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Splatoon 2:
Hero Mode
Agent 3
Developer J-Games,
Nintendo EAD Group No. 2
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Shooter
Release TBA
Modes 1 Player
Ratings ESRB: E for Everyone


Predecessor Splatoon

Splatoon 2: Hero Mode (Japanese: スプラトゥーン二:ヒーローモード Splatoon 2: Hero Mode) is the story mode for Splatoon 2 that comes on a second disk. The second disk contains the story mode, as, unlike the previous Splatoon title, Splatoon 2 places a lot of emphasis on the 'Hero Mode' campaign.


While characters do not play a prominent role in Splatoon 2, there are several notable characters that make appearances within the game. This page lists characters that make major appearances within the Hero Mode of Splatoon 2. For characters that solely appear in the campaign, see here.

Major CharactersEdit

Cap'n CuttlefishEdit

Cap'n Cuttlefish (Japanese: アタリメ司令 Commander Atarime) is an elderly Inkling who enlists fresh Inklings in the fight to protect Inkopolis from the Octarian Army. Years before, he fought in the Great Turf War against the Octarians, and now spends his days watching over Octo Valley.

Agent 3Edit

Agent 3 (Japanese: 仲介三 Chūkai San)

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