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Side Scroll
Developer(s) Potter Games
Publisher(s) Potter Games
Platform(s) PC, Steam, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, GameCircle Elite
Genre(s) First-Person Action/Adventure Shooter
Release Date(s)
1-4 players (Main Game)
1-12 players (Online)
(Strong Violence & Strong Language)
Media Included Optical Disc & Digital Download
Side Scroll is a new game, currently not part of any series. It is planned to be released on all current consoles. It is primarily a first-person action/adventure shooter but it also includes various aspects of mystery and racing games as well.

Plot SummaryEdit

The main plot of the game would be to track down this magical, mysterious person who is causing havoc in various places across the world. Each level would take place in a different location with an individual mission to each level and eventually, the final level would be against this villain in which you'd 'defeat' them.

Once you complete a level, aspects from that particular level would be unlocked in an 'arcade' section where you can play single or multi-player games on various stages with various characters, etc. In this arcade section there would be a variety of different game types and a range of different stages and characters (which you'd unlock throughout playing and completing various things in the arcade section). These game types would include: a Free-for-All/Team Deathmatch, a Virus mode (similar to the game Manhunt), and a version of tag (whoever was tag for the longest in the time limit is last, person who was tag for the least time is first, etc) as well as some others.[1]

Gameplay & ModesEdit

Once the game has started, you arrive at the opening menu in which you select the number of players. You will then have to either make a new account name or choose an existing one for each player. You then go to a screen in which you select what mode you play on. At any time, pressing 'B' will take you back through the menus so you can change settings without having to restart the game.

Main StoryEdit

Main Story (1 player) is the main story from which the game develops from. It focuses on the player and their two friends in a quest to stop a magical, mysterious person from causing havoc in various places around the world.


The main story starts of with you creating your character. It then goes to a cut-scene in which You, Joe and Hannah enter the airport, check your tickets, then start walking to the front desk. Hannah then says "This is gonna be one of the best holidays ever", You reply "I know! I can't wait!". You then arrive at the desk and the lady behind the desk welcomes you, introducing herself as Stacey, then asks "Tickets please?" You then place them on the desk and while she inputs them into the computer, Joe asks "So you're sure you booked the hotel in Barbados?" You laugh and reply "Yes, I'm sure!". Stacey has now finished checking you in and tells you "Ok, you're all checked in, if you could make your way over to gate-" The lights suddenly blackout plunging the airport into darkness. "What the-" Joe starts to ask before being cut off by a scream. The emergency lights come on emitting a dull, red light across the airport and people around you start panicking. A high pitched whine is then emitted from somewhere and that's the last thing you hear as the screen fades to black.

Level 1: Last Call for Flight 666Edit

The first level in which you are caught up in a terrorist attack and you must firstly try to escape the airport whilst being heroic and stopping them from causing any more injuries to other people who were at the Airport.

Level 2: A Chinese New YearEdit

This level starts off with a cut scene of you, Joe, Hannah & Justice flying out to China to meet an agent in the safe house, now you have been recruited to the agency. He tells you about the mythical Necklace of Shìlì. He also tells you of a person who has information about it's location. You must find them and use their information to go and stop this weapon falling into the wrong hands.

Level 3: Diseasey DilemmasEdit

Level 4: Le CathédraleEdit

Level 5: Moroccan MadnessEdit

Level 6: May the Gods Bless YouEdit

Level 7: Deserted in the DesertEdit

Level 8: Rush HourEdit

Level 9: The Floating MarketEdit

Level 10: Tokyo Never SleepsEdit

Level 11: Sun, Sea, Sand and ... Races?Edit

Level 12: Frozen PlanetEdit

Level 13: Queen of the JungleEdit

Level 14: Shopping SituationEdit

Level 15: Summertime ParadiseEdit

Level 16: The FinaleEdit


Arcade ModeEdit

Arcade Mode (1-4 players) allows you to make your own multi-player games. You can control various things ranging from the amount of computer bots that appear, the weapons that can be used, and the maps you play in. There are various different games types that can be played for fun but also to unlock characters.


