Street Fighter X Mortal Kombat is a game developed by Netherrealm Studios and published by Capcom. It is released in April 30 2016 in Asia and May 2 in United Kingdom and United States.

Character Rivals Edit

Mortal Kombat Street Fighter
Liu Kang Ryu
Scorpion Akuma
Kung Lao Ken
Kitana Chun-Li
Mokap Dan
Li Mei Sakura
Jax Guile
Kintaro Mike Haggar
Goro Zangief
Reptile Adon
Moloch Blanka
Shao Kahn M. Bison
Zombie Liu Kang Evil Ryu
Kobra Allen Snider
Noob Cody
Sub-Zero Guy
Kurtis Charlie
Quan Chi Dhalsim
Ferra and Torr Poison and Hugo
Kenshi Abel
Motaro Sagat
Shang Tsung F.A.N.G
Nightwolf T. Hawk
Kano Balrog
Sonya Cammy
Raiden Gouken
Baraka Vega
Mileena Juri
Johnny Cage Fei Long
Bo' Rai Cho Rufus
Shinnok Seth
Sheeva R. Mika
Sindel Rose
Ermac Oro
Frost Maki
Ashrah C. Viper
Kung Jin Sean
Cyrax Dee Jay
Taven Yun
Daegon Yang
Kotal Kahn Necalli
Nitara Karin
Blaze Gill
Darrius Rolento
Sektor Twelve
Shujinko Gen

Plot Edit

In the Street Fighter universe, M. Bison is seen defeated and down to his knees and is kneeling in front of Ken, Ryu , and Gouken, and is also coughing blood. In the Mortal Kombat universe, Shao Kahn is seen kneeling and in front of Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and Raiden. Suddenly, a portal opens in both universes and begins sucking in the dictator in both universes but both are resisting it and runs towards the benevolent mentors (Gouken and Raiden) of their universes. But suddenly, The demons of their universes (Akuma and Scorpion) pounce out of nowhere and kicks the dictators into the portal, and the dictators where presumed deceased and their criminal alliances disbanded. 2 months later in the Mortral Kombat universe, Liu Kang is seen meditating

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