Sonic Heroes 3 and Sonic Rush Boom is a pair game made by SEGA and the Sonic Team. Sonic Heroes 3 is based on Sonic Heroes & Sonic World and Rush Boom is based on Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. Both these games are released in December 2020, but Heroes 3 in 3/12/20 and Rush Boom in 29/12/20.

Sonic Heroes 3Edit

Sonic Heroes 3


Sonic Team




Nintendo Wii: 3/12/20

Nintendo DS: 29/12/20

Preceded By

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (chronologically)

Succeeded By

Sonic Rush Boom (chronologically)

Sonic Heroes 3 is one of two games to appear in a pair game. This is a bit different to the previous games. They still follow the S.F.P way (Speed, Flight and Power), but the teams are different.

Teams and CharactersEdit

Team Name Speed Member Flight Member Power Member
Team Sonic Sonic Silver Shadow
Team Dark Metal Sonic Rouge Omega
Team Rose Amy Cream Blaze
Team Chaotix Espio Charmy Vector
Team Sol Marine Tails Knuckles
Team Robotnik Fang Tails Doll Metal Knuckles
Team Babylon Jet Wave Storm
Team Spy Bean Ray Mighty
Team Miracle Tikal Sonia Big
Team Treasure Sally Manic Bark


# No. Sonic Dark Rose Chaotix Sol Robotnik Babylon Spy Miracle Treasure
1 Green Hill Mystic Cave Chemical Plant Aquatic Ruin Casino Night Hill Top Metropolis Wing Fortress
2 Hidden Palace Angel Island Hydrocity Sky Sanctuary Flying Battery IceCap Death Egg
3 Palmtree Panic Spring Stadium Tidal Tempest Diamond Dust Wacky Workbench Volcano Valley Metallic Madness
4 Turquoise Hill Sunset Park Mecha Green Hill Robotnik Winter Aqua Planet Atomic Destroyer Windy Valley Speed Slider Casinopolis Techno Tower
5 Sky Chase Speed Highway Final Egg Sand Ocean City Escape Wild Canyon Prison Lane
6 Metal Harbor Green Forest Pumpkin Hill Death Chamber Mission Street Aquatic Mine Route 101 Hidden Base
7 Mad Space Cosmic Wall Final Chase Cannon's Core Neo Green Hill Secret Base Casino Paradise Ice Mountain
8 Egg Rocket Cosmic Angel Leaf Forest Route 99 Music Plant Ice Paradise Chaos Angel Cyber Track Egg Utopia
9 Leaf Storm Water Palace Haunted Ship Night Carnival Blizzard Peak Sky Babylon Dead Line
10 Seaside Hill Grand Metropolis BINGO Highway Rail Canyon Frog Forest Mystic Mansion Final Fortress
11 Westopolis Death Ruins Digital Circuit Iron Jungle Circus Park Cryptic Castle The Doom Air Fleet The ARK Cosmic Fall

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