  • Free-for-All Deathmatch: This mode is the most basic Arcade game mode with the simplest rules. For every person you kill, you obtain one point. When the battle is over, the person with the most points wins the match.
  • Team Deathmatch: This mode is exactly the same as Free-for-All Deathmatch, expect their are 2-4 teams. Every kill adds a point onto the teams total and the team who has the most points at the end wins.
  • Free-for-All Elimination: This mode is similar to a Free-for-All Deathmatch however each player has a set number of lives and the aim is to be the last person standing, by eliminating your opponents lives.
  • Team Elimination: This mode is exactly the same as Free-for-All Elimination, expect their are 2-4 teams. It is then the last team to have members remaining who become the winners.
  • Infection: This mode starts off with one person being "the infected" and other players must run away from them and a game of Manhunt begins. They can infect others by coming into contact with them and either the last person remaining who hasn't been infected, or if the game runs over 5 minutes, the last people standing, win the game.
  • Tag: This mode involves a person starting off as "it" and they then have to try to tag another other player. When coming into contact with another player, the tag is passed on. The aim is to be the person tagged for no/the smallest amount of time in total after the 5 minutes are up. A player is shown to be tag by a capital 'T' floating above their head.
  • Prop Hunt: This is a game mode similar to the game Hide-and-seek except players hide as props in the map. The PROP team are given 30 seconds to select their props and hide in the map and the HUNTERS team attempts to find and kill them in the remaining 4 and a half minutes. Players do not re-spawn until the end of each 5 minute round which may end earlier if all props are killed. PROP members are also able to move around and switch props throughout the game. (This mode is only available online or in multi-player mode)
  • Traitors: This mode starts with approximately one quarter of all players being randomly assigned to be traitors, while the remainder are innocent. The traitors must work as a team to eliminate all non-traitors before the round ends, without revealing to the innocent players the fact that they are traitorous. The innocent must try to eliminate the traitor before the round ends and then the team that gets eliminated loses. (This mode is only available online or in multi-player mode, with three or more players)
  • Assassination: This mode works with each player being randomly given another player as their target. The players must try to discretely approach their target and kill them. To try and not stand out, players can try and merge in with the NPCs that are all over the maps. Whoever has the most target kills wins the round at the end of the round. (This mode is only available online or in multi-player mode)

Bonus MissionsEdit

Bonus Missions (1 player) is a game mode in which players have to complete unique missions in order to unlock extra characters, weapons and stages.


There are several subsections in which missions with similar aims are placed. The first in each category are already unlocked and you must complete the relative one to progress through each group.

  • Protection: These missions all require you to protect a character(s) in various scenarios.
  • Collection: These missions all require you to collect a set amount of something in the time limit set for each mission.
  • Stealth: These missions all require you to break in and out of somewhere with as little detection as you can.
  • Survival: These missions require you to try and survive as many rounds of zombie attacks as you can.
  • Smasher: These missions require you to try and break as much glass as you can in the time limit.

Online ModeEdit

Online Mode (1-4 players per console, 12 players max. per group) is the online version of Arcade Mode in which you can play against people in Friend Only games, as well as Country, Continent & Worldwide games as well. In each round, players firstly vote for the game mode and then for the stage they will play on. The game will then randomly select one of the player's choice in each category and players will individually select characters (and teams in certain game modes). The round will then commence and the process is repeated after the round is finished.


Primary CharactersEdit

Name Image Main Story Stage Role How to Unlock for Arcade Mode
[player name] You All Stages Protangonist Default
Joe Richardson Joe Richardson All Stages Your Side-Kick/Friend Default
Hannah Davidson Hannah Davidson All Stages Your Side-Kick/Friend Default
Stacey Burns Stacey Burns Intro
Level 1
Level 15
Receptionist Get Bronze in Stacey's Survival
Justice Hunt Justice Level 1
Level 2
Pilot/Undercover NPA Agent Get Gold in Level 1
Gaz Hates Gaz Hates Level 1 Co-Pilot Get Silver in Level 1
Luke Hostile Luke Hostile Level 1 Lead Hostage-Taker
Get Gold in Stacey's Survival
Ke Chen Ke Chen Level 2 Holder of the Necklace of Shìlì
Get Gold in Level 2
Simon Barrett Simon Barrett Level 2 NPA Agent located in China Get Silver in Level 2
Zhao Ma Zhao Ma Level 2 Informant in China Get Gold in Looting for Lanterns

Secondary CharactersEdit

Name Image Main Story Stage Role
Barry Moor Barry Moor Level 1 Customer/Hostage
Frankie Stuarts Frankie Stuarts Level 1 Customer/Hostage
Gracie Daley Gracie Daley Level 1 Customer/Hostage
Lucy Brooke Lucy Brooke Level 1 Customer/Hostage
Steve Brooke Steve Brooke Level 1 Customer/Hostage
Bik Ma Bik Ma Level 2 Son of Zhao Ma
Dao-Ming Ma Dao-Ming Ma Level 2 Partner of Zhao Ma
Chi Wen Chi Wen Level 2 Market Stall Holder
Helen Gray Helen Gray Level 2 Market Stall Holder
Klo Wen Klo Wen Level 2 Market Stall Holder

Minor CharactersEdit

See each individual Level page for the minor character's information or use this page to view the Nameless BOTS.


