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Sonic the Hedgehog: Classical Speedway is a game for the 32X system, made and published by Fandraxonian Enterprises on August 19th, 1997.  It is the third Sonic game of the racing genre, and the first to have racers use feet instead of cars.  It's also the first and only Sonic racing game to be of the sidescrolling genre.  This game is heavily based upon Sonic the Hedgehog 3's competition mode.


Gameplay is similar to that of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 on the Sega Genesis.  You use the control pad to move, the A button to jump, and hold down and press the A button to spindash.  You can also use B to preform your special move and use the C button to preform your Supersonic move.

You must go around a place 5 times and be the first to win!  Along the way, you can use items.




The main star of the game, and the second fastest, only beaten by Metal Sonic.  He's very fast, but is poor at handling, which may lead to many crashes.  His special ability is to home attack other players and his supersonic move is the Sonic Boom, which allows him to create an explosion that harms each player by a bit.


The official sidekick of Sonic, and one of the best accelerators.  Like Sonic, he's fast, but he's not fast enough to crash too often.  His special ability is to fly, which allows him to take shortcuts in the more vertical courses.  His supersonic move is the tornado blast, which allows him to summon his tornado, which fires 5 missiles at the course, slowing each player they hit (if they hit anyone).


The rowdy one of the bunch, and one of the most powerful.  He can break through certain types of walls and can climb walls as his special ability.  He's one of the slower characters in the cast.  His supersonic move is the knuckle spin, which makes him move at speeds quicker than Metal Sonic for 3 seconds.





Metal SonicEdit






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