Safari Racers Tournament
Publisher AdamGregory03 (talk)
Platform Wii U
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Nintendo 3DS
Genre Racing
Release Spring 2014
Modes Single-player
Ratings T for Teen
Media Game Disc (Wii U/Xbox One/PS4)
Game Card (3DS)
Safari Racers Tournament is a racing game by AdamGregory03 (talk), released for Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo 3DS. According to AdamGregory03, it is the first video game on this wiki that revolves around his own series.


Scientists from around the world have been working on the same project. To create an energy source that will give an animal charactaristics of a human while still retaining they're animal instincts and personality traits to become circus or amusement park performers. Each scientist, hailing from each of the continents, had successful results on four animals each. All the test subjects managed to escape however, and discover they all had near-expert driving capabilities. A year after they're escape, a tournament is held for animal racers only known as the Safari Racers Tournament, funded and lead by the head of the science community. The former test subjects decide to enter the tournament, unaware it's mainly a plot to get them back.


The game has four representatives from each continent, with the exceptions of Antarctica which only has one, and Europe which has none.

North AmericaEdit

South AmericaEdit





No Particular ContinentEdit



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