Simon Barrett
Simon Barrett

Character Info

Height: Medium
Age: 31
Role: NPA Agent located in China
How to Unlock: Get Silver in Level 2
Stages: *Level 2
Other Appearances: *The Chinatown BOT set
~Accuracy: 10/15
~Speed: 8/15
~Stamina: 6/15
~Health: 150hp

Simon Barrett is a 31 year old man who also works as an NPA Agent in China in Side Scroll. He appears in the second level of the story mode.


Simon Barrett used to teach PE in a regular Upper school in the UK. He got along well with the pupils, and thought this simple life was all that he would have ... until the suicide case occurred. He enter the changing rooms one morning to find another teacher lying in a pool of blood, he called the police and they started investigating. A couple of days later, he got arrested and was about to be charged with the teacher's murder, when a NPA agent came and gave evidence proving he had been framed by a serial killer who was on the run. After they saved him, Simon join them and hoped to soon track down this person, but he is still waiting for that to happen ...


Main StoryEdit

  • Level 2: He appears as the Agent located in China. You meet him at the safe-house and he briefs you about the mission. Once you've brought Zhao Ma and his family back to the safe-house, he helps you hack into the local network and then assists you to get to Ke Chen's lair.

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