Sonic Sports is a game currently being made by Alpha Ranger for Eco Studios. The game was first announced on November 23, 2015.                                                                              

Sonic Sports
Sonic Sports is a game where you can play Sports with your favorite Sonic characters.
Developer Eco Studios
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Wii U
Genre Adventure
Release December 2015
Modes Story Mode,

Single Player, Minigames, Multiplayer, Infinite, Grand Prix, Deathmatch

Ratings Everybody 10+
Media Download, Optical Disc
Predecessor N/A
Successor TBD

The game has twelve sports with many different game modes.



Football is the first sport you play in the story mode of Sonic Sports. You play it too boost your popularity, so you can get closer to taking down your rivals, which are the rivals from Sonic Adventure 2, Rogue, Shadow, and Dr. Eggman. They are now-famous in sporting events due to cheating, and they are trying too use the power they have from it too defeat Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sticks, and Big the Cat. (Big the Cat is unplayable) 


Basketball is the second sport you play in the story of Sonic Sports. It has a tutorial too teach you how to play it. Your rivals and your team meet at the court too play a game on live TV, the rivals end up winning, and your team has to find evidence that they were cheating. Silver joins your side at the end of Basketball, because he wants to stop the rivals from "cheating" so the good team can be "undefeated and have power."


Golf is the third sport you play in the story of Sonic Sports. Your rivals and your team have too have a rematch, after being caught cheating by using technology to their advantage, teams have a re-match at golf, and end up winning the game this time. The rivals then got angry, and they got more people on there side such as Jet and Victor. Shadow also brain-washed the people who saw your team win, too thinking the event never happened. This sport introduced a new team called the Cyrus which are similar to The Deckers from Saints Row. They are cyborgs and can teleport and use some powers, there goal is too win too increase popularity for money, so they are very fierce and competitive.


Skiing is the fourth sport you play in the story of Sonic Sports. You end up teaming with the Cyrus, and you and the Cyrus destoyed some of the technology that they used to win. After the team discovers that Shadow has used mind control, they decide to fake being Maria and say that the villians have discussed "betraying and using you" causing Shadow to leave the team. After this you have yet another victory, but the villians are still not out of the big tournament happening later in the year called "Sport X". Meaning "Sport Ten".


Swimming is the fifth sport you play in the story of Sonic Sports. (With this sport you can change number of laps and types of swimming.)



Beach VolleyballEdit

Table TennisEdit



Track & FieldEdit

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