Sonic Riders: Free Gravity is a 2019 upcoming game for the Nintendo Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2. This takes place after Sonic Free Riders.


Heroes CoursesEdit

These courses appear for Team Heroes. These are also the default forms of other courses.

Aquatic CaveEdit

The first playable course of Team Heroes. This gets some features from Aquatic Capital and lots of features from Green Cave. This is played by Sonic. In this course, they also face Team Rose. This is just a beginner race from Amy.

Botanical CanyonEdit

The second playable course of Team Heroes. Like previous courses, this course gets features from it's counterpart from Riders and Zero Gravity. Silver is played. This is a intermediate chase to catch 100 rings.

Gigan RuinsEdit

The third playable course of Team Heroes. This course they face Team Cat. Shadow is played in this course. This is the one of two courses to split into three laps, because it's a massive course. This is a semi-pro, normal race to win from Knuckles.

MeteorTech FactoryEdit

The fourth playable course of Team Heroes. Once again, Silver is played in this course. It is a hunt for a portal leading to the next level. This course is only for professionals.

Megalo CityEdit

This fifth course of Team Heroes is a shooting race. Heroes face Team Babylon. Of course, this is a advanced race, so this is the last default course in Normal Race. It is also a Long Race, because of the trains and cars, making this the second of two courses, splited into three laps. This is played by Shadow.

Crimson GardenEdit

This is Heroes first unlockable course for Normal Race. This is the last course for Team Heroes. This is played by Sonic the Hedgehog. This is a race (where you have to win against Jet and the others) with Hunting (In this race, you have to Hunt for Babylon Garden's Gems), Chase (You have to chase Amy, Blaze and Jet and defeat them with a item, causing them to be eliminated) and Shooting (There's bombs, only availible from positions 12th-7th and try to shoot them at 1st place). Complete half or more of those objectives and you move to the final cutscene.

More coming soon...

Extreme GearsEdit

The exclusive gears have already set to elements like Grind, Air Ride and Bike.

Gear Number Name Gear Parts Users
1 Blue Star

Max Speed UP (x2), Parts Lock (x1)

Sonic the Hedgehog
2 Psychic Wave Vision Trap (x2), Parts Lock (x1) Silver the Hedgehog
3 Black Shot Durability UP (x2), Parts Lock (x1) Shadow the Hedgehog
4 Type-J Trick Rank +1 (x2), Parts Lock (x1) Jet the Hawk
5 Type-W Base Stats UP (x2), Parts Lock (x1) Wave the Swallow
6 Type-S Item Rank +1 (x2), Parts Lock (x1) Storm the Albatross

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