Stacey's Survival

Mission Info

Category: Protection
Mission Number: 1/3
Location: The Airport
Characters: Stacey Burns, Luke Hostile, Various Unnamed Hostage-Takers
Medal Requirements:
~Gold Stacey Survives + Completed in 2.00 or less
~Silver Stacey Survives + Completed in 3.00 or less
~Bronze Stacey Survives + Completed in 4.00 or less
~Gold Luke Hostile
~Silver N/A
~Bronze Stacey Burns

Stacey's Survival is the first mission in the Protection Category in the Bonus Mission section of Side Scroll.


Stacey's trapped and needs your help to escape. You must guide her out of the Airport whilst protecting her from the various hostages who you will come across on your way. Make sure she isn't hurt along the way, and get her out as quickly as possible!


You start off in the small cupboard in which you find the hostages in the Main Story, however this time, only Stacey is with you. Outside the door is an unnamed hostage-taker, so you must lock-pick the door. Once unlocked, you have to quickly open the door and kill them before they cause a commotion, attracting lots of unwanted attention. You are then in a corridor which is clear, you must travel with Stacey to the end where around the corner is another person, who looks up and down that corridor. Once they've turned away, you must quickly kill them (Sniper Rifle is recommended for this. You must then start to progress down this corridor, whilst killing any hostage-taker who is guarding a cupboard that you must pass.

At the end of this corridor is a set of descending stairs which lead to an open-planned room with three hostage-takers in. You must dispose of these as quickly as you can as gun fire is likely to attract the attention of the others putting both yours and Stacey's lives at further risk. The exit sign is then above a closed door coming of this room in which you must go. In this room is Luke Hostile (the boss battle of this mission), who you must battle to the death whilst protecting Stacey. Once you have defeated him, you can then escape through the door to the outside of the airport, therefore completing the mission.

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