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Sonic and the Mysterious Beasts is a big Sonic game. Its plot is based on many Sonic games (most notably Sonic Adventure and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)).


Sonic's story Edit

Sonic's story starts with Sonic attending Princess Elise's party in Station Square. Suddenly, a water monster attacks.

Boss: Chaos 0

After Sonic defeats the water monster, Eggman arrives and tells that the monster is Chaos. He tells that Chaos is part of his evil plan to take over the world. He also mentions that he wants to capture Elise to use the power of another monster. Sonic and Elise try to escape, but some robots block their way. While Sonic is defeating the robots, Eggman manages to capture Elise.

On the next day, Sonic is trying to figure out how to save Elise. Suddenly, he sees Tails' plane crash-landing on the nearby beach. Sonic goes to save Tails.

Level 1: Emerald Coast (including Tails)

Sonic and Tails go back to Station Square. Tails tells that he has the purple Chaos Emerald. After this, Sonic tells that he has to save Elise from Eggman.

They go to Mystic Ruins and find Sonic with Elise. Sonic has to defeat Eggman's newest robot, the Egg Hornet.

Boss: Egg Hornet

Sonic manages to save Elise but Eggman takes the purple Chaos Emerald. Chaos comes to the place and Eggman gives the Emerald to Chaos. Chaos grows and turns into Chaos 1.


  • Because the plots of the games are combined, some changes had to be made.
    • Places such as Station Square and Mystic Ruins are located in Soleanna.
      • Tropical Jungle is located in Mystic Ruins.
    • Emerald Coast and Wave Ocean are the same place.

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