Sonic & SEGA Superstar Showdown is a fight game that features characters from SEGA franchises,such Sonic,AiAi,Shadow,Beat,Akira,etc. It is for the Wii U,3DS,PS4,PS3,Xbox 360,Xbox One and PC.


The game plays out like a Super Smash Bros. game, with characters collecting power-ups to hamper their opponents. Like Sumo's previous Sega game, Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed, each character has a "Star Move" unique to them, such as Sonic transforming into Super Sonic, or Shadow Chaos Blast, that they can use against their opponents. The game has multiplayer options for up to four players on split-screen and players online.

Superstar ShowdownEdit

Main Article:Superstar Showdown  

Playable CharactersEdit

At the start of the game,players can choose from Sonic,Tails,Amy,Shadow,AiAi,Beat,Akira,Ulala,Billy Hatcher,Amigo and any console exclusive character (Mario and Mii Brawler on Wii U/3DS). Other characters are unlocked by Superstar Showdown Mode and Arcade Mode.

Starter CharactersEdit

Character Name Series All-Star Move
Sonic - Lost World Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Super Sonic
Tails - Lost World Tails Sonic the Hedgehog Tornado
AmyRose Amy Rose Sonic the Hedgehog Rose Typhoon
ShadowSSASR Shadow Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos Blast
AiAi AiAi Super Monkey Ball Monkey Ball
CG Beat Beat Jet Set Radio Explosive Spray
Akira Akira Virtua Fighter Hougeki Unshin & Kousen
ASR Ulala Ulala Space Channel 5 Tension Blast
Billy Billy Hatcher Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Egg Rodeo
Samba Amigo Samba de Amigo Samba de Amigo

 Unlockable CharactersEdit

Character Name Series All-Star Move How to Unlock?
Knuckles - OTC Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog Master Emerald Clear the event "Sonic & Knuckles" on Superstar Showdown (World 1).
Bahn Bahn Fighting Vipers Super Straight Clear the event "Virtua Vipers" on Superstar Showdown (World 1).
Kazuma Kazuma Yakuza Streaming Meteor Tackle Clear the event "Real Rally" on Superstar Showdown (World 2) in hard.
247px-CG Vyse Vyse Skies of Arcadia Blue Rogues Buy Vyse for 30 stars on Superstar Showdown (World 2).
NiGHTS NiGHTS NiGHTS Nightopian Help Clear the event "Team-Battle with NiGHTs" on Superstar Showdown (World 3) hard.
Vectorman Vectorman Vectorman Tank Clear the event "Sudden-Death All-Star"with Vyse in Hard on Superstar Showdown (World 3).
Ristar Ristar Ristar Shooting Star Buy Ristar for 59 stars on Superstar Showdown (World 4).
Metal Sonic Metal Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Metal Overlord Clear the event "Evil Tag-Team" Superstar Showdown (World 4) in hard with Sonic.
Miku Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Levan Polka Clear the event "Vocaloid Channel" on Superstar Showdown (World 5)
Ryo3 Ryo Hazuki Shenmue Forklift Clear the event "Dreamcast All-Star" on Superstar Showdown (World 5) in Expert.
Axel Axel Stone Streets of Rage Police Car Clear the event "Streets of Rage" on Superstar Showdown (World 6) in expert with Akira.
Joe Musashi Joe Musashi Shinobi Hyper Fireballs Clear the event "Shinobi" on Superstar Showdown (World 6) in expert

Exclusive CharactersEdit

Character Name Series All-Star Move Platform (s)
Mariojoyjump Mario Super Mario Mario Finale
  • Wii U
  • 3DS
SSB4U3D Mii Brawler Mii Brawler Mii Channel Omega Blitz
  • Wii U
  • 3DS
Xbox! Xbox Avatar Xbox Xbox Explosion
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
BanjoKazoo Banjo-Kazooie Banjo-Kazooie Jiggy Rain
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360

Confirmed Stages Edit

Starter Stages

Stage Name Series
Seaside hill Seaside Hill Sonic the Hedgehog
Escape City Escape Sonic the Hedgehog
Stormd Storm Stage Super Monkey Ball
Capture Graffiti City Jet Set Radio
Aoi Shrine Virtua Fighter
Samba Samba de Amigo Samba de Amigo
Streets of rage Streets of Rage Streets of Rage
Adder's lair Adder's Lair Golden Axe
Daytona Three-Seven Speedway Daytona
Desert land Desert Land SEGA Rally
Virtua Court Virtua Tennis

Unlockable StagesEdit

Stage Name Series How to Unlock?
Jungle zone Jungle Zone Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Beat Arcade with Sonic.
  • Clear the event "Shadow Jump" on Superstar Showdown (World 1).


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