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SSBB Summit
Series IceClimberSymbol Ice Climber
Based upon Ice Climber
Nintendo Entertainment System (1985)
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Summit is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Strife, returning from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is loosely based upon the mountains from Ice Climber.

Stage Layout Edit

SSBStrife stage layout - Summit

The stage is set on a large iceberg, which consists of a number of platforms. The top of the stage consists of a single large platform, a majority of which can be fallen-through; with two platforms being built out of a chunk of ice. On the left side of the stage, underneath the top platform, is a larger platform embedded, which will collapse when stood on for too long. On the right of the stage is a platform that floats independent of the stage, as well as an icy slope that can be destroyed by being attacked.

All platforms made out of ice are slippery, and lowers the traction of all fighters except the Ice Climbers.

Hazards Edit

Throughout the duration of the battle, Summit will be moved to a number of locations. It starts at the top of the mountain, and will eventually slide down the mountain. As it slides, fighters will be able to jump higher as the gravity of the stage has been lessened. Falling off the stage and coming in contact with the slope of the mountain will result in being pushed off the right of the screen, more than likely resulting in being KO'd.

Once at the end of the slope, the stage will float atop water; with the bottom-most platform becoming submerged in water after a short while.

After floating in the water for a while, the stage will be lifted up into the sky, lowering the gravity as it travels upwards. Once in the sky, a cloud will fly by the bottom of the stage, which acts as a platform. The stage will eventually loop back to the beginning, being placed on the top of the mountain.

When the stage floats atop the water, falling into the water will summon the giant fish from Balloon Fight, which will eat the fighter thus KOing them.

Music Edit

Music Description
Youtube play symbol
Ice Climber The "Ice Climber" theme from Brawl, unchanged.
Youtube play symbol
Icicle Mountain The "Icicle Mountain" theme from Melee, unchanged.
Youtube play symbol
Freeze! (Crystal King Battle Theme) "Freeze! (Crystal King Battle Theme)" is a remix of, as implied by the name of the song, the Crystal King's battle theme from Paper Mario. Its CD must be collected before it plays on the stage.
Youtube play symbol
Homecoming Hijinx "Homecoming Hijinx" is a direct rip of the music track of the same name from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.
Youtube play symbol
Shin Onigashima The "Shin Onigashima" theme from Brawl, unchanged. Its CD must be collected before it plays on the stage.
Youtube play symbol
Clu Clu Land The "Clu Clu Land" theme from Brawl, unchanged. Its CD must be collected before it plays on the stage.
Youtube play symbol
Lip's Theme The "Lip's Theme (Panel de Pon)" theme from Super Smash Bros. 4, unchanged. It has been renamed to "Lip's Theme".
Youtube play symbol
Main Theme (Captain Rainbow) "Main Theme (Captain Rainbow" is, as its name implies, a direct rip of the main theme from Captain Rainbow.
Youtube play symbol
Tomorrow's Passion The "Tomorrow's Passion" theme from Super Smash Bros. 4, unchanged. Its CD must be collected before it plays on the stage.
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