SuperHuman is an action/adventure video game by Max. It is released for Xbox One ($15.99; Pro: $25.99), PS4 (Pro: $20.99)



Players have superpowers and duke it out in several countries. (Note: Hosting a multiplayer requires internet connection and SH Pro)

In one server, there is a minimum of 15 players and a maximum of 50, although hosts can change these settings within a minimum of 15+ and a maximum of <50


  • New Washington (1528 spaces) (Default)
    The capital of the American Union, NW features a vast history and has several historical landmarks (albeit destructible)
  • Rio de Janeiro (1356 spaces) (Special: June 12-July 13 2014) (1.0.1)
    A soccer den hosting the Cup International 2014, Rio is a relatively new state of Brasil, but it has established itself as its capital of soccer. 
  • Moscow (7529 spaces) (min 50, max 200) (1.1)
    The giant state of Moscow, which has been in fear of attacks of superpowered humans attacking its valuable data, has developed electric fences to deter them.
  • Sony Centre (295 spaces) (PS4 exclusive) (min 10 max 30)
    Brave your way through deliciously evil Sony devices including PS4s, XPeria Z Ultras and the SonyLord
  • The Watchtower (715 sp) (1.1)
    In the base of the Justice League, you battle various Witches as you savour delicious JLA trivia
  • All Hallows (1396) (1.2)
    In this spooky cemetary, Witches and Skellies strike, along with your enemies


Players choose between a fire hero, earth, water or electricity, with hybrid opportunities as they battle in Moscow.

Hero TypesEdit

Name Health Damage Ability Type Unlock Version Added
Fire 600 1250 Destroys everything in a 10 space radius (-20 Health)


- Default
Water 1000 800 Turn immune to any attack (except electricity) (-30 Health) Melee/Ranged - Default
Earth 1300 570 Create walls with 100 health around (-30 Health) Melee - Def
Electricity 940 890 Passive: Can hit water/water hybrids at all times; Can hit all types for the 2min (-50hp) Melee/Ranged - Def
Metal 1050 800 Passive: Immune to electricity (unless Ability used); Absorbs energy exerted on it (or characters within 20 spaces) for 10sec and releases it as attack (-35hp) Meelee Lvl 5 Def
Pixel 700 1400

Passive: Regularly teleports away from enemies; Unleashes 5 pixels into the air, strafing enemies until destroyed (-50hp)

Melee/Ranged Lvl 7 1.0.1
Diamond 1400 950 Passive: Immune to energy attacks; Fires razor sharp diamonds which reduce enemy health by 1% for 10sec (-65hp) Ranged Lvl 10 1.0.1
Acidic 400 2000

Passive: Melts 40% of attacks against Acidic; Melts everything within a 20  space radius of him for 10sec(-10hp)

Melee Pro exclusive 1.0.1
Solitaire 600 720

Passive: Occasionally duplicates himself; Attacks with a powerful laser in addition

Melee/Ranged Lvl 20 1.1
Majic 500 1750 Passive: Reality bender, can cause enemies to lose health/gain health, etc; Causes all enemies to gradually lose health over 20sec (-70hp) Ranged Pro Exclusive 1.1
Nova 800 1000 Passive: Increases damage by 2% every 10sec; Attacks a fireball dealing 140% damage (-40hp) Ranged Lvl 24 1.2
Carved PKin 1000 1300 Creates dozens of himself to counter all other enemies until destroyed (-100hp) Melee/Ranged Lvl 27 1.2

Villain TypesEdit

Name Health Damage Ability Type Version Added Appears
Boos 200 170 Turns intangible  Melee Def Common
Electrons 500 400 Can hit water at all times Ranged Def Common
Witch 700 500 Can Stun enemies Ranged Def Rare


Increase the power of heroes, but prevents players from using the original characters

Name Hybrid Type Health Damage Ability Type Version Added Unlocked
Coldburn Fire + Water 900 1540 Explodes into fire/water shards dealing 2% damage and regenerates Melee/Ranged 1.1 Lvl 12
Pixlectro Electricity + Pixel 1000 1210 Passive: Can hit water/water hybrids all the time; Blinds all other screens for 5sec and reduces their dmg by 50 for 3min Melee/Ranged 1.1 Lvl 20


Boosters can be found all over a map (1 booster/41 spaces) and can also be found in medicine shops

Type Boost Rarity Version Added
Serum +50hp +70dmg for 2min Common Default
Boost X +200hp Common Default
Power X +100dmg for 1min Common Default
Elite Serum +200hp +50dmg for 3min Uncommon Default
SuperSerum +500hp +100dmg for 2min Rare Default
Serum X +420hp +200dmg for 3min30sec Super Rare Default
Venom +400dmg for 5min Rare 1.1


  • Carved PKin'S name, PK means 1v1, which is what his ability does.

Version HistoryEdit

  • 1.0.1
    Pixel, Diamond and Acidic added
    Rio de Janeiro added
  • 1.1
    Solitaire, Majic added
    Moscow and The Watchtower added
    Coldburn, Pixlectro Added
    Venom added
  • 1.2
    Nova added
    All Hallows Added


Xbox One

  • Normal: BETA (1.0-1.9) - $8.99/$15.99 (5/8/2013) (updating available) thru Xbox LIVE
  • ALPHA (2.0-2.9) - $13.99/$21.99 (16/2/2013) (updating available) thru Xbox LIVE
  • (3.0-) - $15.99/Pro: $25.99 (multiplayer hosting+additional characters) thru box/Xbox LIVE 


  • Normal: BETA (1.0-1.9.1) - $12.99 (19/8/13) (updating unavailable) thru PS Store
  • ALPHA (2.0-2.9) - $17.99 (updating available) thru PS Store
  • (3.0-) - $21.99 (multiplayer hosting+all characters+additional stage)

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