic. He knows all of Link's moves, and can use a variety of dark magic to defeat all who oppose Ganon's plans.
Dr. Eggman Sonic the Hedgehog Dr. Ivo Robotnick.... or the Eggman... is a tall, egg-shaped guy who has taken over Mobius and changed every single living being (except Sonic and his friends, and partly, Bunnie Rabbot) into a robot, through a process called Roboticization... or something. I don't really know much about the Sonic series. Sorry.
Metal Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog A metallic clone of Sonic created by Dr. Eggman. He is much stronger and faster than the living blue hedgehog, and is able to oppose him with great force. He goes by "Metal Sonic" in game, but the picture shows "Neo Metal Sonic".
Dr. Wily Mega Man Like the Sonic series, I don't know much about Mega Man either, so I just copied his wiki page intro here: "In the Mega Man series, Wily resembles a stereotypical mad scientist as he schemes to take over the world, creating several robots to help him. Though Wily's schemes were stopped time and time again, this did not stop him from being recorded in history as a legendary mad scientist, his legacy continuing even into the next century."
Weegee Youtube Weegee is a photoshop meme based on the avatar of Luigi found in the DOS version of the educational video game Mario Is Missing!. Placing Weegee in an image creates awkward situations and a sense of discomfort. He is also often a subject of facebombs, as his stare will turn anyone into a replica of himself.
Richtofen Call of Duty Dr. Edward Richtofen is a Nazi scientist, and the bringer of the destruction of his Earth. He is the creator of the Zombies and the man who discovered Element 115: Ununpentium. He commands the hoards of Zombies that come after you in Black Ops II, while he is a survivor in World at War and Black Ops. He is the main antagonist of the Zombies arc in the Call of Duty franchise.
Panzer Soldat Call of Duty A man, trapped inside of a suit created by Rictofen, and infected with 115. He is a fast zombie, capable of using a flamethrower and grappling claw to attack enemies.
Herobrine Minecraft Nothing is known about the mysterious entity known only as Herobrine. Some suggest he is Notch's, the creator of Minecraft, dead brother, while others suggest that he is a virus or ghost entity manipulating the popular Sandbox video game. He is known to teleport or glide, often moving backwards into the fog. He is shown to mine, suggesting he may be a deceased miner from a caved-in mineshaft. Some suggest that he may be the controller of the Minecraft mobs.
Morcubus MySims The abhorrent Morcubus, born in the fiery depths of the underworld alongside a million melancholic souls. He is able to control almost every thing with his mind-control abilities, made possible by his new Power Rings.
Various Corruptids Rose Warriors Evil "viruses" sculpted out of Shadow Bugs. They take form of a person from anyone's memories, corrupting their view of that person. They use the same powers as their original character, and can uses powers of other people they've transformed into. The Corrptid pictured is of Toon Link.
Miror B. Pokémon The disco-dancing Pokémon Trainer from the distant region of Orre. He cares more about his Pokémon mastering dance moves then fighting moves, and often plays catchy music throughout his bosses.

Dialga and Palkia Pokémon The creators of the New Earth, and the destroyers of chaos. They are the controllers of time and space, and are legends throughout the Pokémon universe. Suspended in-between dimensions until they are awakened, the two of them act as the final bosses of the game.