These are the controls on each of the different consoles:


  • Mouse - Look Up/Down/Left/Right
  • W-A-S-D - Move Forwards/Backwards/Left/Right
  • E - Jump
  • Ctrl - Crouch (Sneak)
  • Shift - Run
  • Caps Lock - Manual Reload
  • Q - Aim
  • Left Mouse Click - Fire Main Weapon
  • Right Mouse Click - Fire Special Weapon
  • F - Switch between No-Weapon/Weapon
  • Space - Activate Switch/Get into Vehicle
  • Tab - Weapon Menu (Game is paused whilst selecting)
  • Esc - Pause/Stats Menu


Wii Remote + NunchukEdit

  • Wii-A - Fire Secondary Weapon
  • Wii-B - Fire Main Weapon
  • Wii-dpad - Switch Weapon & Zoom In/Out
  • Wii-+ - Pause Menu
  • Wii-- - Start Menu
  • Wii-1 - Crouch (Sneak)
  • Wii-2 - Manual Reload
  • Wii-C - Jump
  • Wii-Z - Activate Switch/Get in Vehicle
  • Wii-ControlStick - Move forward/backward/left/right
  • Moving remote to around - Look left/right/up/down


  • GCN-L - Jump
  • GCN-R - Fire Main Weapon
  • GCN-Z - Fire Special Weapon
  • GCN-P - Move forward/backward/left/right
  • GCN-D - Switch Weapon & Zoom In/Out
  • GCN-S - Pause/Stats Menu
  • GCN-C - Look up/down/left/right
  • GCN-B - Crouch (Sneak)
  • GCN-A - Activate Switch/Get in Vehicle
  • GCN-Y - Manual Reload
  • GCN-X - Aim

Wii UEdit

  • TouchPad - Scroll around on mini-map
  • WiiU-L - Aim
  • WiiU-R - Fire Special Weapon
  • WiiU-ZL - Jump
  • WiiU-ZR - Fire Main Weapon
  • WiiU-LStick - Move forward/backward/left/right
  • WiiU-RStick - Look left/right/up/down
  • WiiU-Dpad - Switch Weapons & Zoom in/out
  • WiiU-A - Activate Switch/Get in Vehicle
  • WiiU-B - Crouch (Sneak)
  • WiiU-X - Manual Reload
  • WiiU-Y - Manual Reload
  • WiiU-- - Pause Menu
  • WiiU-+ - Stats Menu

Xbox 360 & Xbox OneEdit

  • XBOX360-LB - Aim
  • XBOX360-LT - Jump
  • XBOX360-RB - Fire Special Weapon
  • XBOX360-RT - Fire Main Weapon
  • XBOX360-LStick - N/A
  • XBOX360-LStick-UpDown - Move Forward/Backward
  • XBOX360-LStick-LeftRight - Move Left/Right
  • XBOX360-Dpad-Up - Zoom In
  • XBOX360-Dpad-Down - Zoom Out
  • XBOX360-Dpad-Left - Switch Weapon
  • XBOX360-Dpad-Right - Switch Weapon
  • XBOX360-Back - Pause Menu
  • XBOX360-Start - Stats Menu
  • XBOX360-RStick - N/A
  • XBOX360-RStick-UpDown - Look Up/Down
  • XBOX360-RStick-LeftRight - Look Left/Right
  • XBOX360-X - Switch to No-Weapon
  • XBOX360-Y - Manual Reload
  • XBOX360-A - Activate Switch/Get in Vehicle
  • XBOX360-B - Crouch (Sneak)

Playstation 3 & 4Edit

  • PS2-L1 - Aim
  • PS2-L2 - Jump
  • PS2-R1 - Fire Special Weapon
  • PS2-R2 - Fire Main Weapon
  • PS2-Left - Switch Weapon
  • PS2-Up - Zoom In
  • PS2-Down - Zoom Out
  • PS2-Right - Switch Weapon
  • PS2-LStick - N/A
  • PS2-LStick-UpDown - Move Forward/Back
  • PS2-LStick-LeftRight - Move Left/Right
  • PS2-Select - Stats Menu
  • PS2-Start - Pause Menu
  • PS2-RStick - N/A
  • PS2 RStick UpDown - Look Up/Down
  • PS2 RStick LeftRight - Look Left/Right
  • PS2-Square - Crouch (Sneak)
  • PS2-Triangle - Manual Reload
  • PS2-X - Activate Switch/Get in Vehicle
  • PS2-Circle - Switch to No-Weapon
  • TouchPad - (PS4 ONLY) Scroll around on the mini-map


