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Skylanders Brawl
Developer XY Games
Publisher Activision
Platform MegaPlay, Playstation 3Playstation 4Xbox OneXbox 360Nintendo WiiNintendo Wii U, J-STORM, Steam, Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita
Genre Mascot fighter
Release January 4, 2014 (MegaPlay)
January 13, 2014 (Playstation 3Playstation 4Xbox OneXbox 360Nintendo WiiNintendo Wii U and J-STORM)
January 15, 2014 (Steam)
January 18, 2014 (Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita)
February 30, 2014 (The Complete Edition)
Modes 1-4 players
Ratings Everyone
Cartoon Violence
Media Game Disk

Skylanders Brawl is a spin-off fightning game of the Skylanders franchise. In Skylanders Brawl, the player takes control of a Skylander and fights against other Skylanders. The last one standing wins. It has been developed by XY Games and it is exclusive to MegaPlay. This is one of the few Skylanders games that doesn't requires the toys to play the game.

It is planned to be released in January 4, 2014. Skylanders Brawl features Skylanders from all the three main games.


The Skylanders had defeated Kaos once again, they returned to the Skylands and they had a peaceful life since then. But then, a mysterious spore has appeared on the Skylands making the Skylanders turn aggresive and starting to attack each other! What it could be?

At the end of Story Mode, it is revealed that Kaos was behind it, he wanted the Skylanders to defeat themselves to make things easier to his evil plan. After Kaos is defeated, the spore disappears and the Skylanders turn normal.


Skylanders Brawl is a 3D fightning game. Each arena is 3D and the players can freely move around. Each Skylander starts with 100HP. The A, Y and X buttons does attacks. A Button is for Melee attacks, Y Button is for Long-Ranged attacks and X button is for Charged attacks. The B button serves for jump. The L and R buttons creates a shield, which can block most of the attacks. To win, the player must defeat the other Skylanders, the winner is the last one standing. The player can uses items to either heal them or use as a projectile, it depends of the item. Each Skylander also have the "Pow Pow Bar", which is filled each time the player attacks the opponent. When it is full, the player can unleash the Pow Pow Move (see below), which is a powerful attack. There's also the Soul Gems (see below), which also creates a special move. The player can find the Giant Flute, if the player uses it, it will summon a random Giant. The Giant is a powerful assist which gives a powerful, but slow attack.


  • The Mysterious Spore: The story mode. 1 player only.
  • Battle!: A normal versus mode. 1-4 players.
  • Skylanders Challenges!: 125 challenges that unlock Skylanders, stages, giants and items. 1-2 players only.
  • Training!: Train your skills. 1 player.
  • Record!: Record a match. 1 player.


See the Skylanders' moveset here.
Image Name Description How to unlock
Spyro MagicSymbolSkylandersSpyro
All Fired Up!

The main protagonist of the series, Spyro the Dragon is a purple dragon, who is strong-willed, fearless and brave.
Voodood MagicSymbolSkylandersVoodood
WreckingBall MagicSymbolSkylandersWrecking Ball
DoubleTrouble MagicSymbolSkylandersDouble Trouble
PopFizz MagicSymbolSkylandersPop Fizz Win 25 matches with any Magic Skylander.
StarStrike MagicSymbolSkylandersStar Strike Win 75 matches with any Magic Skylander.
DuneBug MagicSymbolSkylandersDune Bug Beat Story Mode as Star Strike.
TechSymbolSkylandersTrigger Happy
TechSymbolSkylandersDrill Sergeant
TechSymbolSkylandersSprocket Beat the Story Mode on any dificulty.
TechSymbolSkylandersCountdown Beat Story Mode under 15 minutes.
TechSymbolSkylandersWind Up Beat Story Mode with either Sprocket or Countdown.
TechSymbolSkylandersWiz Kid* Console version exclusive character.
WaterSymbolSkylandersGill Grunt
WaterSymbolSkylandersSlam Bam
WaterSymbolSkylandersChill Beat Skylanders Challenge #10.
WaterSymbolSkylandersRip Tide Beat Skylanders Challenge #20.
WaterSymbolSkylandersPunk Shock Beat Skylanders Challenge #30.
WaterSymbolSkylandersKiller Crab* Console version exclusive character.
EarthSymbolSkylandersPrism Break
EarthSymbolSkylandersFlashwing Beat Skylanders Challenge #40.
EarthSymbolSkylandersScorp Beat Skylanders Challenge #50.
EarthSymbolSkylandersSlobber Tooth Beat Skylanders Challenge #60.
EarthSymbolSkylandersStonewing* Console version exclusive character.
FireSymbolSkylandersHot Dog
FireSymbolSkylandersFyrno Beat Skylanders Challenge #70.
FireSymbolSkylandersSmolderdash Beat Skylanders Challenge #80.
UndeadSymbolSkylandersChop Chop
UndeadSymbolSkylandersGhost Roaster
UndeadSymbolSkylandersFright Rider
UndeadSymbolSkylandersRoller Brawl Beat Skylanders Challenge #90.
UndeadSymbolSkylandersGrim Creeper Beat Skylanders Challenge #100.
UndeadSymbolSkylandersJack-o* Console version exclusive character.
AirSymbolSkylandersSonic Boom
AirSymbolSkylandersLightning Rod
AirSymbolSkylandersJet-Vac Beat Skylanders Challenge #110.
AirSymbolSkylandersPop Thorn Beat Skylanders Challenge #120.
AirSymbolSkylandersScratch Win a battle without losing any health.
LifeSymbolSkylandersStealth Elf
LifeSymbolSkylandersStump Smash
LifeSymbolSkylandersShroomboom Perform a 20-hit combo.
LifeSymbolSkylandersZoo Lou As Stealth Elf, win a match without being seen.
LifeSymbolSkylandersBumble Blast Get a gold medal in all Skylanders Challenge.
LifeSymbolSkylandersTree Shooter* Console version exclusive character.

