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This page refers to the species as a whole. For notable Shedinja, see Category:Shedinja.

#292 292MS Shedinja
ヌケニン Nukenin
Shed Pokémon
 Bug      Ghost 
Abilities Wonder Guard
Pokédex Colour Brown
Egg Groups Mineral Egg Group

Shedinja (Japanese: ヌケニン Nukenin) is a  Bug  /  Ghost -type Pokémon.

It is considered a "special" evolution of Nincada, appearing only when Nincada evolves into Ninjask, starting at level 20, and there is an extra space in the player's party and the player has an extra regular Poké Ball. An extra Poké Ball is not necessary to obtain Shedinja in Generation II.


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Shedinja is a Pokémon based on a cicada's shed exoskeleton. Most of its body is light brown, but the abdomen is gray. It has four protrusions on its underside instead of legs; the top pair is brown, while the lower is gray. There are round protrusions on the side of its head with narrow slits for eyes. Two lines encircle its abdomen and a white halo floats above its head. On its back is a pair of tattered wings divided into three wingtips. A hole between its wings reveals that its body completely hollow and dark, as it possesses no internal organs. It is said that looking into this empty space will steal one's spirit. Its shell is very hard, which gives it strong defense but renders it incapable of movement. It does not breathe and floats without moving its wings. It lives in forests.



in generation VII
 Bug   Ground 
PKMN bag icon - Rare Candy
Level 20
PKMN bag icon - Poké Ball
empty slot in party & Poké Ball in bag
 Bug   Flying 
 Bug   Ghost 

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