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This is the list of the Skylanders' moves in Skylanders Brawl.


  • B - Dragon Fire: Spyro shoots a fireball.
  • B + Left/Right - Charge: Spyro charges towards an opponent.
  • Y - Long Range Raze: Shoots a more powerful and a more longer fireball.
  • B + Up - Spyro's Flight: Allows Spyro to fly for a short time.
  • Hold B + Left/Right - Sprint Charge: A powerful version of the Charge.
  • Hold X - Triple Flameballs: Shoots three fireballs.
  • Hold X + Down - Fire Shield: Creates a fiery shield.
  • Hold Y - Exploding Fireblast: Spyro shoots a fireball that causes a huge explosion.
  • Soul Gem Ability - Spyro's Earth Pound: Spyro performs a dive-bomb, causing a huge explosion, even bigger than Exploding Fireblast.
  • Wow Pow Move - Fireslam: Spyro performs a powerful slam which causes the arena starts to burn for 2 minutes.


  • B - Axe Reaver: Voodood swings his axe.
  • B + Left/Right - Zipline Axe: Voodood spins his axe around, hitting anyone who comes close to it.
  • Y - Magical Tripwire Bomb: Summons a magical bomb.
  • Hold B - Weighted Axe: A powerful version of Axe Reaver.
  • Hold Y - Tripwire Reserves: A powerful version of Magical Tripwire Bomb.
  • X - Extended Blade: Voodood attacks with a giant blade.
  • Hold Y + Down - Roadblock Tripwire: A powerful version of Tripwire Reserves, which not only gives huge damage, but it also makes the opponent stunned for few seconds.
  • X + Down - Electric Feedback: Makes Voodood more powerful.
  • X + Left/Right - Electro Axe: Voodood dashes at the opponent, attacks it with his hammer and makes the opponent stunned for few seconds.
  • Hold X - Hyperwire: Releases a powerful beam.
  • Hold X + Left/Right - Legendary Blade: A powerful version of Extended Blade.
  • Hold X + Up - Shaman Style: A mix of Zipline Axe and Hyperwire.
  • Wow Pow Power - Tripwire Meteor: A powerful meteor made of Tripwire power falls on the arena, giving a huge damage.
  • Soul Gem - Impervious Tripwire: Deflects all types of projectiles.

Wrecking BallEdit

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