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This page refers to the species as a whole. For notable Skrelp, see Category:Skrelp.

#690 690MS Skrelp
クズモー Kuzumo
Mock Kelp Pokémon
 Poison      Water 
Abilities Poison Point or Poison Touch,
Adaptability (Hidden Ability)
Pokédex Colour Brown
Egg Groups Water 1 Egg Group,
Dragon Egg Group

Skrelp (Japanese: クズモー Kuzumo) is a dual-type  Poison  /  Water  Pokémon.

It evolves into Dragalge starting at level 48.

Biology Edit

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Skrelp is a brown aquatic Pokémon that resembles a marine animal similar to a seahorse called a sea dragon. The tip of Skrelp's tail has three leaf-like fins. Skrelp has a pair of roundish, clear pectoral fins on the sides of its body, a dull purple belly and a blunt spike on its hunched back. Skrelp's face is the same colour as its belly, with an upward-pointing snout and red circular eyes with small black pupils. A clear, roundish growth with a brown stem sticks out on the back of Skrelp's head.

Evolution Edit

Canon Edit

in generation VII
PKMN bag icon - Rare Candy
Level 48
 Poison   Water 
 Poison   Dragon 

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