The Revenge Of The Cops is a season pack in Sly Cooper: The Endless Mission. This page is the guide over the PROLOUGE!

Synopsis Edit

The Mission Edit

Sly Cooper is a master thife. And his gang is about to make the heist that will classifie them as the greatest thifes of all time

The Oder Of Events Edit

Sly is outside the new museum Inauguration whit thousands of pepole outside. He pickes up his binotucom and talks to Bentley throug it. He says that going inside will not be easy but it will still be easy once they get in. They need to get in, grab the golden statue and rush out of there. He said that Murray was in potition to help him inside.

Once inside, the statue was there. But they where met by three other pepole. One of them was the Constable Carmelita Fox, a old rival of the Cooper Gang. She was joined by a man called Mhaneiw Khinosewack, and the cheif of the worlds top police force. Lola Kimson. She had never failed any kind of mission and now she will try to jail Sly, Bentley and Murray. The cops talked about a 'Operation' but the gang had no idéa of what they where talking about, but when the gang mad a break for it, Lola dissapeared out of thin air to appear in front of the gang again. After a gigantic chase. The gang almost where able to escape from Paris, but then Lola where able to litterly cage Murray inside a force feild cage. The End of Prolouge.

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