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Super Smash Bros. 3D is the game for Nintendo 3ds and the game features you going for 2d to 3d.

Characters Edit

Old Edit

1. Mario

2. Luigi

3. Link

4. Donkey Kong



7. Wario

8. Zelda


10. King decade

11. Ness

12. And More

New Edit

1. Mii

2. Bowser Jr

3. Lugwig Von Koppa

4. Morton Koppa Jr

5. Larry Koppa

6. Roy Koppa

7. Iggy Koppa

8. Boom Boom

9. Poom Poom

10. Waluigi

11. Daisy

12. Pac-Man

13. Toad

14. Blue Toad

15. Yellow Toad

16. Betrayus

17. Pinky

18. Inky

19. Blinky

20. Clyde

21. Zombie Fighters

Courses Edit

Coming Soon

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