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Six Night's at Sammy's
Developer Scott Cawthon
Publisher AdamGregory03
Platform PC
Wii U eShop
Xbox Live Arcade
PlayStation Network
Genre Point and Click
Release TBA
Modes Single-Player
Six Nights at Sammy's is an indie horror game that is the sequel to the popular Five Nights at Freddy's and it's sequel. Due to the first two games commercial success, the game is available to be downloaded on home consoles.


Taking place in the year 2001, Six Nights at Sammy's has the player play as night guard "Noah McGillian" for Sammy's Super Mall, a mall built by the Fazbear Entertainment Company after the commercial failure of the resturaunts. As such, Bonnie is rebuilt as the mascot of a music store, and Chica rebuilt as the mascot of the mall's food court, though Freddy was never rebuilt and was replaced with a new character, Sammy the Skunk, as the mall's primary mascot. Like the previous two games, it turns out the animatronics become homicidal during the night and roam around, trying to kill the night guard.


Just like before, you are stuck in the security office and must prevent the animatronic characters from getting at you. You must survive until 6:00 AM, in-game time. The layout is somewhat like a combination of the first and second game, with steel doors you must shut on both sides of the room, and a door that cannot be shut in front of you. You're given an animal mask for animatronics that come at you through the middle door. You still have a flashlight to see down this middle door, however, you now must worry about both the doors and the flashlight running out of power. There is a new mechanic in the form of a video camera. You can get stills of animatronics on the cameras, and depending on how well you do in terms of recording them, you will be awarded with a fourth star on the main menu. This is due to there not being much of a reason to check the cameras in the previous games.

Mall LayoutEdit


The AnimatronicsEdit


First NightEdit

 Hello? Can you hear me? Oh okay, good. Well, welcome to your new job at Sammy's Supermall, the place with everything for everyone! So, you're the new night guard, huh? Well, don't worry, your job's simple. Just watch the cameras and report any suspicious activity. Not the most exciting job I know, but hey, it pays well. ...Actually, there may be something else you gotta look out for. Have you ever heard of a place called Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria? The one that closed down due to reports of the animatronic characters attacking people? Well, this mall was also made by Fazbear Family Entertainment, and they've got more animatronics, including a new and improved Bonnie and Chica. Freddy himself wasn't rebuilt though. Kinda strange. Anyway, since I don't take things with a grain of salt, we had steel doors installed on both sides of your office. That should keep them out if they appear in the hallways. And if one comes down the main hall, we've also given you an animal mask, so hopefully that should fool them into thinking you're one of them. I heard something about a glitch that makes them see humans as bare endoskeletons and making them stuff people into suits. Also, if the characters do become active, don't report that to the police, they probably won't believe you. I've wired up a video camera to the security system, so if you see them on the cameras, record them and forward it to me. Oh, and there was something about the arcade's music box and keeping it wound up. Uh, things shouldn't be too rough on your first night. Hopefully I'll talk to you again tomorrow.  

Phone Guy on the first night.
  • Sammy's AI: 2
  • Bonnie's AI: 5
  • Chica's AI: 5
  • Foxy's AI: 0 (Pirate's Cove is not open at this time)
  • Artie's AI: 0 (The Hobby Shop is not open at this time)
  • Betty's AI: 0 (Betty's Boutique is not open at this time)
  • Freddy's AI: 0
  • Golden Freddy's AI: 0

Second NightEdit

 Hello? I take it everything went smoothly on your first night? Well, one down and five to go, am I right? I've been looking over this footage you sent me of the animatronics. So far nothing too suspicious, though you'd think they'd be shut off by this time at night. Anyway, we opened up a new attraction to the mall today. Pirate's Cove, starring Foxy the Pirate. That Foxy was always a fan favorite. ...Actually, speaking of Foxy, if you see him, I don't think that animal mask trick will work on him. He seems somewhat hostile toward the other animatronics at times. Maybe try shining your flash light at him, I heard that may cause a system restart. Also, remember how I said Freddy wasn't rebuilt? We've actually been having reports of kids seeing a rather disfigured Freddy coming out of the basement every now and then. I mean, I'm sure it's just kids being kids, but if you do see Freddy, definitely record him. That could be huge. Anyway, I'll leave you to your job. Keep up the good work.  

