Episode 1: The Virtual Menace is the first episode of Subspace Emissary of Smash Bros. Mania Smasherz!


Chapter 1: Midair StadiumEdit

Our story begins with a fight between Mario and Sonic. Then two doom-ships appear, interrupts the fight by setting a Subspace Bomb and several Beta Element Rabbids. The two fight off the Beta Element Rabbids. Mario then attempts to intercept the Subspace Bomb, but Evil Diddy Kong (who's from an Donkey Kong Country episode, It's a Wonderful Life) appears and declares that he wants a fight. Then, Inspector Gadget jumps in and they fight Evil Diddy Kong, but he's defeated. The three escaped.

Chapter 2: Mixel IslandEdit

Flain is relaxing in his home until a army of Nixels show up. Krader jumps in and Flain to stop them. After they defeat all of the Nixels, Kermit shows up and starts to find out that lots of doom-ships drop some false bugs to turn the giant Flain statue into a false one, called the False Giant Flain Statue. So, the three start to fight it. After finishing it, it turns back to normal. Mario, Sonic, and Inspector Gadget show up, until Crash popped out of the ground and says "Oh, snap! We must get to an island next door to find some information!" However, lots of Nixels reappeared, blocking their way. So, the seven start to battle the Nixels again. After this, they finally went to the island next door.

Chapter 3: Pit-Fighter StadiumEdit

Meanwhile, at the Pit-Fighter Stadium. Ty, Kato, and Buzz are battling The Masked Warrior. After they are done, They chat around the table. While they talk about what they do today, Constantine appears, utilizing the opportunity to trophify Kato. Then, Constantine takes away the Kato thropy. Ty and Buzz got so angry, they run after Constantine.

More coming soon.....

Chapter 4: The 8-Bit JungleEdit


Chapter 5: The SwampEdit


Chapter 6: Tower of TerrorEdit


Chapter 7: The Virtual Boy's KingdomEdit


Chapter 8: The Virtual Boy's CastleEdit


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