San Francisco Ruins
No Image Avaliable (Yet)
Greater Location Earth-135
Current Ruler The Villain Armada (Territorial Dominance)
Population 100,000 Armada Troops
Environment Destroyed
First Appearance War Of Heroes: Global Warfare
Latest Appearance War Of Heroes: Roads To Victory

The San Francisco Ruins are one of the many locations in Infinity Ward's Alternate WOH Trilogy. First appearing in War Of Heroes: Global Warfare and later appearing in War Of Heroes: Roads To Victory and War Of Heroes: Scarecrow's Revenge.

This city is what remains of San Francisco after the Great Invasion of Earth-135, with hundreds of fallen Skyscrapers, a decimated Golden Gate Bridge and a strong hold by The Villain Armada, it has very little populace except for Armada Troops, except for the 11 year old Scavenger, Kyle Reese, who lived in the city.

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