Rover - New Leaf
Rover, the roaming cat
Gender Male
Species Cat
Debut Dōbutsu no Mori (2001)
Current Status(es) Alive

Rover (Japanese: みしらぬネコ Mishiranuneko) is a cat character from the Animal Crossing series, whose main job is to greet the player at the beginning of the game. Oddly, Rover's name implies that he is a dog, as Rover is a common dog name, but he is indeed a cat.


My Animal CrossingEdit

In My Animal Crossing, Rover greets the player on the train, and asks them questions to determine how their character looks, as well as their name. Like the first game, Rover asks if he has the correct time and date. If the date and time is changed, he will imply that the town must be "in a different time zone, or something". The first player to speak to Rover will also get asked the town name, which is the permanent name for the town.

Rover also appears inside the Roost every Saturday at 10:00pm, as well as one of the animals who listens to K.K. Slider's performances outside the town hall. Rover is one of Brewster's few friends, and often asks him various questions during a conversation.

If you buy a black coffee (no sugar or milk) and give it to him, he will give you his picture. This can only happen once.



This character has an amiibo based off them. For information on their amiibo, see Rover (amiibo).
Rover - Animal Crossing amiibo

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