Super Lucario Bros! is a spin-off of Super Smash Bros. It features a green Lucario named Luigi, and a red one named Marcario. It plays just like the first Mario Bros. game, but allows you to throw balls of energy called "Aura Blast". It is co-op, and is on the Wii U and PS4.


The Super Lucario Bros. were chilling with Princess Cherubi, when the evil King Bowzakein swooped in and kidnapped her! Now, Marcario and Luigi must save her, and the revert the Politoads back to normal!

Modes and Playable CharactersEdit

1P ModeEdit

You can play as Marcario or Luigi.

2P ModeEdit

1P can play as Marcario or Luigi. Same goes for P2.

Hard ModeEdit

Play as Mega Marcario or Mega Luigi to fight off the evil wizard, Kamyogore.


Tentablooper: Blue squids that will try to swim into you.

Digoomba: Small, brown creatures that will try to run/dig into you.

Squirtroopa: Little blue turtles that will go into their shells if attacked.

Ghaboo: Ghostly white enemies that can't be killed.

Corpishammer Bro.: Crabs wearing little hats that throw hammers.


  • Lucario Bros. were inspired by the popular "Kirby Bros." meme.
  • Their is an Easter egg in the background of Bowzakein's Castle: Look at the background while jumping, and the words: Gotta catch 'em all! will appear.

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