Scarecrow is a minor character in the first War Of Heroes game. He is a close ally to The Incredibles and a member of the MAVERICK Hero Squad, which is in a cataclysmic war against the forces of the Villain Armada and later, the Sinister Six. Scarecrow, along with another 150,000 MAVERICK Troops and civilians, was killed during the Invasion of Metroville, and his legacy was held through War Of Heroes 2: Ragnarok and War Of Heroes 3: The Sinister Six.

Biography Edit

Fighting Underminer's InvasionEdit

During the events of War Of Heroes, Scarecrow is working as a member of the U.S. Military and is working with the Incredibles to stop The Invasion Of Metroville, led by The Underminer and his Villain Armada. Scarecrow was teamed with Jack Johnson Parr, AKA Jack-Jack and Clementine. Among other members of this team were Scarecrow's brother, Ozone and two other former Task Force 141 Members, Diablo and Ghost, who joined The Incredibles and their allies to repel Underminer's Invasion Force. The 5 Heroes then charged out of the base as Underminer's Villain Armada comes in and fires missiles at the city's skyscrapers, destroying them and causing them to fall, causing difficulty for the Heroes to get across the city, as they were in a highly-armored SUV with a Minigun on top.

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