Stacey Burns
Stacey Burns

Character Info

Height: Small
Age: 25
Role: Receptionist at the Airport
How to Unlock: Get Bronze in Stacey's Survival
Stages: *Intro
*Level 1
*Level 15
Other Appearances: *Stacey's Survival
*The Airport BOT set
~Accuracy: 3/15
~Speed: 7/15
~Stamina: 5/15
~Health: 50hp

Stacey Burns is a 25 year old receptionist who works at the Airport in Side Scroll. She appears in the beginning of the story mode, as well as in her own mission, which is what unlocks her.


Stacey Burns entered high school determined to become a air hostess however, when looking at options available to her after completing her GCSEs, she decided to try and work on the desks to gain experience of the airport before trying to progress. She started at the age of 18 and has stayed on the reception desk ever since loving the experience. When away from work, she loves partying and socializing but shooting a gun was never on her to-do list ...


Main StoryEdit

  • Intro: She is the receptionist who starts to book yourself, Joe and Hannah onto your flight before the attack.
  • Level 1: She is one of the people who you find trapped in the toilets after trying to escape. You then have to comfort her before clearing a way for to her to escape with the others who are trapped. This is then the basis for her self-entitled mission.
  • Level 15: She appears briefly as a holiday-goer with whom you have a quick conversation with when investigating.

Bonus MissionsEdit

  • Stacey's Survival: She is the character that you have to protect in this mission. You must protect her from various hostage-takers in order for her to escape from the Airport.

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