Sakaki & Kaorin Adventures
Sakaki and Kaorin Adventures Box Art
Box Art
Developer Treasure
Azumanga Interactive
Publisher Bandai Namco Games
Platform Bandai Extreme
Genre Platform
Modes 1 Players
Ratings E for Everyone

Sakaki & Kaorin Adventures is a platform video game based on the characters from the Azumanga Daioh spin-off Sakaki & Kaorin, and Sonic the Hedgehog developed by both Treasure Co. Ltd and Azumanga Interactive, published by Bandai Namco Games and co-published by Sega for the Bandai Extreme.

The game is a hack of the Sega Genesis game McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure.


The side-scrolling platformer consists of four stages: Kitty Hill, Osaka Town, The Sea, and The Moon. Each consists of a platforming sequence, a boss fight, and a story-related sequence. Important to each stage is the collection of Gold Chiyo-Father Jewels and A symbols (which the A stands for Azumanga), the former of which are needed for advancement, and the latter of which can be used to buy items.

The controls are straightforward: B-button to attack, C-button to jump, and Arrow-buttons to move left and right. The most innovative game play element is the hand grabber (A-button), which can stretch out and latch onto a hook, then retract and pull Sakaki, Kaorin, Chiyo Chan or Osaka (depending on the character you're playing as) quickly to the hook.

Unlike Treasure Land Adventure, the game has an option to play as Sakaki, Kaorin, Chiyo Chan and Osaka at the pause menu. And each character has their own unique abilities by pressing the C-button twice:

  • Sakaki can dash which makes her run fast and kill enemies in sight.
  • Kaorin uses a flashing camera to kill enemies from any angle at a far distance.
  • Chiyo Chan flies with her pigtails for a short time.
  • Osaka floats in mid air with an umbrella.


Sakaki, Kaorin, Chiyo Chan and Osaka are having piece in the grasslands of Kitty Hill, until they found a map with a jewel. So they set off on an adventure to find the rest of the 4 jewels. While on the way, they encounter different enemies who have the jewels: Chiyo-Father in Kitty Hill, Egg Robo (as a flying machine) in Osakan City, Captain Moustache in Jewel Islands, and Miles "Tails" Prower in Planet Mars.


The speed of the music and sound effects are changed using the european versions.

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