Sonic and the Storybook Comeback × Kamen Rider Battride War III is a upcoming, double-pack game. The first game is by the Sonic Team and SEGA, while the second one is by Namco Bandai and Toei. This is followed by Sonic and the Gaia Memories, another crossover with Kamen Rider and Sonic the Hedgehog. These two games are known as the Sonic Rider Pack.

Game 1: Sonic and the Storybook ComebackEdit

This is the first game of the pack. This follows Sonic falling back to Camelot. However, this is the second game (first being Sonic and the Twilight Ghost) to have two players, meaning Sir Percival is playable after she is saved. This has the appearance for most of the cast from Camelot, some from the Twilight Ghost and few from the Secret Rings.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The default playable character. He returns to Camelot with his sword, Caliburn. Not only he is back to save Camelot and defeat the Black Knight, but is also back to protect Dame Percival.
  • Dame Percival: The unlockable playable character. She is saved after defeat the Master Shadow copy of Dame Percival. She is the only character to follow Sonic on his adventure, after Sonic refuses her, three times.


  • Camelot (Sir Galahad, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Lamorak, Merlina the Wizard)
  • Arabian Nights (Ali Baba, King Shahryar, Shahra)
  • Twilight Ghost (Twilight Ghost, Acira, Fira, Kuro, Zivar)


  1. Green Hill Zone (Pre-Story Stage)
  2. Abandoned Graveyard
  3. Sol Kingdom
  4. Meteor Ruins (Mission: Save Dame Percival)
  5. Devil Island
  6. Fog Forest
  7. Ghostly Manor
  8. Haunted Chamber
  9. The Blackout
  10. Cosmic Air Fortress
  11. Cosmical Pathway
  12. Twilight Road
  13. Topaz Cave

Post-Story StagesEdit

  1. Station Square
  2. Mobodoon
  3. Apotos
  4. Spagonia
  5. Knothole Village
  6. Metropolis Speedway

Voice ActorsEdit

Note: This game has been abandoned, due to Kamen Rider Battride War III is already a game.

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