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Squid Sisters
Squid Sisters
Squid Sisters logo
Callie (left) and Marie (right), the two members of the Squid Sisters.
Area(s) Served Inkopolis
Headquarters Inkopolis Plaza
Number of Members 2
Notable Members Callie,
First Appearance Splatoon (2015)

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Squid Sisters

The Squid Sisters (Japanese: シオカラーズ Shiokarāzu) is the name of the idol duo consisting of Callie and Marie. In Splatoon, the Squid Sisters also host the Inkopolis News broadcasts, detailing the maps currently in rotation for each game mode. The Squid Sisters are primarily known for hosting the Splatfest events, where they perform in Inkopolis Plaza.

While the Squid Sisters are primarily known to be idols, they also work as agents alongside Agent 3 and Cap'n Cuttlefish to protect Inkopolis from the Octarians.

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This character has an amiibo based off them. For information on their amiibo, see Callie (amiibo).
Callie - Splatoon amiibo
This character has an amiibo based off them. For information on their amiibo, see Marie (amiibo).
Marie - Splatoon amiibo

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