Name Description How to Unlock Music
Paintball Arena This stage is a typical Paintballing Arena, great for beginners to get used to combat games. There are also a variety of props in the map as well making it another good place for Prop Hunt beginners to play on. It is a medium sized map and on the flat landscape are a variety of barriers to hide behind as well as a couple of huts that the players can enter for various reasons depending on the game mode. Default The Fox - Ylvis (Instrumental Edit)
The Airport This stage is the next beginner stage as it grows slightly more complex due to corridors constant twisting and turn, going up and down in order to allow for surprises. It is also a large sized map allowing for players to roam more freely, however it also provides lots of great hiding spaces for players to utilize in various types of games. Complete Level 1 in Story Mode Airplanes - B.o.B Feat. Hayley Williams (Instrumental Edit)
Chinatown This stage is a small development on The Airport in terms of complexity as it further progresses with the maze like aspects. It also incorporates a lot more obstacles in the open areas that players can hide behind or use strategically to move around the market square. Complete Level 2 in Story Mode Princess of China - Coldplay & Rihanna (Instrumental Edit)


Name Image Appearances Stats
Grenade Launcher The Grenade Launcher *Paintball Arena Main Weapon: Grenades
Special Weapon: Fire Bomb
Main Weapon Damage: Death (direct hit) & 50hp (indirect hit)
Special Weapon Damage: Death + Fire remains for 20 seconds (death for players who run into it)
Ammo: 4 grenades & 2 fire bombs
Reload Time: 2 second
Scope: No
Mines Mines *Level 2
Main Weapon: Regular Mine
Special Weapon: Timed Mine
Main Weapon Damage: Death (direct hit) & 50hp (indirect hit)
Special Weapon Damage: Death (direct hit) & 50hp (indirect hit)
Ammo: 1 Mine (Can be either timed or regular)
Reload Time: N/A
Scope: No
Shotgun Shotgun *Paintball Arena Main Weapon: Single Shot
Special Weapon: Double Shot
Main Weapon Damage: 20hp (head/chest) & 10hp (limbs)
Special Weapon Damage: 40hp (head/chest) & 20hp (limbs)
Ammo: 20 bullets
Reload Time: 5 second
Scope: No
Silenced Pistol Silenced Pistol *Paintball Arena
*Level 2
*The Airport
Main Weapon: Single Shot
Special Weapon: None
Main Weapon Damage: 10hp (head/chest) & 5hp (limbs)
Special Weapon Damage: N/A
Ammo: 50 bullets
Reload Time: 1 second
Scope: No
Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle *Level 1
*Level 2
*Paintball Arena
*The Airport
Main Weapon: Single Shot
Special Weapon: None
Main Weapon Damage: Death (head/chest) & 20hp (limbs)
Special Weapon Damage: N/A
Ammo: 40 bullets
Reload Time: 2 second
Scope: Yes
Soviet S47 Sovient S47 *Level 1
*The Airport
Main Weapon: Single Shot
Special Weapon: Grenade
Main Weapon Damage: 20hp (head/chest) & 10hp (limbs)
Special Weapon Damage: Death (direct hit) & 50hp (indirect hit)
Ammo: 20 bullets & 5 grenades
Reload Time: 1 second
Scope: Partial
Uzi Uzi *Level 2
Main Weapon: Single Shot
Special Weapon: N/A
Main Weapon Damage: 20hp (head/chest) & 5hp (limbs)
Special Weapon Damage: N/A
Ammo: 50 bullets
Reload Time: 0 second (Automatic)
Scope: No


Power-Ups are things that can cause a player to unlock a special ability briefly that will enhance them for 30 seconds during an online or arcade match. To unlock them, players must complete a hidden mission in each of the levels to unlock them one by one. Once unlocked in the player's account, when an arcade or online match is played, the unlocked powers will randomly appear in different areas around the map. What power-ups appear on how many have been unlocked by the host of the match.

Speed Speed is a glowing blue sphere that consists of a ball with two wings inside. These wings look similar in style to the wings of the flying shoes belonging to Hermes, the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology. It temporarily yet dramatically boosts the player's speed. With this power-up, the player can cover ground almost twice as fast as normal, causing enemies to fall behind. It is unlocked by completing the hidden mission in Level 1.
Insight Insight is a glowing red sphere that consists of a ball with an Egyptian eye inside. It temporarily allows players to see other people and items that are in a certain distance around them including through walls. Friends appear as a green outline, neutral characters - yellow outline, enemies - red outline and items - blue outlines. It is useful in more stealthier modes as well as in Prop Hunt and is unlocked by completing the hidden mission in Level 2.

Downloadable ContentEdit

Beta ElementsEdit


  1. -- The original idea's brief description.

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