Siege of Pyongyang
War Of Heroes: Fall of The North
The Hero Coalition VS North Korean Army
Pyongyang, North Korea, 2015
Destroyed City
Type of Combat
Infantry and Vehicles
Console Codename (PC)
Map Scorestreak
Orbital Attack Ship
"North Korean Capitol, now under Siege. Suitable for all Game Modes, largest Map in the Game."

- Menu Description

The Siege of Pyongyang is the 4th and final DLC Pack for the War Of Heroes: Fall of The North. Taking place during the Battle of Pyogyang, the Final Battle in FOTN, this Map is the largest in the Game and is highly suitable for all Game Modes, including Team Deathmatch, Domination and Air Superiority (an Aircraft-only Game Mode).

Unlike in the Call of Duty Franchise, Players can actually choose their Faction before the Game begins. Victory for The Hero Coalition means the North Koreans are pushed back and crippled. Similarly, victory for the North Korean Army would still mean a Scripted Defeat, in which the City is still captured by the Coalition and Kim Jong-un (the Announcer for the NKA) killed, so the match will end in technical victory of the Hero Coalition and Destruction of North Korea.

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