Saban's Power Rangers Captain Force is an upcoming game.

The StoryEdit

In the complete retelling of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the Megaforce Rangers are given new morphers, Ranger forms, weapons, zords and so on by Zordon and Alpha Five ( upgraded into Alpha Seven ) when an alien armada called the Zangyake from planet Zangyaku arrived to concur the Earth. These new Ranger power's give them the power to morph into all of the past and future Rangers that came before and after them through the Ranger and Legendary Ranger Key's and their Captain Morpher`s, and sommon only one zord from each of these other Ranger Teams, making them the most powerful team in Power Rangers history. Go Go Power Rangers! Go Go Captain Force! Silver Power! May the power protect you, always. 

The Captain Force Rangers!
Rangers Captainzords Megazords
Troy Borrows : Red Ranger Skyship Zord Captain Megazord
Noah Carver : Blue Ranger Jet Zord Captain Megazord
Gia : Yellow Ranger Wheeler Zord Captain Megazord
Jake Howling : Green Ranger Racer Zord Captain Megazord
Emma : Pink Ranger Sub Zord Captain Megazord
Orion : Silver Ranger Q-Rex Drill Q-Rex Megazord 2.0
Auxiliary Zords and Megazord Configurations!
Auxiliary Zord w/ Captain Megazord
M.M.P.R. Dragonzord Captain Mighty Morphin Megazord
M.M.P.R. Tigerzord Captain Squadron Megazord
M.M.P.R. Falconzord Captain Alien Megazord
Red Racer Zeozord Captain Zeo Megazord
Pink Turbo Captain Cycle N/A
Silver Spacezord Captain In Space Megazord
Red Lost Galaxy Captain Cycle N/A
Green Lightspeed Rescue Captain Cycle N/A
Blue Time Force Captain Cycle N/A
Red Lion Wildzord Captain Wild Force Megazord
Green Ninjazord Captain Ninja Storm Megazord
Q-Rex Drill/Dinozord Q-Rex Megazord Mark Two
Red S.P.D.Zord Captain SPD Megazord
Red Mystic Dragonzord Captain Mystic Force Megazord
Yellow Operation Overdrive Captain Cycle N/A
Silver Jungle Fury Captain Cycle N/A
Red Turbo Falcon Zord Captain R.P.M.Megazord
Captain Wild Force Megazord Captain Samurai Megazord
Red Turbo Falcon Zord Turbo Falcon Megazord
Turbo Falcon, Q-Rex and Captain Megazord Ultimate Captain Megazord
Silver Samurai, Blue Megaforce and Red Captain Force Zord Armor�s Captain Megazord Canon Modes
Other Megazord Formations!
Megazord Name Zords that form it
Captain Time Force Megazord Skyship+Arm's and Legs of Q-Rex Megazord
Captain Operation Overdrive Megazord Q-Rex Megazord`s torso+Arm's and Legs of Captain Megazord
Legendary Ranger Modes!
Troy Noah Gia Jake Emma Orion
M.M.P.R. Red Blue Yellow Black Pink Green
Squadron Red Blue Yellow Green Pink M.M.P.R.White
Alien Red Blue Yellow Black White Ninjor
Zeo Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Gold
Turbo Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Phantom
In Space Red Blue Yellow Black Pink Silver
Lost Galaxy Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Magna Defender
Lightspeed Rescue Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Titanium
Time Force Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Quantum
Wild Force Red Blue Yellow Black White Lunar Wolf
Ninja Storm Red Blue Yellow Crimson Navy Green
Dino Thunder Red Blue Yellow Black Triassic White
SPD Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Omega
Mystic Force Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Solaris Knight
Operation Overdrive Red Blue Yellow Black Pink Mercury
Jungle Fury Red Blue Yellow Lion Warrior Chameleon Warrior Rhino
RPM Red Blue Yellow Green Black GoldSilver
Samurai Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Gold
Megaforce Red Blue Yellow Black Pink Robo Knight
Captain Force Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Silver
Dino Charge Red Blue Black Green Pink Silver
T.Q.G. Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Orange

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