*Credit to AdamGregory03, the Skylanders with "*" belongs to him and they are used under his permission.



The Giants appears an assist. They can be summoned by the new Giant Flute.


Image Name Description How to unlock
Shattered Island
Perilous Pastures
Sky Schooner Docks
Stormy Stronghold
Oilspill Island
Dark Water Cove
Levianth Lagoon
Crystal Eye Castle
Stonetown Beat Skylanders Challenge #5.
Treetop Terrace Beat Skylanders Challenge #15.
Falling Forest Beat Skylanders Challenge #25.
Troll Warehouse Beat Skylanders Challenge #35.
Goo Factory Beat Skylanders Challenge #45.
Battlefield Beat Skylanders Challenge #55.
Crawling Catacombs Beat Skylanders Challenge #65.
Cadaverous Crypt Beat Skylanders Challenge #75.
Creepy Citadel Beat Skylanders Challenge #85.
Molekin Mine Beat Skylanders Challenge #95.
Lava Lakes Railway Beat Skylanders Challenge #105.
Quicksilver Vault Beat Skylanders Challenge #115.
Arkeyan Armory Beat Skylanders Challenge #125.
Lair of Kaos Unlock Kaos.
Empire of Ice Complete the Story Mode with Slam Bam.
Pirate Seas Complete the Story Mode with Terrafin.
Darklight Crypt Complete the Story Mode with Ghost Roaster.
Dragon's Peak Complete the Story Mode with Sunburn.
Time of the Giants
Junkyard Isles
Cutthroat Carnival
Glacier Gully
Secret Vault of Secrets
Wilikin Village
Troll Home Security
Kaos' Kastle Complete the Story Mode with Kaos.
Aerial Attack Unlock all the Air Skylanders.
Drill-X's Big Rig Unlock all the Tech Skylanders.
Molekin Mountain Unlock all the Earth Skylanders.
The Oracle Unlock all the Magic Skylanders.
Autogyro Adventure Unlock all the Life Skylanders.
Lost City of Arkus Unlock all the Undead Skylanders.
Briging Order to Kaos Complete Story Mode once.
Pirate Bay Unlock all the Water Skylanders.
Tiki Island Unlock all the Fire Skylanders.
Skylands Unlock all the Skylanders.



Dark PackEdit

Released in January 9, 2013. It features Dark Spyro as a playable character and Rust Marsh and Pirate Fortress as playable stage. It costs 350 Points.

Legendary PackEdit

Released in January 15, 2013. It features Legendary SpyroLegendary Chop-ChopLegendary Bash, Legendary Trigger HappyLegendary Slam BamLegendary Jet-Vac, Legendary Ignitor, Legendary Chill, Legendary Bouncer, Legendary Stealth Elf, Legendary Zoo Lou, Legendary Free Ranger and Legendary Grim Creeper as playable characters and it features The Maelstorm as a playable stage. It costs 750 Points.

Special Pack 1Edit

Released in January 18, 2013. It features Punch Pop-FizzGnarly Tree RexGranite Crusher and Polar Whirlwind as playable characters and The Artisans Homeworld and Peace Keepers (from Spyro the Dragon) as playable stages. It costs 500 Points.

Special Pack 2Edit

Released in January 19, 2013. It features Jade FlashwingMolten Hot DogRoyal Double Trouble and Scarlet Ninjini and Magic Crafters and Beast Makers (from Spyro the Dragon) as playable stages. It costs 500 Points.

Special Pack 3Edit

Released in January 20, 2013. It features Cupid FlameslingerLucky BoomerHoppity Pop-Fizz and Buddy Wrecking Ball as playable characters and Dream Weavers and Gnasty's World (from Spyro the Dragon) as playable stages. It costs 500 Points.

Enchated PackEdit

Released in January 21, 2013. It features Enchated Hoot Loop and Enchated Star Strike as playable characters and Summer Woods and Autumn Plains (from Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer) as playable stages. It costs 250 Points.

SWAP Force PackEdit

Released in February 5, 2013. It features a new game mode called SWAP, which consists of several timed challenges where the players controls members of the SWAP Force, from Skylander's latest installment, SWAP Force. It costs 250 Points.

Sidekicks PackEdit

Released in February 18, 2013 and the latest DLC. It features Whisper ElfTerrabiteGil RuntTrigger SnappyBarkley, ThumplingEye-Small and Mini Jini as playable characters and features Winter Tundra (from Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer) as a playable stage. Unlike the other DLC, this one is free.


Skylanders Brawl (Console)Edit

Released for Playstation 3Playstation 4Xbox OneXbox 360Nintendo WiiNintendo Wii U and J-STORM in January 13, 2014. It features minor graphic fixes and better audio quality.

Skylanders Brawl (PC)Edit

Released for Steam in January 15, 2014. It features the same changes as the console version, with the addition of the online leaderboards.

Skylanders Brawl (Handheld)Edit

Released for Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita in January 18, 2014. It features touch controls, the arenas are smaller and the character models had been resized.

Skylanders Brawl: The Complete EditionEdit

Released for the MegaPlaySteamPlaystation 3Playstation 4Xbox OneXbox 360Nintendo WiiNintendo Wii UNintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita in February 30, 2014.  It features all the DLC available and also each stage recieved a different music and some characters recieved nerfs.


  • If the player is playing as Kaos during the story mode, Kaos will fight against Ripto, the main villian of Spyro's series, instead of himself at the final stage.

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