The Challenge Level DLC Pack is a downloadable feature for Skylanders: Trap Team that adds more content to the game.

This pack will give the game new challenge levels. These levels are similar to the Heroic Challenges or Bonus Missions from previous games, except they have no time limit. The DLC grants 19 of these challenge levels, each with a villain that must be trapped or at least defeated in order to complete them, as well as a villain quest in different challenge levels. These levels are usually very short that mainly focus on fighting through waves of enemies with an occasional puzzle.

List of Challenge LevelsEdit

# Challenge Level Description Villain
01 Aerial Assault Air pirates are planning a siege on the Capybara King's castle. Infiltrate their airship and put a stop to their plans! Birdbrain
02 Foil the Oil Trolls are pumping oil into the sacred river to fuel their machines. Shut down their works and put a stop to this pollution! Blame Thrower
03 Timber Takedown Ogres are chopping down the enchanted garden to make way for a new tower! Stop them to save the garden and it's residents! Axecutioner
04 Outbreak An odd disease from the Valley of the Undead is driving people crazy! Venture into the valley to find the source and stop it. Rotting Robby
05 All Mine Trolls are stealing gems from Molekin miners, that are rightfully theirs. Delve into the mines and chase out the trolls! Drill Bill
06 Greebles' Revenge Greebles have been reported attacking a Mabu village! Hurry and put a stop to these greedy Greeble antics! Greebler
07 Elves vs. Drow The drow have issued a war against the peaceful elves. Help the elves prepare for battle and take on the drow forces! Doomerang

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