Image Location Series Description
New Earth Rose Warriors The Earth created after all dimensions and worlds collided. Often, jokingly, called "Urf", it is home to many friendly, and unfriendly - creatures. The Earth is littered with littered with ruins of the past (real) Earth, and many famous landmarks, such as the Eiffle Tower, can be found (albeit destroyed).
Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario The kingdom inhabited by Toads, Humans, Koopas and other wonderful creatures. Ruled over by Princess Peach, the kingdom is large, and has many mountains, deserts and forests. Peach's Castle is pictured.
Vista Hill scene
Bowser's Castle Super Mario The evil castle surrounded by lava and inhabited by Bowser and his Koopa Troop. The Koopalings and Koopa Troop admins live in the castle while Bowser is away.
Luigi's Mansion SSBB
Luigi's Mansion Super Mario An evil mansion that appeared out of thin air one night, located in the centre of Boo Woods next to Professor E. Gadd's laboratory. It is inhabited by many ghosts and their leader, King Boo. Luigi owns the house, as he won it in a contest that he did not even enter.
City Trial
City Trial Kirby A large, colourful city with a volcano, large town hall, forest and pink scaffolding. Dyna Blade has been known to appear in the city at times.
Castle Town
Hyrule Castle Town Legend of Zelda The largest town in Hyrule, Castle Town acts as a hub for marketing and activity, and surrounds the centre of the country: Hyrule Castle, the home of Princess Zelda.
Snowpeak Legend of Zelda A large, cold mountain and the home of two yetis. Ruins of a mansion lie at the base of the hill, where a shard of the Mirror of Twilight lies and various monsters of the snow roam.
Camp Lakebottom Camp Lakebottom A camp filled with monsters: zombies, sasquatches... you name it, they have it. The camp spans a large island, which has the camp, the dark forest (pictured) a volcano, and many other wacky areas. Across the lake sits Camp Sunny Smiles, Camp Lakebottom's greatest rival.
Der Reise Call of Duty The factory where the Zombie apocalypse started, Der Reise is a large death trap filled with nooks and crannies of secrets of the past. This is where many weapons powered by Element 115 were created - such as the Ray Gun - by Dr. Ludvig Maxis, Dr. Edward Richtofen and other scientists of Group 935.
Dieselpunk-styled Northern France (1918) Call of Duty The frozen battlefield of World War One, where the first zombie outbreak occurs thanks to Group 935's experiments. A dig site rests on a hill, where mining for Ununpentium happens.
Traverse Town Kingdom Hearts The town where all those with a heart are sent after their worlds are destroyed. It is a bustling city made up of three districts, each with their own amazing qualities.
Spawn Village Youtube / Minecraft A large city created by the Youtubers on the Mindcrack Minecraft server. The buildings are all unique, and made to be temporary, yet beautiful in it's own way.
Fairy World Fairly Odd Parents The world in which all the Fairy God Parents live when not on Earth. The world floats high above the Earth, and connects to it via a rainbow bridge. It also floats above Giant Bucket of Acid World.
Misery Inc. Jimmy Two-Shoes Misery Inc. is the large factory where most of the Miseryvillains work for Lucius Heinous VII.
Nightmare Realm MySims The dark realm where nightmares lay. Once inside, people are only able to experience their worst nightmares until they conquer them.
Angel Island Sonic the Hedgehog An island floating in the sky, and the area where the legendary Master Emerald is housed. An ancient civilization of Echidnas once inhabited this island before disappearing, leaving Knuckles, the sole survivor of the civilization, to guard the emerald by himself. For some reason, when the worlds collided, it and everything around it, changed into 8-bit.
Pyrite Town
Pyrite Town Pokémon A grungy town where a news station - the ONBS - is stationed. The town is well known for it's stadium, which used to connect to an underground city aptly titled "The Under".
Spear Pillar Pokémon The ancient monument situated on the top of Mt. Coronet. It is the home of Palkia and Dialga, and where Giratina opens his portals to the Distortion World.


  • Originally, the game was to be known as Red Chronicles: Rose Warriors. The "Red Chronicles" part of the title was dropped early in development.
  • Originally the game was going to play similarly to Kingdom Hearts, as it would have one playable character (Ruby and Sora, respectively), two AI-controlled party members (Donald and Goofy, and Mario and Toro, respectively) with other characters joining your party during certain parts of the story. This was dropped to make it so you could switch between a large cast of characters.
  • Certain areas (such as Fairy World and Spawn Village) were added into the game late, which is why very few/no playable characters from the series appear.
  • Though the press release for the game's sequel says that this game uses characters and areas from franchises that the creator knows well, he has revealed to have never played a game in either of the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy series.


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