This is the list for all of the Worlds and Levels of the game, Super Mario Advanced

Worlds & LevelsEdit

World 1: Bob-Omb PlainsEdit

Name Goal Description Star(s)
Bomb Road Reach the end of the road. The level is basically is filled with grass, with mountains towering above. There is a yellow road path that you should follow, to reach the end. In between, wooden bridges will appear broken and you have to fix them using levers that tower in small caves of the mountain. The path is filled with many enemies such as Bob-Ombs and Goombas.
  • 3x Stars
    • Star #1: As the first wooden bridge is broken, do not fix it just yet. Find the path that leads under the wooden bridge where you will find a Star floating above water, waiting to be obtained.
    • Star #2: The next star is quite simple, you will find it in one of the lever caves, however between you and the star is a glass wall. Go outside and finde a Glass Pipe, and go through it where then you will find yourself inside the small area with the star, waiting to be obtained.
    • Star #3: This final star is hidden in a climable tree, and is near the last wooden bridge. It is just after the wooden bridge, where you will see a short line of birch trees, while one of the tree hides the final star.
Explosive Caves Escape the exploding cave, with a time limit. However, the time limit is long and gives a lot of time to explore. The cave is quite huge, however to make it faster to the end, you can take hidden shortcuts. It is filled with Bob-Ombs, Goombas and much more enemies you will have to face on your journey!
  • 3x Stars
    • ​Star #1: This star is located near a blue glowing stone, near the starting point.
    • Star #2: This star is located inside a blocked area. However, this room's entrance is shown cracked, which can be destroyed by a Ground Pound or by Power-Up abilities.
    • Star #3: This star is quite the sneakiest, as it is actually near the starting point as well but is above in the ceiling. Before you go forward from the starting point, turn backwards where you will find a staircase which will lead you to a small platform where you can just jump to get the star.
Terror Of The Chain Chomp! Defeat Chain Chomp! You are sent in a platform where you are forced to face off with a Chain Chomp!
  • 1x Stars
    • Defeat Chain Chomp to obtain the star of the level
Scared Bob-Ombs! 5 Bob-Ombs, being scared of Bowser have ran away, but have been put in cages so it's your job to save them! You are on a airfleet ship to save the innocent Bob-Ombs. You will encounter Bob-Ombs who do work for Bowser and other enemies in your quest to save the Bob-Ombs.
  • 3x Stars
    • Star #1: It is encountered simply in the first cage of the Bob-Ombs, easily to be found.
    • Star #2: This star can be found in the Test Area, where Bowser's Koopa Scientists study creatures. It is in one of the glass tubes and you have to either gound pound or use a Power-Up ability to destroy the Glass Tube.
    • Star #3: The last star can be found on the command area, where all the control panles are located. This is the final area, where the staircase to the last cage is in.
Exploding Airships Escape the airship within a time limit as it is exploding. This level is very unique from other games, as this is just a level where you have to run and can gain speed boosts along the way.
  • 0x Stars
  • 0x Stars

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