"When the dust and fire has settled, the only thing living in this burnt world will be me."
-SubTerra monologue about his plan for human extinction during Incredibles: Age Of SubTerra

SubTerra is the main antagonist of Incredibles: Age Of SubTerra, originally appearing in said game's prequel, Incredibles: Collision Of Worlds as a Giant Robot that The Underminer uses. SubTerra looks highly similar to the 115 Giant Robot in Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies. He is an artificial intelligence created by Underminer before the events of The Incredibles Movie.


Creation in the Crustodian's FactoryEdit

Some time before the events of The Incredibles: Rise of The Underminer, the villain known as The Underminer was attempting to create a huge army composed of billions of Robots known as SubTerra-Bots. Among these billions of robots were the largest and most powerful known as The Gilgenbots. The Underminer tells the Crustodian, the head of the Giant Robot Factory, to create 100 Gilgenbots to rule over Earth while the Magnomizer turns the Earth upside down, reversing the Earth's crust and creating an artificial underground. However, two Legendary Heroes, Mr. Incredible and Frozone, killed the Magnomizer Guardian and destroyed the Magnomizer (Michael Bay style!), stopping the first half of Underminer's plan. The Underminer then used his fallback plan and took 1 of the 100 Gilgenbots up to the surface, where the city of Metroville was being destroyed by a huge battle between the NSA (National Supers Agency) and Underminer's army: SubTerra.

Destruction of the Gilgenbot Project and Final BattleEdit

However, the second half of Underminer's plan was ruined when Mr. Incredible and Frozone infiltrate the Giant Robot Factory, destroying a whole army of Warker-Bots (the SubTerra-Bots who were working on the Gilgenbot Project) and SubTerra-Bots. After a battle with the Crustodian, the Supers manage to beat the head of the Factory, causing the huge robot to explode and the Factory to become unstable, destroying the 96 Gilgenbots in the Giant Robot Factory, while also causing their remains to fall on the Underwater Power and Pressure Plant below, and the head robot there, Dug, decides to help Mr. Incredible and Frozone get to Underminer's Corrupterator. After the Corrupterator is destroyed and Underminer's Robot Army is crippled, the last remaining and most powerful Gilgenbot is brought online and starts to devour the city of Metroville as Mr. Incredible and Frozone face Underminer on the ground.

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