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The Atlantic Ocean
Boat, Urban
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Shark Attack
Shipwrecked is a map in Call of Duty: Black Ops IV.

Map Description Edit

Shipwreck is a "not-so-futuristic" map, Unlike the other maps in the game set in the near future.

The map sets in a middle of a storm in the atlantic ocean, on a fishing boat, nearly at the year 1960.

This map also ressembles the map Hijacked from Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

The Black Ops spawn contains two sacks of fish, a storage with fishing rods. At the roof of the fishing rod storage, there are some covers crates. There are 3 paths: The left one who leads you to staff quaters, there you can find mattresses. The right path will lead you to the cannons. The middle path will lead you to the captain's log.

The middle contains the flagpole or the "eagle's eye", the "fish cooker 1960", and an another door to the staff quaters.

The CDP spawn contain crates of mystic items who summons the shark. It also have 3 paths. The middle path contains a kitchen who's on a little fire. The left path is the cannon path, and the right path is the staff quaters.

You can acess the underground through the cannon path. In the underground, there's a tons of gold.

Map scorestreak - Shark Attack Edit

Shark Attack








Unlocked at

Map special scorestreak



Shark Attack is the exclusive map scorestreak.

You need 550 scores to earn it.

Once the scorestreak is activated, a shark will jump out of the water and eat every one who's on the flagpole or boost jumping in the middle.

The shark is coming from the cannon path.

Special modes locations Edit

Capture the Flag and Uplink: Object A is located at the Black Ops spawn, while Object B is located at the CDP spawn.

Demolition and Search and Destroy: Bomb A is located at the fish cooker 1960, and Bomb B is located at the staff quaters.

Domination: Point A is located at the Black Ops spawn, Point C is located near the mystic items crates at the CDP spawn, and Point B is located at the flagpole.

Safeguard: The robo-demolition station is located at the CDP spawn

Trivia Edit

  • There is an easter egg where you can play Hijacked from Black Ops II. The following steps are:
    • 1. Use Hunter. 2. Go to the captain's log. 3. Shoot the blueprint of the minimap. 4. Grapple to the flagpole. 5. Swing to the cannon path and enter the underground. 6. Crouch twice and the jump twice 7. Congrats! Welcome to 2025!
  • On the captain's log you can see the book from the original Hijacked written by Dr. Edward Richtofen.
    • You can also see there a blueprint of the minimap, a picture of Hijacked, bottles of green ooze and a picture of the original Nuketown.

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