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Subspace Exodus: Subspace Emissary II
SSBS Adventure Mode poster
Key artwork
Developer J-Games,
Sora Ltd.,
Spike Chunsoft
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Fighting
Modes 1-2 Players
Ratings E10+

Subspace Exodus: Subspace Emissary II is the adventure-based story mode of Super Smash Bros. Strife, and the sequel to Super Smash Bros. Brawl's story mode "The Subspace Emissary". The story mode is a 2.5D platforming game built upon the engine of Super Smash Bros. Strife, and includes various elements from the aforementioned title.

Dissimilar to the original story mode from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Subspace Exodus features a branching storyline path, expanding on the slight changes found in the Subspace Emissary depending on the character chosen to be played as.

Interestingly, the Japanese version of the game refers to the game as アドベンチャーモード: 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ闘争 (Adobenchāmōdo: Dai Rantō Sumasshuburazāzu Tōsō), with no mention of it being a sequel to Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary, despite being referred to as such internationally and by the development teams.

Plot Edit

Gameplay Edit

Similar to its predecessor, Subspace Exodus is a 2D sidescrolling beat-em-up platformer. The main objective of every stage is to either make it to the end of the level, marked by a heavenly light, or defeat a boss. Some levels consist only of a single fight, which are not considered boss battles but "interludes".

Characters retain their movesets from the base of Super Smash Bros. Strife; though they are only capable of using their default movesets as characters can not be customized outside of the use of the Stickers mechanic; though those that allow fighters to start with certain items go unused as items only spawn in certain segments of the stages.

As previously mentioned, while characters retain their movesets from Super Smash Bros. Strife, they do not retain their unique stats. In Strife, some characters have drastically different jumping speeds and heights, or dashing speeds. All of these stats have been drastically altered in order to balance them out. Characters like Sonic or Captain Falcon, who have the two highest dashing speeds, still dash faster than the other characters, though compared to the Strife battles it is much slower.

Characters Edit

Main article: Super Smash Bros. Strife § Characters

All of the playable characters of Super Smash Bros. Strife are playable in Subspace Exodus. Alongside the major playable characters, there are a small amount of non-playable characters from several Nintendo franchises that play roles within the game's story. While the non-playable characters exclusive to Subspace Exodus are listed below, a large majority of Assist Trophy characters from the base game appear as non-playable characters as well.

Non-Playable Characters Edit

Fig 20 funkykong
Funky Kong
DKSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Funky Kong
HWL Marin
ZeldaSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Marin
MarioSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Toadsworth
Fig 20 charlie
PikminSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Charlie
KirbySymbolSSBStrife head icon - Adeleine
EarthboundSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Ninten
Capn Cuttlefish
Cap'n Cuttlefish
SplatoonSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Cap'n Cuttlefish
Fig 20 amy
SonicSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Amy
Fig 20 roll
MegaManSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Roll
KH2 Tifa Lockhart
Tifa Lockhart
FinalFantasySymbolSSBStrife head icon - Tifa Lockhart

Boss Characters Edit

Ssbpc tabuu by machriderz-d86h9dw
SmashBrosSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Tabuu 0
SSBB Galleom
SmashBrosSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Galleom 0
SmashBrosSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Duon 0
SSB4U3D Master Core
Master Core
SmashBrosSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Master Core 0
BotW Guardian Artwork
ZeldaSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Guardian 0
HW Imprisoned
The Imprisoned
ZeldaSymbolSSBStrife head icon - The Imprisoned 0
Fig 20 kyurem
PokémonSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Kyurem 0
Fig 20 ridley
MetroidSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Ridley 0
Boom Boom SM3DL
Boom Boom
MarioSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Boom Boom 0
King Boo
King Boo
MarioSymbolSSBStrife head icon - King Boo 0

Mini-Boss Characters Edit

SSBB Shadow Clone Link
Shadow Clones
SmashBrosSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Shadow Clones 0
SSB4U3D Bowser
MarioSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Bowser 0
SSB4U3D Ganondorf
ZeldaSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Ganondorf 0
King k rool transparent by zesiul-d8s67fc
King K. Rool
DKSymbolSSBStrife head icon - King K. Rool 0
SSB4U3D Mewtwo
PokémonSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Mewtwo 0
SSB4U3D Wario
WarioSymbolSSBStrife head icon - Wario 0

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