Sly Cooper: The Endless Mission is a Sly Cooper Game That Isn't A Part Of The 'Counting' Series (Sly 1, Sly 2 etc.) The Game Is Split In 'Seasons' That All Contain 6 - 10 Episodes. The Seasons Can Also Be Called Storys.

Season Guide Edit

Season / Pack 1: The Revenge Of The Cops Edit

Episode 1: Scouting Ahead Edit

Episode 2: Underwater Adventures Edit

Episode 3: Deadly Theme Edit

Episode 4: Brain Vs Brawn Edit

Episode 5: Walking On Water Edit

Episode 6: Low IQ Survival Edit

Episode 7: The Prison Survival Edit

Characters Edit

Name Episode Appearenses Team
Sly Cooper Everyone Cooper Gang
Bentley Everyone Cooper Gang
Murray Everyone Cooper Gang
Carmelita Fox Everyone Interpool
Mhaneiw Kinosewak Everyone Interpool
Lola Bonzalez Everyone Interpool

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