Street Fighter Revolution
Developer Capcom
Publisher Capcom
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Arcade
Genre Fighting
Release Winter 2016
Modes Story mode, Arcade mode, V.S mode, Online mode
Series Street fighter series
Predecessor Street Fighter V (Fan-made)

(Street Fighter Revolution-ストリートファイターレボリューション-Sutorītofaitāreboryūshon) is the upcoming newest Spin- off installment in the Street Fighter series. It will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4, PC and Arcade on which cross-platform multiplayer will be available.There has been no mention of an arcade version so far.


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Releasing the gameEdit

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to be added...

Character Stage Critical Name Critical Command Special Name Special Command
Ryu Shinku Hadoken Arrow 2Arrow 2Punch Button Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Arrow 1Kick Button
Ken Arrow 2Arrow 2Punch Button Arrow 4Punch Button
Chun Li Back ArrowFront ArrowBack ArrowFront Arrow Kick Button Back ArrowFront ArrowPunch Button
Cammy Cannon Spike Smasher Arrow 2Arrow 2Kick Button Cannon Spike Arrow 4Kick Button
Poison Arrow 2Arrow 2Punch Button Arrow 4Kick Button

Unconfirmed CharactersEdit

  • Akuma
  • Seth

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