Phone Guy on the second night.
  • Sammy's AI: 5
  • Bonnie's AI: 10
  • Chica's AI: 10
  • Foxy's AI: 10
  • Artie's AI: 0 (The Hobby Shop is not open at this time)
  • Betty's AI: 0 (Betty's Boutique is not open at this time)
  • Freddy's AI: 5
  • Golden Freddy's AI: 0

Third NightEdit

 Hello? Hey, great job so far! We've never had a night guard for this long before. Most of them either quit or they... they uh... well, never mind. So uh, I saw the new footage. It definitely looks like Freddy showed up. Only reasoning I can come up with is that they were probably using him for spare parts. That would actually explain a lot. Anyway, we've opened up a new shop today. Artie's Arts and Crafts I believe it's called. Just a simple hobby shop with a new character they call Artie the Chameleon. Lemme tell you, he's quite the character. He's always sneaking around. Speaking of which, you probably won't see him on the cameras if he becomes active, he's gotten pretty good at stealth. Well anyway, you're halfway done! Keep up the good work, man.  

Phone Guy on the third night.
  • Sammy's AI: 10
  • Bonnie's AI: 12
  • Chica's AI: 12
  • Foxy's AI: 10
  • Artie's AI: 12
  • Betty's AI: 0 (Betty's Boutique is not open at this time)
  • Freddy's AI: 5
  • Golden Freddy's AI: 0

Fourth NightEdit

 Hello? Hey, about that new footage you sent in, it's uh... it's definitely unsettling stuff. I didn't see Artie at all, but maybe that's just because of the sneaking thing I mentioned yesterday. Well uh... Really great that you're hanging in there. Unfortunately for you they opened up another new store today. Betty's Boutique. The good news though is that it's the last store to open here. With an animatronic character, anyway. Betty's... kind of odd. I get she was programmed to be an egotist or something, but when people look at her she does all these... suggestive poses. The company said that shouldn't be happening. Well... anyway, only two more nights until that pay check. Talk to you again tomorrow! ...I hope.  

Phone guy on the fourth night.
  • Sammy's AI: 12
  • Bonnie's AI: 15
  • Chica's AI: 15
  • Foxy's AI: 12
  • Artie's AI: 15
  • Betty's AI: 12
  • Freddy's AI: 10
  • Golden Freddy's AI: 0

Fifth NightEdit

 Hello? Hi, me again. So looks like-(Golden Freddy's laugh) huh? Uh... looks like Betty can tell when the cameras are... are on her... uh... (Golden Freddy's laugh) So yeah. Hey, thanks for uh... uh y'know, sending in all this footage. I... (Golden Freddy's laugh) ...Okay, I might as well just tell you the truth here. My name is Andrew Smith, and I work for the FBI. (Golden Freddy's laugh) I've been trailing the Fazbear Family Entertainment company for a while now. I needed solid evidence that could shut them down, and I figured since the stories all take place during the night, I would rely on you for-(Golden Freddy's laugh) ...for that evidence. I apologize and I can pay you back a-(jumpscare scream)-OH GOD!  

Phone guy on the fifth night before it goes to static.
  • Sammy's AI: 15
  • Bonnie's AI: 20
  • Chica's AI: 20
  • Foxy's AI: 15
  • Artie's AI: 15
  • Betty's AI: 15
  • Freddy's AI: 12
  • Golden Freddy's AI: 0

Sixth NightEdit

 You... think... you... can... escape... us...? You... think... you... could... help... him... tear... down... our... home...? It... it... will... be... your... home... too... you... will... join... us... Mark... You... will... join... us... Every... thing... that's... hap... pened... here... and... before... is... because... of... me... It's... me... It's... me... Join... us...  

The message left on the sixth night.
  • Sammy's AI: 20
  • Bonnie's AI: 25
  • Chica's AI: 25
  • Foxy's AI: 18
  • Artie's AI: 20
  • Betty's AI: 18
  • Freddy's AI: 15
  • Golden Freddy's AI: 5

Seventh NightEdit

The Seventh Night is unlocked after the six main nights have been completed once. On the seventh night, there is no time limit. You beat the night once you record the animatronics enough on the cameras to reach 100%.

  • Sammy's AI: 25
  • Bonnie's AI: 25
  • Chica's AI: 25
  • Foxy's AI: 18
  • Artie's AI: 25
  • Betty's AI: 18
  • Freddy's AI: 25
  • Golden Freddy's AI: 15

Eighth NightEdit

The Eighth Night allows the player to set the different animatronics to whatever difficulty level they desire, from 0 to 30.

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