In Skylanders: Global Defenders, there are 16 returning characters, all with brand new Wow Pow abilities. This article lists them all.

Title Description Cost
Blazing Spyro (Series 4)
Wings of Fire While flying, hold Attack 3 to ignite you're wings and perform a powerful sky dash attack. 5000
Dimensional Star Strike (Series 2)
Black Hole! After deflecting the Returning Star projectile 30 times in a row, the star will become a dimensional rift that sucks in all nearby enemies. 5000
Goldslinging Trigger Happy (Series 4)
Golden Bomb Hold Attack 2 to pull out a giant golden bomb and make it explode golden coins! 5000
Fireworks Flameslinger (Series 3)
Fireworks Show Charge up the Volley Shot attack an unleash it to create a fireworks display and make it rain on you're enemies! 5000

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